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Your girlfriend has the same dress. What now? This post suggests how to handle the situation. Read what to do when your bff has the same dress.

  1. It is not a nightmare when you friend or another woman has the same dress
  2. Two bloggers who bought a leather fit-and-flare dress each
  3. Two fashion bloggers styling a fit-and-flare leather dress
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It is not a nightmare when you friend or another woman has the same dress

Do you remember that Dynasty TV soap opera of the 80s? For my German readers, this TV series was called Der Denver Clan when it run on the ZDF. Do you recall that episode where Krystle, the new wife, and Alexis, the ex-wife, nearly bought the same gown? Of course, they were enemies for the drama of that soap opera, and the same choice of dress meant a drama for them as well.

In Fairbanks, it happens often that one of my girl friends have the same piece when I buy an item at Fred Meyers. Two of my dance friends, for instance, have the same dress (shown in the photo below). Thus, when I wear it to a dance, I always have a spare in my bag to change, if needed. So do they. Who comes first to a dance event with the dress, will keep the dress on. Who comes second or third will switch into their spare. Interestingly, we never had made the effort to show up on purpose all in that dress at once just for the fun of it. 🙂


fashion influencer in floral asymmetric hem dress
Floral dress with asymmetric hem over lace slip with leopard print T-strap Neo Tango heels


Full disclosure, Alaskans who like a garment buy it in all colors they like. This means I have the dress shown above in three different colors.


Two bloggers who bought a leather fit-and-flare dress each

Do you know my friend Linda, the blogger at A Labour of Life? She bought a fit-and-flare  leather dress in the Nordstrom Annual Sale, as did I. Of course, we did not know about it until the outfit post. Having the same dress never stopped us from posting new styling ideas.


midlife woman in black and white outfit with leather dress
Linda wearing her fit-and-flare leather dress in a classic black and white look. Photo courtesy to her


Linda and I do not only have the dress in common, but also have to style the dress for a cold climate region. She lives in eastern Canada, well what an Alaskan calls eastern Canada. I live in Interior Alaska. In both regions, the Canadian high often governs the weather. She is at its eastern side, I am on its western side. When the high extends more to the west, cold air is produced in the Interior of Alaska. When the high moves eastwards cold, dry air moves into her region.


Two fashion bloggers styling a fit-and-flare leather dress

The next photos show two other examples of how Linda styled her fit-and-fare dress.

mature woman in leather dress and leather pants
Linda wearing her fit-and-flare dress with leather pants and a buffalo plaid shirt. Photo courtesy to her


midlife woman in leather pants and dress
Linda wearing her leather dress with leather pants and a striped shirt. Photo courtesy to her


The next photos show examples of how I style my fit-and-flare leather dress.

Fit-and-flare leather dress with pilage bag and pumps
Hallogen leather dress, sunflower yellow pilage, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Bulova watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Gloria VanDer Bilt red pumps, necklace


over 50 years old woman in black leather dress and black sweater
Halogen fit-and-flare leather dress worn as a skirt with Anne Klein sweater and pearls


mixing pin and polka dots for a monochromatic look
Black and white look with pin dot tight c/o No nonsense, own Jones New York polka dot shirt, Halogen leather fit-and-flare leather dress, and Hermes bangles for a pop of color


style influencer in leather dress and striped sweater
Halogen LBD, Anne Klein polka dot scarf, GNW tights (all own)


As you can see, our outfits look quite different from each other. This is also true when we both go for a black and white theme. This means personal style is key, not the dress itself.

When you have personal style you don’t need to fear any woman who has the same dress unless she is a copycat.

Did it happen to you that your girlfriend, BFF, colleague or another woman showed up with the same dress? How did you react? Did it bother you? Were you upset? If so, what did you do? Let me know, I am curious.


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