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While not an official holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is honored in many work places. It’s a great excuse to hang around the water fountain or in the coffee room a bit longer than usual. Despite there is not an official party, people acknowledge the occasion by dressing up for it. This post provides some work-appropriate St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas that keep your colleagues guessing whether it’s intended or accidental, so you won’t feel out of place. No matter whether they dressed up or not. Read to get inspired.



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Roots of Wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. It doesn’t matter that St. Patrick was born in Britain. Never mind that the traditions of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day came back to Ireland over the pond as a great spring tourism marketing opportunity. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish-American community celebrates with parades and parties, and it is advisable for kids to wear something green to school to avoid being pinched. Not always does mama have green duct tape handy – Alaska’s solution to fixing whatever is fixable – to savor the kid who refused to wear green.


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Even when your ancestors were not Irish, you may want/have to wear emerald that day. Why? Just because there is a great Irish community in your town; you are invited by your friends who have Irish ancestors, are Irish or celebrate everything; someone at the office is throwing an Irish coffee break – you name it. The big question is: How to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day without looking costumed.


In other words, how to wear green in a posh chic way, but keep people guessing whether it’s because of the occasion or just because – well green is a great color.


Shop Your Closet for a Work-Appropriate Green Look

The day has become a great commercial thing in recent years starting with meadow-green cupcakes to entire clothing collections. Even if you are not into it, you may want to fit in the spirit of the day as a courtesy to your colleagues, friends or who ever takes the effort of throwing a party and/or decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. The easiest way is to create an outfit with one green item like the St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas in the list below.


  • Style a monochromatic outfit in various shades of green like a mint green shirt under a hunter-green sheath, and Kelly green pumps.
  • A plaid shirt that has green as one of its colors with a green or other color of the plaid skirt/pants and neutral pumps.
  • Green work dress with pearls and neutral pumps.
  • Wear a shirt or top with a green print with neutral color pants/skirt and blazer.
  • A denim skirt plus plaid shirt with green sweater combination makes a nice work outfit for a casual office. The layering helps to stay warm in a thin cotton button-down shirt. More on layering for thermal comfort.


over 50 years old woman in meadow green dress for St. Patrick's Day
Knit dress c/o Shop Cozy, Rebecca Collins belt, Overland booties, Overland B3 bomber jacket




What Are Classic Irish Pieces?

This “Irish holiday” is the best time to wear something associated with Irish heritage. Here are my tips to look effortlessly chic when dressing for Paddy’s Day.

  • Try an original style Irish cable knit sweater with white skirt or pants.
  • Add a pop of green to your normal work outfit.
  • Wear a gold or silver cloverleaf brooch.
  • Wear a solid color work dress with neutral pumps and cloverleaf-print scarf
  • Add cloverleaf costume earrings or a shamrock scarf.
  • Sport dress pants with an Irish blazer.
  • Wear an Irish cable knit sweater on St. Patrick’s Day.


Paddy Day work outfit with outerwear to meet clients
LL Bean plaid skirt, Quince sweater, Hipstik nude tights, L.K. Bennett boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle. bag gift of my bff, lapis and malachite necklace, watch c/o Nordgreen: Get 15% off with my discount code HLSTYLE.



St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas that Go with the Spirit

Here some outfit inspirations to go with the spirit and keep people guessing whether look is on purpose or accidental.

  • Printed dress with green background or green-dominated print, neutral pumps, pearls.
  • Green tartan skirt with shirt, black pumps and jacket.
  • Adding green jewelry to your work outfit.
  • Wear neutrals with jewelry that features emeralds. More on emeralds.
  • Carry the spirit, with analogous colors when you don’t have something in glover. More on wearing analogous colors.
  • Wear teal, petrol, moss, olive, or any other greenish shade.



Video of Chic St. Patrick Day’s Outfit Ideas

The following video provides outfit inspirations for cold and warm climate regions for the office as well as a casual meeting with friends. Enjoy, and get inspired.



What Not to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day

A head-to-toe meadow-green outfit never looks great, not even on St. Patrick’s day! It is just plain ridiculous at any age, unless it’s a sport uniform. Unless you want to wear a costume, go with one meadow green item. A green dress is great, but either color-block your shoes (see featured photo) or go for nude.


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