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Gray and red

#over-40-fashion Winter office look | High Latitude Style |
Cashmere cardigan thrown over a striped cashmere sweater worn with a tweed skirt, tights, Vince Camuto boots, Hermes bangles and Moschina belt (all own) for a winter office look
Moschino belt  | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on the belt and arm party

I am obsessed with the combination of gray and red. It is as stark a contrast than black and red, but looks way more professional and work appropriate. Here I am wearing my cashmere bold striped sweater with my tweed skirt my vintage MOSHINO belt and a red dominated arm party. I wrapped my gray cashmere cardigan over my shoulders. The slouchy Vince Camuto suede boots give this classic outfit of skirt and twinset a more relaxed and casual feeling.

For staying warm outside, I kept with the red and gray theme with a gray pom pom hat, gray shades-black chevron cashmere scarf, red Celine bag, red gloves, and red Kieselstein Cord belt. The tribal belt buckle even has some red. I just added a little black with the coat. While red and black together when being the only colors can easily go into evening/night out territory, paired with gray they make a very fun day time choice. What do you think?

#over-40-fashion Mature woman with pom pom hat  | High Latitude Style |
Shearling coat with pom pom hat, Chevron scarf, Kieselstein Cord belt with tribal buckle, Celine bag, tights and Vince Camuto suede boots (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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