Neon Yellow – a Childhood Favorite Fashion Color

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved sunflower-yellow, chartreuse, citrus and/or neon yellow. It all started out with my mother’s love for knitting. She knitted me a straight long sleeved neon yellow dress with a crew neck. This dress was the perfect dress that I loved to wear with a great wide brown belt with silver colored buckle and brown tights. I loved this dress. Thank you, Mom.

It is a real thing that childhood outfits influence your style in adulthood. Ever since, I have had a knack for this color. However, growing up it moved from right in the face and full on like that dress, to small doses like a necklace, belts, pom pom hat, and shoes. When my last pair of neon pumps were worn out, I started to search for the next pair. The long search has an end: I found my perfect new pair of neon yellow pumps.


over 50 years old stylist wearing a tweed skirt with pop of color
Eddie Bauer tweed skirt with Brooks Brother striped cashmere sweater with layering top, GNW tight, and a pop of color with Christian Louboutin neon  pumps, Festina watch, DIY bangle (all own)


Anything Neon Is Risky over 30

Yes, neon yellow at 40+ sounds risky. However, with a classic all neutral monochromatic outfit they are the perfect pop of color to create interest. Thus, thumbs up for neon yellow!

The above business casual winter look was my outfit at the office. For the commute I wore my Cole Haan shearling motorcycle jacket with my gray pom pom hat, and my new bag that my husband gave me for Valentines Day this year.

style blogger in floral print pencil skirt with chartreuse sweater
Landsend cashmere sweater, Loft floral print skirt, L.K. Bennett pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pearl necklaces.
lifestyle blogger in color blocked office outfit
Chartreuse cashmere crew-neck sweater with G-III red suede skirt, GNW tights and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own) for an office appropriate color block look

Fun Facts on Neon Color and Gas

Neon is actual a chemical element and a noble gas. Noble gases doesn’t undergo chemical reaction. Neon provides a reddish orange glow when used in low-voltage glow lamps or neon advertising signs. The red emission line of neon leads to the red light of helium-neon lasers. The gas itself is invisible.

Chartreuse Looks Great with Gray and Black

This crazy color falls halfway between yellow and green. It was named after a French liqueur of this fascinating color called green Chartreuse. This liquor came on the market in 1764.

The word chartreuse is also fascinating. It contains the word “art” and “reuse”. There was a vintage/art store in Fairbanks of that name. I always wondered whether the name was picked with this in mind or just because of the craziness of the color. Their store sign was of course in this color. Speaking of art, it also applies to fashion.

Fashion is the material. To wear it in style is art. 😉

stylist in chartreuse sweater, leather vest, fall sandals, tweed skirt

mature woman in tweed skirt with motorcycle vest
Eddie Bauer tweed skirt with GNW tights, fall booties, and Landsend cashmere sweater, Modalo Pippa bag, and VS leather vest (all own)


Photos: G. Kramm

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