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Hinge blush leather jacket, Calvin Klein nude with red heel pumps, Talbot skirt, Celine tote (all own), and black tinted Steger Ed Hardy sunglasses c/o Addicted Brands

Sunglasses are more than eye protection. For looking your best with glasses, in general, you need not only to find great timeless designs, but also choose the right design for you. Thus, you need to know which sunglass frames are best for you. Like with dressing for your body shape, you want to choose the style that balances your facial features. The post addresses how you can identify which sunglass frames are best for you?.

  1. Stop Your Vision Aid’s Sabotage of Your Look
  2. How to Determine Your Face Type
  3. Square and Rectangular Faces Need Soft Shaped Glasses
  4. Heart-shape Faces
  5. Best Frames for Round Faces
  6. Oval Features – Your Free Choice
  7. Wrapping Up Which Sunglass Frames Are Best for You
  8. Top of the World Style Linkup 272

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Stop Your Vision Aid’s Sabotage of Your Look

Since I was a teenager, I really hated my glasses. Selecting eyeglasses was a real pain in the b…! Not only that I was too short-sighted to judge whether the pair was flattering on my face color- and style wise, they also were a long-term (at that time 3 years), limiting commitment for my looks. As if that weren’t enough! Since my parents payed for them, they had the last word in the choice! The result: Mine were sporty, while my style wasn’t casual at all! Don’t get me wrong; the glasses were nice and my parents made a good choice at the pair looking flattering on my face. However, their choices didn’t match my style and color preferences at all! The pairs would have been perfect with jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers and parka sort of look. But I wasn’t allowed to wear this “uniform” (everyone in my class was wearing). The result, I didn’t wear my glasses because they screwed up my outfits!

I called my glasses “prostheses” back then!

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midlife blogger looking posh in quilted jacket, floral skirt and Ed Hardy glasses
Hinge quilted nude cropped leather jacket, Talbot silk floral print skirt (all own), silk shirt c/o Lilysilk, and orange green tinted Steger Ed Hardy glasses

How to determine your face type

Stylists distinguish five major face features: Square, rectangular, oval, heart-shape, and round. There are three – more or less easy – ways to determine your face shape (from the most difficult to easiest one):

In all cases, you need a mirror. The first step is to get your hair out of your face. Next relax your face and look directly with both eyes at the mirror. Now either take a front selfie of your face or the dry-erase marker to outline your reflection or take the quiz. Note doing the marking yourself is hard as you have to avoid to move while tracing your face. Thus, get help from a second person.

When taking the quiz look into the mirror before answering each questions.

On your phone overlay your face with a non-filled square, rectangular, oval, heart, and round-shape of the size of your face. The shape that is the best match is your face type.

In the case of the non-digital method, tape transparent paper over your drawing and copy the lines. Determine which geometric figure your drawing looks like.

Square and rectangular faces need soft shaped glasses

Try horizontal oval or round glasses to balance your angles. Try a cat-eye, a semi-rimless  or rimless style like the pieces shown in the collage.

best sunglass frames for rectangular and square face type

Heart-shape faces

You are lucky because of the fine symmetry of your face. Feature it with playful models that are wider than your forehead and have a thin temple. Try frames with details on the bottom. Try aviators or rectangular sunnies with slightly squared edges on the bottom and slightly rounded tops.

best sunglass frames for heart-shaped faces

Best frames for round faces

Feature your beautiful  soft features with angular lines to look your best. Try square wayfarer. When your goal is to give the illusion of a more oval face try square frames that are wider than high. Do you want to widen your eyes? Try sunnies with a wide bridge or a bridge in another color.

best sunglass frames for round faces


Nicole of High Latitude Style in floral and zebra mixed summer look and matching sunglass frame

over 50 years old style book author with mixed print skirt and shirt and tortoise glasses

mature blogger in a posh summer work outfit with square frame eyeglasses
Square frames also look great on oval faces. Talbot pleated skirt, DIY belt, necklace, arm cuff, Hermes collier de chien bangle and V-neck shirt c/o Covered Perfectly

Oval features – your free choice

An oval face is like a blank canvas as it is very balanced. This means you don’t have to worry about which sunglass frames are best for you. You can pull off any style with great confidence. Try frames wider than your face, choose frames that cover your eyebrows, and experiment with cool looks that match your personal style.

The photos below show me with huge cat eye frames.

midlife blogger in floral skirt, leather jacket and large sunglasses

fashion blogger with oval face with cateye sunnies

stylist in posh spring look with sunglasses, jacket, skirt, shirt, and pumps
Outfit details: Hinge quilted blush leather jacket, Talbot silk full skirt, Calvin Klein pumps, pendant necklace, Celine tote (all own), silk shirt c/o Lilysilk, and Steger Ed Hardy sunglasses

Frame Color Is Important too

Recall the 1980s, when we all got our colors done, as we called it. When picking a frame, be sure to choose a flattering color. While statement colors are perfectly fine with sunglasses, they may be a problem for everyday glasses. Neutrals are best as the go with everything.

fashion blogger with customizable eyewear in grateful golden tortoise c/o Empowered Eyewear

style blogger in self-confident sapphire blue Power eyeglass frame c/o Empowerded Eyewear matching with the LOTD
Frames c/o Empowered Eyewear with own Talbot abstract floral print skirt, DIY belt, statement rutil quartz necklace, multi-gemstone cuff, Hermes collier de chien bangle and zebra print V-neck top c/o Covered Perfectly


Unfortunately, it’s not only that the color and frame must be flattering, the frame also can change the character of your look. Just compare the two outfit photos above as an example for how the color of the frame can change the vibe of your outfit. The grateful golden tortoise frame yields a soft, grateful look vs. the self-confident sapphire blue frame that gives the same look a tougher, more intellectual vibe.

Wrapping Up Which Sunglass Frames Are Best for You

When you wear your eyewear also as a style statement create an eyeglass collection to match the color of the frame or glasses with your look as seen in the photos above. Of course, the above findings also apply for your reading glasses and prescription glasses. Before buying a new pair read these tips how to buy eyeglasses and sunglasses to pay less and get more.

Everything said here regarding the frames also applies to prescription eyewear, reading glasses and computer glasses. Learn why you should wear computer glasses.

Stylist tip: Do you know that your face shape also determines which earrings look best on you? Check it out.

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