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Four different pairs of patterned socks c/o Tommy John. Upper left clockwise to middle left: Black paisley, wine striped, gray paisley (all worn by me), in bottom panel left gray paisley socks worn by my husband, right by me, and gray blue dotted worn by me

Patterned socks are trending right now. As often in fashion the men’s version of the trend is much cheaper than the women’s version. Here I investigated how one can get the trend on the cheap by shopping the men’s department. Read my Tommy John socks review.


  1. Look beyond the women’s department for trendy updates
  2. Tommy John socks are trendy and affordable
  3. Check out whether the one size fits most fits you
  4. These socks stay up
  5. Tommy John socks are high quality
  6. The socks are moisture wicking
  7. How do Tommy John socks look on her vs. him?
  8. Tommy John Socks Review in a Nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. The socks are samples of my choice from Tommy John. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Look beyond the women’s department for trendy updates

Tommy John is a company that specializes in selling high quality men’s socks and underwear. They contacted me to review their men’s socks in exchange for a sample for my husband. When I browsed their web page, and saw all these awesome patterned socks I thought
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#trend trendy patterned knitted footwear
Zoom-in on black paisley socks c/o Tommy John (left) styled with own leather pants and sneakers, and on my foot (right).


Why? To understand my statement, let’s scroll back in time two weeks. Back then I was trying to update my wardrobe with – you guess it – patterned socks. I was so naive to believe that getting a pair of women patterned socks would be an inexpensive way for a trendy look. (Wo)men was I wrong! All those cool patterned socks for women were far over the upper limit that I had set in my budget, and that I was willing to pay for a pair of women socks or even a trendy pair!


knit footwear in trendy paisley look with sneakers
Knitted men’s footwear in gray on black with trendy paisley pattern c/o Tommy John with own London Jean leather pants and Puma sneakers. Who would know that this pair was made with men in mind?

Tommy John socks are trendy and affordable

In contrast to those trendy women socks, the beautifully patterned Tommy John socks sell for just $16 a pair. This price is less than half the price I had seen for women’s patterned socks! Since everybody likes a bargain, I thought these trendy men’s pairs would be cool for us women too. 🙂

I looked at their sizing and did some research about the conversion of women’s and men’s socks sizes. I wear a US shoes size 8. Once I was convinced that the footwear would fit me, I asked the representative of Tommy John whether I could review them for us women. I chose two pair of paisley, one with bold stripes, and one with cool dots (see also featured photo). In their collection, the striped and dotted ones are also available in other colors. There is even a pair with cool butterflies, besides lots of solid colored ones in cool colors.

Check out whether the one size fits most fits you

So when you wear a women’s US shoe size 8 up and your feet are muscular (like mine), you are lucky. You can save on updating your wardrobe with the pattern trend when you just order these cool Tommy John socks for you. Of course, you can also order a pair or more for your significant other. 😉

Tip: When you order them for you, get an extra pair for him. When the socks arrived and my husband saw them, he volunteered to model them! He wanted to have them all! I gave him a pair for modeling them (see below). I thought that some of you may want to see how they look on a guy too.

Tommy John footwear left on him, right on her
Gray paisley footwear c/o Tommy John on my husband’s left foot (left side of the gif) and on my right foot (right side of the gif) for comparison man vs. woman foot

These socks stay up

When I wore the socks for the first time, I was very impressed. Their InvisiGrip technology held them up all day! No annoying trips to the restroom to pull them up again! <3 My husband wore his pair for date night out. He was astonished that the footwear stayed up all night despite we danced the night away. That’s great performance! This means Tommy John’s statement that the technology works is 100% justified.


trendy Tommy John men's socks worn by a woman
Gray with blue dots socks c/o Tommy John. Lower part as they look on my foot to show the double foot-bed and y-heel technique; upper part as they look with a statement shoe. I plan to wear this combination with boy-friend jeans and my College T-shirt that has the same color as the dots. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to don the look.

Tommy John socks are high quality

The socks have a double-layer foot-bed, which is perfect for cold weather insulation and extends their tenure in the closet. In other words, you save even more money! In summer, the double foot-bed keeps your feet dry and gives comfort in light shoes. Since the enhancement for durability is kept in the same color, you can wear them in your favorite sandals or mules without breaking the style (see the next two photos).


 striped Tommy John socks with y-heel technique
Striped socks c/o Tommy John shown with and without mules. In the upper part, one can see the Y-heel technique and the double foot-bed


Tommy John socks even have light compression around the arch to increase blood flow. It’s great when you have to sit a long time like in a meeting or on a plane. The y-heel technique gives them a great fit (see photos). In addition, their material – a mix of 65% Peruvian cotton, 32% nylon, and 3% spandax – feels super soft.

The socks are moisture wicking

As you know I switch from my boots to pumps at the office. On the day, when I wore the first pair of Tommy John to work, I had a meeting on the other side of campus. I went there with my boots and had to keep them on inside during the 2-hour meeting. I was impressed that after the meeting, my feet were still dry. Moisture wicking material is so important for cool feet in summer, and keeping feet warm in winter. Thumbs up!


#trendy knitted footwear
Gray paisley knitted footwear c/o Tommy John left without shoe to show details of the toe area with the knitted brand logo and right styled in a posh fashion with fall sandals.

How do Tommy John socks look on her vs. him?

In case that you don’t want to jump the bandwagon on patterned socks for women, but your guy needs a new pair, I accepted my husband’s offer to model a pair. The photo below shows a comparison of the same pair on his and my feet. It demonstrates the stretch.

paisley hosiery
Demonstrating the stretch on the calf of my husband. Since he is a dancer his calf and foot are very muscular. In the upper right corner, you see my foot for comparison.

Tommy John Socks Review in a Nutshell

In summary, when you want to jump the patterned sock trend bandwagon, I recommend to try Tommy John socks when you wear a US shoe size 8 up and have at least medium-wide feet. Note I always buy medium wide when I buy shoes. You get really high quality socks with cool classic patterns at a budget-friendly price ($16). I also recommend them when you want to buy stylish, high quality moisture wicking socks for your guy with invisible reinforcement of the “critical zones” for endurance that he doesn’t have to pull up several times a day.

P.S. The black pair just came out of the laundry. It kept its color, shape and size. <3

Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

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