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A short time before your actual wedding day, you might still be busy making sure everything falls into place. Perhaps you’re finalizing the music, menu, seating arrangements, and other details. After all the stress and worry that comes with wedding planning, will you still be able to look stunning on your wedding day over 50? What can you do to calm your nervousness about not being a glowing bride on your big day?

To any nervous bride-to-be who needs to hear it, the answer is: Yes. Just like your planned all the other things for your wedding, your can prepare for general appearance on your wedding day. Here are some practical tips that will help you, and feel both comfortable and confident about walking down the aisle.



Choose High-Quality Accessories

While you may have already selected your wedding dress, you should be picky about all the other accessories to go with it. Choose accessories in your dress’ style in the best quality you can afford.

Be aware that if you feel any discomfort or hesitation about your outfit, your body language and facial expressions will show it. Guests may worry about how uncomfortable you look, for instance, if your shoes pinch your feet or if your stockings easily run. As such, invest in shoes and hosiery that you’d be confident about wearing the whole day.

It is important that you can walk in your heels not only in the store. Therefore, break your shoes in and exercise walking in them.


Pick a Suitable Hair and Makeup Style

Once you’ve completed your outfit, choose a hairstyle and makeup look that will suit your face shape and features. A classic bun, low ponytail, and half-up are just some examples of bridal hairstyles that will look good on brides of any age. Settle on one that fits your personal and your dress’ style.

In addition, choose makeup colors that work well with your dress and your wedding motif. Go-to hues that can be worn effortlessly by any bride are neutrals and pinks, as they give off a fresh and natural glow. More on how to look natural in makeup.

If you’ll have professionals do your hair and makeup, find photos of the bridal hairstyle and makeup you aim for. These photo help your hairstylist and makeup artist to understand what you have in mind so they can create the most flattering look for you. However, when you plan on doing your hair and makeup yourself, practice weeks before the wedding. You need this time to try the look out first and adjust it until you’re satisfied. Planning your hair and makeup in advance will also keep you from rushing to get it done on your wedding day. Furthermore, it avoids the stress and the loss of composure that last minute actions come with.


Drink Plenty of Water

Aside from taking care of the final details of your look, don’t forget to keep your skin and body healthy and in good condition in the days leading up to your big day. Start by making your skin brighter even without the help of shimmery highlighters. Instead drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated will keep your skin healthy and help you avoid dehydration, which can cause patchy, dry skin. Drinking plenty of water will also mitigate pimples and breakouts, which can be a source of stress when doing your makeup.

If you want to achieve the healthy glow-from-within look on your wedding day, drink a gallon of water every day, starting today. Being consistent with this habit will do wonders for your skin before, during, and after the wedding.


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Stunning looking bride on her wedding day.


Eat Healthy

While staying hydrated is important, eating healthy will also contribute lots to that healthy bridal glow. A few months before your wedding, eat foods with high levels of vitamins B and C, like oranges and green leafy vegetables. They will make your skin look firm and supple, giving you extra confidence to face the wedding cameras.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, spicy, and salty foods, as these can irritate your skin and cause water retention. They may also lead to puffy eyes and make your body look bloated. Avoid feeling uncomfortable walking down the aisle by keeping a healthy diet that makes you look and feel your best.


Get Sufficient Rest

Despite it may appear difficult with your busy preparations, ensure to get plenty of rest. If you’re always tired in the days prior to your wedding day, your skin can sag and lose its luster. Sleep deprive can cause dark under-eyes circles, which make you may look old. Therefore, try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night and to achieve rest in other ways, like making time to go to the spa or unwind with friends.


Stay Away from the Sun

Prolonged Sun exposure can increase the signs of aging on your skin resulting in unwanted wrinkles and pigmentation so close to your wedding day. Furthermore, it increase your likelihood of getting sunburn, dry skin, and peeling skin, which are extremely difficult to clear up at a short moment’s notice.

Even if you’ve got lots of beautiful makeup on, the texture of your skin can be hard to mask. So, if you want to look stunning on your wedding day, avoid staying outside for extended hours because you can get a sunburn even in the shade. When you have to go outside, wear sun-safe clothes and apply high SPF sunscreen. Re-apply it during the day.


Invest in the Right Skincare

Makeup can only do so much. Therefore, you’ll also want to invest in skincare products that will help improve your skin and address any lingering issues. If you don’t know your skin type and need additional help treating your skin before the wedding, consult a licensed dermatologist. Ask for product recommendations and a simple routine you can follow. Be as consistent as possible so that you can see positive results by the time of your wedding. But as a rule of thumb, using an exfoliating hand scrub, applying moisturizer, and using sunscreen should already help.


In Summary: How to Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day

Again, looking fresh and at your best on your wedding day over 50 requires preparation. From taking better care of your skin and health to fine-tuning the details of your overall bridal look, consider checking off on my recommendations. As a result, you will look and feel stunning when it’s finally time to say “I do.”

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