How I wear my pearls
GNW twinset with Talbot pleated floral print skirt, Calvin Klein block heel pumps, Esprit bag, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, various strings of pearls (all own) and Akoya pearls c/o The Pearl Source Inc.
  1. Pearls in the family
  2. My first pearl necklace
  3. How to wear pearls today

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Pearls in the family

Pearls remind me of my Granny’s engagement ring. It features a small pearl in the center and two small diamonds on each side in a white gold setting, while the ring itself is rose gold. After the Great War, rose gold was in fashion as creation of yellow gold required material that was pretty expensive. Her engagement ring was made by her brother-in-law, i.e. my grandpa’s brother. He was a gold smith.

One day in the 70s, my grandparents were visiting us. My granny thought she had lost the ring on the lawn. I spent the entire afternoon on the lawn searching for her ring and even kept looking after they had left. My mom came out and told me to come to the phone. My granny was on the phone. She was super-excited that she had found the ring at home. She had forgotten to put it on. She said that I would get the ring when she dies because I spent all the time search the ring for her.

Pearls also remind me of my Mom’s Sunday’s Best or Going Out looks. As it was modern in the 50s, 60s and 70s, she would wear her pearl necklace with matching pearl studs. In the 50s, pearls were part of her office look. In the 80s, my Dad gave my Mom a longer pearl necklace with larger pearls than the one she had worn during her work as an executive officer. In the 1980s, it wasn’t in fashion to wear multiple pearl strings à la Coco Chanel.  Thus, my Mom gave her old pearls to my sister for her graduation in chemical engineering. In the 90s, my sister wondered why these cultured pearls lost their luster. When you are interested in the answer to this question check this post on all you need to know about pearls.

My first pearl necklace

In my twenties, I bought myself a silver-gray pearl necklace. I wore this one string of baroque silver-gray pearls with silver earrings when I went to science conferences. While in my twenties, they accessorized my pink skirt suit or black and white pants suit, in my thirties, they dressed up my business casual look of jeans, a button-down shirt and blazer. Both outfit variations were the typical 80s and 90s uniforms.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in floral skirt black top accessorized with multiple pearl necklaces and a pearl hair pin

stylist in classic work outfit with necklace
Outfit details: GNW twinset, Talbot silk pleated floral skirt, Calvin Klein nude pumps, Esprit bag, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, various strings of pearls (all own) and Akoya pearls c/o The Pearl Source Inc.

How to wear pearls today

Pearls are a big trend at the moment. I style my pearls with studs or very casual in a contemporary way to avoid looking Old Lady. Meanwhile I bought a triple pearl necklace and an opera length pearl necklace. These finds were great scores on eBay. The following pearl necklace outfit ideas are examples of how to wear pearls in a modern way.

statement belt with pearls Zoom-in on the pearl statement belt

midlife woman wearing a denim shirt under a sweater accessorized with pearl pendant necklace Casual posh outfit with pearl pendant necklace. Christian Louboutin pumps, Newport News leather pants, Great Northwest denim shirt, Landsend sweater, Anne Klein silk scarf, Celine bag

casual office look with pearl statement belt Oliveo denim skirt, Manolo Blahnik booties, pantyhose, Anne Klein turtleneck sweater and pearl statement belt (all own)

chic monochromatic look with opera pearl necklace #maturefashion Chic monochromatic look in various shades of red with opera length pearl necklace. G-III skirt, GNW tight, Peter Kaiser flats, Anne Klein sweater, Hermes collier de chien cuff and beltstyle book author in posh casual outfit with gems of the sea Graham and Spencer leather motorcycle jacket and London Jean boyfriend jeans (all own) with Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source

posh midlife style with pearls

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Note the above order is random and does not indicate any ranking or comparison.

How do you wear your pearls?

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