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Escada denim booties, Brooks Brothers sweater, Levis denim jacket, statement belt, unbranded feather skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, cotton mask

See your favorite posts of the year. As the year resumes, it’s time to look back on the year. What went wrong or well, and why? How did the way we dress change? Why do we do such reviews every now and then? Well, because we want to learn from our mistakes, and improve next time. Read about the 2021 changes, good and bad, and the coping fashion-wise, and what trends to keep or toss. Learn how to up your style with the easy-to-use free resources available on this blog. 

  1. 2021 – A Year in Review
  2. COVID-19 Will Keep Governing How We Dressed
  3. The It Accessory of 2020 Stayed and Will Remain
  4. How My Dressing Behavior Changed in 2021
  5. Your Favorite Posts of the Year 2021
  6. How to Make 2022 the Year You Up Your Personal Style


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2021 – A Year in Review

2021 was the second year in the pandemic with new lockdowns in many countries, and different mask policies in the various US Territories and States. In Alaska, mask policies were the most confusing part. Vacinated mask optional, then back to mask for everyone. Each store has a different policy. My solution to not have to bother about the rules is mask everywhere I go.

We have had to make big changes to our lifestyle this year. Sure, 2020 had taught us how to shop online, and many of us, how to work from home. Many of these changes, especially, loss of the job or business, surviving the financial burdens of COVID-19, as well as lack of social contacts with family, friends, and colleagues led to stress and often depression. Regarding the latter we coped with zoom-meetings, reels, TikTok. Instead of hugging, we now greet good friends with knocking closed wrist!


COVID-19 Will Keep Governing How We Dress

Many were fourloughed or even lost their jobs in 2020. Some got good packages to retire early. Others retired because it was their only option. This meant Good-Bye work style; Hello resort style.

Some employers called their employees back to the office. As a result, they had to master the back-to-work dressing challenge. Nevertheless, the 2020 shift towards more casual dressing remained in 2021 due to an increasing trend to work-from-home. Dopamine dressing, loungewear, and PJs all day will remain a big trend in 2022.

We didn’t get out much the last 17 months. Valentine’s Day and date-night sexy looks were replaced by cute stay-at-home date night outfits. In 2021, the pandemic will keep changing our lifestyle, traditions, culture, job market, prosperty as well as fashion like the past big epidemics and fashion interrelations. Back then doctors wore masks for protection without success.


The It Accessory of 2020 Stayed and Will Remain

The Must-have item continued to be the mask after people caught COVID-19 despite of their vacinations. Some people wear medical desposable masks, while others, especially, the hard-core fashionistas and fashionisters created collections of real statement masks conquered the market. Here are some of my favorites.


Another ongoing trend will be the demand for more sustainable fashion, and clothing resources as well as recycling. We have gotten second thoughts on tossing our old clothes and even on giving them to charity. On the other hand, for the second year in a row, we did not wear our investment pieces which is like tossing them. Some of us thought about new ways to wear our evening gowns.


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Unfortunately, my comic from the review of 2020 (shown below) is still a feature of our new real World.

comic on wearing masks in a bank in 2019 vs. no mask in 2020



How My Dressing Behavior Changed in 2021

. Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas As a reason, going to dance practice is now my chance to dress-up. Below see what kind of outfits I wore to dance practice in 2020.


over 50 years old woman in dressed up cute outfit of white skirt, patterned top
Front view feather skirt outfit


dancer stretching on bar in white skirt, polkadot top, silver dance shoes
Outfit details: Chantelle booties, Brooks Brothers sweater, statement belt, unbranded feather skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle


In 2021, I switched to wearing party dresses at dance practice.

cocktail dress for dance practice in favorites posts of the year
Eddie Bauer T-shirt, lace cocktail dress (thrift find), Hermes collier de chien bangle, Rebecca Collins necklace, GNW tights, Chantal satin shoes, jade with pearl ear studs, and Nordgreen watch



Your Favorite Posts of the Year 2021

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Which were your favorite posts of the year? Just curious.


Make 2022 the Year You Up Your Style

Hopefully, the pandemic is soon history. In the meanwhile, switch your mindset to that you dress for yourself, not for work or anyone or anything else. Wear what makes you happy. Create your own personal style with clothes you love and can’t wait wearing. Start by determining your primary personal style preferences with my free online style finder. The result includes links to the respective description of the style and its key elements.

To wear the most flattering clothes for you in that style, identify your body shape with this quiz. Again, the result will answer what’s best for that shape. Don’t stop there. The most flattering prescription and sunglasses as well as earrings require to determine you face shape.

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