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Escada denim booties, Brooks Brothers sweater, Levis denim jacket, statement belt, unbranded feather skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, cotton mask

At the end of the year, it’s time to look back on the year. What went wrong, what went well. This post reviews 2020 fashion wise.

  1. 2020 – A Year in Review
  2. COVID-19 Impacted How We Dressed
  3. The (Unwanted) Accessory of 2020
  4. The Pandemic Prohibited Parties
  5. How My Dressing Behavior Changed Due to COVID-19
  6. Make the New Year the Year You Up Your Style
  7. Your Favorite Posts in 2020

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2020 – A Year in Review

2020 was quite different from everything we knew. We never experienced first-hand before what a pandemic means lifestyle and fashion-wise. The last one was 100 years ago. It was incorrectly called the Spanish Flu despite it started in The Netherlands during the Great War.

COVID-19 Impacted How We Dressed

Many were fourloughed or even lost their jobs. Some got good packages to retire early. Others had to retire as it seemed their only option left. All these changes led to a shift towards more casual dressing. Many work from home now. On days without zoom meeting, loungewear became the goto. Some wore their PJs all day.

One company approached me to review a jumpsuit that had a shirt top part and sweatpants on the bottom part!

I declined because I never accept to review garments that I would not buy or wear myself.

Due to the limited transport restrictions, many cheap wardrobe updates never made it from the producers’ countries to the closets of the consumers. The lockdown left many store owners with a spring collection partly sold. The consumer couldn’t buy the pieces when they would have liked to have them. Many small clothing businesses folded. Among others one of my favorites that had clothes made for the midlife body: Covered Perfectly. See some of the outfit photos with these tops below.


mature woman walking in an olive and white skirt plus top and sandals weekend look
DIY skirt, DIY belt, Very Fine Dance Shoes sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Winkwood sunglasses, Covered Perfectly top


stylist in posh chic layered look
Layered work outfit with teardrop key hole top c/o Covered Perfectly, and own Michael Kors baseball jacket, Banana Republic pencil skirt, DIY statement belt, and Musse & Cloud booties c/o Coolway

We started looking for more sustainable fashion.

We have looked for more sustainable clothes and clothing resources. We have gotten second thoughts on tossing our old clothes or giving them to charity. On the other hand, we did not wear our investment pieces which is like tossing them.

2020 was a weird year dressing wise.

The New (Unwanted) Accessory of 2020

The Must-have item became the mask. At the beginning, they were hard to get. Alaska is always the last when it comes to supply. DIY was the motto. As time progressed, real statement masks conquered the market. Here are some of my favorites that you can find online at the links.

cloth mask made from old kimono Cloth mask made from vintage Japanese kimonofloral mask






Women’s Floral Mask, 3D Breathable Elastic Contoured Face Reusable Cloth Masks, Washable Cotton Double Layer Mask

sequin masks
Resusable masks with double fabric

In my post on past big epidemics and fashion interrelations, you can find how previous epidemies changes life, fashion and prosperty. Back then doctors wore masks for protection without success.


My mask protects you, your mask protects me. #COVID-19 #accessoryoftheyear Click To Tweet

comic on wearing masks in a bank in 2019 vs. no mask in 2020

A weird world. When you would have entered a bank with a mask in 2019, the teller would have pushed the button under the desk to call the police. In 2020, banks have signs at the doors requesting everybody to wear a mask. #mask… Click To Tweet

The Pandemic Prohibited Parties

Memorial Day, weddings, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas were quite different. The virus made parties with non-household members impossible. Parties became virtual. Many people lost their jobs. Some went to working from home. Zoom meetings became the new normal. Classes went online.

Zoom-fatigue set in.

Like many linkup parties the Top of the World Style Linkup party also suffered. Less guests made it to the party despite no masks are required; And despite of the huge advantages of attending linkup parties. They offer readers a great opportunity to find other fashion and style blogs. Both bloggers and readers can linkup their own outfit posts from Instagram, YouTube and/or their blog. Linking up may get you a free feature as Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav, Top of the World OOTD My Fav or Top of the World Style Winner. Try it out and link up. When you don’t know how, check this instructional page on how to link up a post.

The party also provides networking and growth opportunities for my blogging readers and friends. When you are a blogger you can gain visibility and a free feature as a co-host of my party.

Shall I continue the linkup?

How My Dressing Behavior Changed Due to COVID-19

We didn’t get out much the last nine months. Thus, going to dance practice is now my chance to dress-up. In former years, I used to wear leggings and a top. Sometime with a training skirt. These skirts have the volume of a dance gown. Since the extra volume affects your turns, prior to an upcoming performance you use them to adjust your turns to the momentum of the skirt’s volume.

Here an example outfit of what I wore to dance practice in 2020.

fashion blogger in feather skirt, knit top, pantyhose, sandals

over 50 years old woman in dressed up cute outfit of white skirt, patterned top

dancer stretching on bar in white skirt, polkadot top, silver dance shoes
Outfit details: Chantelle booties, Brooks Brothers sweater, statement belt, unbranded feather skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)


Here examples what I used to wear to dance practice.

back view photo of T-shirt to illustrate the coverage of the bum and neckline
Covered Perfectly boatneck top, Red Bubble print-on-demand leggings, Very Fine Dance Sohoes sandals


#midlifefashion woman working out at a dance studio
Teardrop shirt c/o Covered Perfectly paired with Redbubble leggings and own Very Fine Dance shoes


#midlifestyle midlife woman in fitness gear
FiShe Wear leggings, dance shoes, Covered Perfectly drape insert top

Make the New Year the Year You Up Your Style

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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