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How to teach to shop smart is a huge challenge in paterenting and/or grandparenting. Read this story of my childhood experience that taught me to become a smart fashion shopper as an example of one solution to address the problem.

  1. Shopping Fashion for Barbie with my Grandpa
  2. Discuss Potential Outfits to Teach Your Kid to Shop Smart
  3. Create Sweet Childhood Memories to Teach to Shop Smart


Shopping Fashion for Barbie with my Grandpa

When I was a child, my grandpa Oskar visited about once a week before he moved back to Spain. Occasionally, he took me on a walk on a sunny day thru the little village I grew up in. I loved these walks with him not only because he was an excellent storyteller and great listener, but also because he never included my siblings. He was my grandpa Oskar. I was his favorite grandchild (Note my sister was the other grandpa’s favorite, and my brother was grandma’s favorite.).


styling a full skirt and gingham shirt in a mature, but youthful way
Carhartt gingham shirt with Oliveo full leather skirt, studded ballet flats, Longchamp cuir sunflower yellow bag. The  bag adds a pop of color to a summer day without sunshine. The floral silk neckerchief picks up the colors of the shoes, shirt and skirt and adds some other pops of color for a polished youthful look


Discuss Potential Outfits to Teach Your Kid to Shop Smart

On these walks, we came past a little store where they had tons of Barbie outfits. We always discussed them outside before we went inside the store. There he chatted with the owner while I spent for ever going thru all the available Barbie dresses. First pulling out the ones I liked. Then going thru that pile again sorting out which ones I liked better than the others making a new, but smaller pile. Going on repeat until I had nailed it down to one Barbie outfit.

Interestingly, this way I still buy the clothes for me today. For more smart shopping tips see this ultimate guide on how to save when shopping.

I am my own Barbie doll. 😉

fashion blogger dressing like a Barbie doll in a full leather skirt with studded flats
Same outfit as above, but with a printed cotton 3/4 sleeve GNW cardigan thrown over the shoulders. The cardigan serves as a cover-up later in the evening and looks stylish when carried this way. The print picks up the blue and white of the outfit. The different scales of prints and common colors make the mix of prints work


He added some candies and a cigar and paid. He smoked his cigar, and we walked and talked and I was looking again and again at the outfit and telling him which pieces that Barbie had already, would match with this new outfit. I still like the smell of a good cigar :).

Create Sweet Childhood Memories to Teach to Shop Smart

It is funny that my way of “shopping for clothes” has never changed. Today it makes use of the chart on the online pages. Do you once in a while have more than $1K in merchandise or more than 10 pieces in your chart and iterate the chart down to just one piece?

You can find further inspirations on Gingham paired with leather in my guide on styling leather shorts.

How do you wear your gingham shirt? How do you decide what to add to your wardrobe? Who taught you to think about clothes, fashion and style? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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