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Language learning is brilliant for sharpening our minds and enriching our general knowledge. Speaking more than one language improves your social, professional, and personal life and opens new doors. It’s no wonder more and more people are joining the language learning community and working on their linguistic skills.

Still, the connection between language and fashion is rarely noticed. In reality, language learning can improve your fashion sense. It probably sounds silly, but we’re here to help you see it. Below, we’ll explain the different ways in which you can improve your sense of style.


Guest post by Ewan Jennings

Discovering Cultures

Fashion has always been a thing of the culture. Throughout history, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes all spoke about the life and tradition of groups of people. Today, it’s no different. Fashion differs from country to country and is heavily influenced by folklore, customs, habits, typical weather, and more.

On the other hand, language is closely tied to culture since it’s the most important part of cultural identity. It’s the primary means of communication. It is shaped by the cultural heritage and changes daily as the society and community evolve.

This indicates that learning a language inevitably means learning about the culture. Then this means you’ll be learning about the appearance and fashion choices of different communities and countries.

Language learning will show you numerous aspects of fashion and help you discover styles you didn’t even know existed.


People who speak more than one language usually like to travel more and explore new countries. This, too, contributes to the overall fashion sense since you’re exposing yourself to different trends.

Traveling away from your country allows you to see:

  • Contemporary fashion styles,
  • Trends in different countries,
  • Shops and boutiques you didn’t have access to.

As you travel, you’ll adopt small pieces of these countries’ fashion styles and reshape your own personal style. You’ll dare to try something new, reconsider your current style, and shake things up a bit.

You might also think about minimizing your wardrobe to reduce the carbon footprint and help preserve the planet. Vogue reports that we don’t need more than 20 outfits in total to cover all types of our daily activities.


Expanding Your Research Field

Those who are truly in love with fashion know that it’s important to stay current and keep track of what’s new in the fashion world. People typically do it through fashion magazines, fashion websites, blogs, and even social media.

Now, imagine how learning a new language would help you expand your field of research! You’d be able to read and fully understand all of these resources in other languages. You’d have access to more content that could teach you so many new things. Naturally, some of these content providers use a localization agency to translate and adapt the content to other countries. But not all of them do it, so you’re still at a loss.

For instance, speaking Italian would allow you to read Vogue Italy, one of the top-selling fashion magazines in the world. Your fashion sense would be influenced by more great resources and thus improve immensely.

Meeting New People

Finally, fashion and communication are very closely tied as fashion is in the social domain. It’s created by people, for people, and it’s something that’s been connecting us for years.

This means that language learning can help you connect with more like-minded fashion lovers and enjoy fashion together. You could:

  • Exchange fashion news and facts,
  • Attend fashion events,
  • Give each other style feedback,
  • Go shopping,
  • Read each other’s blogs.

The more people you know, the more confident you’ll feel about your fashion choices. Together, you’ll be influencing one another and working on style improvements and upgrades. WritingUniverse can help you improve your writing skills. This is great for those who decide to write a fashion blog or work on their written communication.


Final Thoughts

If you thought that language learning is good for nothing else but communication, you were wrong. Learning a language means working on yourself and gaining new experiences. For fashion enthusiasts, it means improving your fashion sense and allowing yourself to try out different things. It also means exploring, learning, and adopting fashion facts from all over the globe.

If this isn’t enough motivation to start learning a new language, we’re not sure what is! Choose a language you always wanted to learn and get to work.


Author’s Bio

Ewan Jennings is a fashion lover and a blogger. He writes about the different aspects of exploring and experiencing fashion and how to integrate it into all spheres of your life.


Publisher Remark: My Own Experience

I learned five languages, lived in three US states and three different countries as well as visited many more. My style has influences from Mediterranean, and Mid-European countries as well as from the American East and West Coast all adapted to the weather of Alaska.

Featured photo: Godisable Jacob Pexel

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  1. Learning other languages is indeed a great enriching experience by itself, plus all the fashion advantages mentioned here! A few years ago there was a hullabaloo about stealing other cultures’ fashion elements for one’s own use. Do you know if this particularly judgmental has subsided-? A fine and comprehensive article this! 😀