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Shirt and pants both c/o Etyl Clothingstyled with own DIY bangle and necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, smokyquartz statement belt, and Glora VanDerBilt red pumps

Disclosure: Ad. The Celia – Skyla floral shirt and Kinslee – Anahi raw hem cropped jeans are samples of my choice from Ethyl Clothing. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


  1. What I love about Ethyl Clothing
  2. Versatile to style means lots of options to wear
  3. What I picked from the new arrived spring/summer collection
  4. Price-performance ratio
  5. Ethyl Clothing Capri and Shirt Review in a nutshell

What I love about Ethyl Clothing

My readers know that I am a big fan of Ethyl Clothing’s shirts and jeans. Thus, when I was asked to take a look at their new arrivals, I did not hesitate to accept. I love the high quality of their clothes, their love for details, the great craftsmanship, posh casual designs and great comfort. The latter refers to wearing their clothes as well as the care. Many of their button-downs have this genius “wrinkle look” which makes them “iron-free.” You pull them out of the washer, twist them and dry, or pull them in shape and dry flat for a straighter look. Who has ironing as a hobby anyway?

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midlife woman in Casual Friday spring LOTD with buton-down, heels and jeans
Front view of LOTD with button-down and raw hem jeans both c/o Ethyl Clothing and own Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY necklace, smoky quartz flower buckle belt, and Gloria VanDerBilt high heels. See the multiple buttons in different colors and sizes

Versatile to style means lots of options to wear

Due to the posh casual cuts and high quality fabrics, their jeans and shirts can be easily dressed up or down, which makes them perfect for every 9-to-5-er working in a business casual style environment. Just swap the pumps to flat sandals, change the belt and jewelry and you have dressy capri outfits. Perfect to hit the beer garden with your friends on a warm summer evening. Pair the abstract floral print cotton top, cropped jeans and with sneakers and a baseball cap for the weekend. Or style them with cute ballet flats, old-school fabric sneaker or trendy mules and a shopping straw basket to visit the Farmers Market. Just some of many styling options.


Alaskan blogger in spring OOTD posing in an urban forest
Backview of OOTD with abstract floral print 100% cotton top and cropped trousers both c/o Etyl Clothing and own DIY bangle and Gloria VanDerBilt red pumps

What I picked from the new spring/summer collection

There are so many exciting pieces that it’s hard to just pick one. I chose the Celia – Skyla floral shirt and Kinslee – Anahi cropped raw hem bottoms. When my husband opened the package, he said

“That will take forever when you have to button up this blouse.”

On the contrary, it’s only every third button that is a real one responsible for closure. All others are just for embellishment. And yes, the “real buttons” are in the right places to not have the “awkward” gaping right there. You know what I mean. 😉


over 50 years old fashion blogger in floral shirt with crochet and button embellishment
Zoom-in on the button-embellishment that features different sizes and colors, and the crochet on the collar. Note that the hem and the sleeves also have this nice crochet finish. That’s what I mean with “Love to details.”


The button embellishment (photo above) makes the shirt also great for travel and packing for sightseeing. The long line of different size and color buttons has a slimming effect and is such a cool statement that you can get away without necklace and look stylish nevertheless. The cute crochet hem of the top makes it perfect for wearing untucked with a statement belt or with a half-tuck as shown in the photos.


midlife blogger in floral print top, red pumps and denim trousers
Other view of the casual posh outfit


When trying on the Kinslee – Anahi raw hem cropped jeans I was very pleased about the work appropriate length. Moreover, the hem hits where my calves get slim again. The genius idea about the raw hem is that you can easily shorten them with your scissors when you like to.


Nicole demonstrating the comfortable fit of the Etyhl Clothing she is reviewing
Demonstrating the ease of fit and comfort of wearing. See the crochet trim on the sleeves.

Price-performance ratio

As with all the items I had before from Ethyl Clothing, the price reflects the great craftsmanship, high-quality fabric and comfortable designs. In other words, the pieces are worth the investment. Therefore, I expect this classic capri and cotton top to have a long tenure in my closet (like all their pieces I own). The blouse can be worn year-round by adding a sweater, vest or cardigan. The pants can be worn from spring to fall. They will look cute with sleek boots underneath. This all means the cost-per-wear will go below one dollar over time. As a regular reader, you know that this is my criterion for a great deal and thumbs up.

Who will love Ethyl Clothing

Their trousers are a perfect choice for every woman who wants great jeans that fit, but doesn’t want to pay a triple digit price tag. The 2% spandex, 5% rayon, 25% polyester plus 68% cotton fabric makes the pants comfortable and holds their form. I followed the recommendation and ordered mine – as usual – a size smaller than I normally wear. And I don’t regret following their advice.

This pair fits perfectly, don’t you think so?

Style blogger looking sexy in classic cropped Ethyl Clothing dressy capri
Showing the fit around my bum. No “back gap” above the bum wherein you could carry a phone book!


The button-downs are great for everyone who loves casual high-quality tops with a feminine vibe. The great selection of tops with 3/4 sleeves are like paradise for every woman who is “arm-shy” (including me). I would buy both items myself and would be very happy with my purchase.  Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend these Ethyl Clothing products to a friend.

Ethyl Clothing Capri and Shirt Review in a nutshell

The button-down and cropped trousers are made with great craftmanship of high-quality fabrics in modern designs while being very comfortable. This makes them worth the money as you will love to wear them and wear them often. Browse their new arrivals now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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