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Plaid shirt and flare pants c/o Ethyl Clothing with own Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Liz Claiborne crocodile imprint open-toe pumps, and neckerchief

When you are thinking about a new pair of jeans or blouse online and wonder about the Ethyl clothing fit, read this review of my experience with their new online store.



  1. A Great Brand Now Goes Online
  2. Why I Wanted to Try Them out
  3. Their Sizing Recommendations Worked Well
  4. How You Can Styled these New Wardrobe Items
  5. Price-performance Ratio
  6. Ethyl Clothing Fit in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The boot-cut jeans and button-down shirt are samples of my choice from Ethyl Clothing. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


A great brand now goes online

Ethyl Clothing is a successful wholesale distribution company selling to over 3000 stores in the US since more than 30 years. When you owned an item from them before, you already know the high standards of this brand’s clothes. Then you are also certainly excited to read that they recently started an online platform. Let your friends know

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It’s a one-stop to look at this brand’s entire collections. Even better, you save time to replace a beloved piece you bought at a retailer when on vacation years ago. How? Just search by the name or number to reorder it or order it in all colors.

You can find the style name and number at the tags located inside the garments.

over 50 years old blogger in Ethyl Clothing trousers and plaid blouse half-tucked
Plaid button-down and flare jeans c/o Ethyl Clothing styled half tucked with own Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Liz Claiborne patent leather open-toe pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, necklace, and neckerchief

Why I wanted to try them out

As you know I have a hard time to find my size here in Alaska. It’s even harder to find bottoms that fit me without a pit-stop at my tailor. I also want a raise that doesn’t expose the “tail” of my thongs when I sit down. And of course, the raise should not be so high that it looks frumpy. Sounds like high maintenance. But no,
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When browsing their page you see that Ethyl Clothing pants have the waist hitting about 1 inch from the naval. Exactly where it is best and most flattering for women our age.

Hiding the love-handles, prohibiting muffin-tops.



zoom-in on outfit details of navy white shirt and navy trousers
Zoom-in on the shirt and trousers c/o Ethyl Clothing with own Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Liz Claiborne pumps, beaded necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and neckerchief. Sleeves are slightly rolled up to 7/8 length for styling


Many office dress codes require covering the arms even in summer. Of course, in many offices the AC is so chilly that it’s not a burden. However, when you go outside it may be too warm. I picked the blouse for its great print and small/slim cuffs. They allow to roll the sleeves up once you are outside. The thin fabric even allows to roll them into short sleeves. <3

This feature is very important when you have to tackle the summer office outfit challenge.



Their Sizing Recommendations Worked Well

Finding the right size for you is easy. Each product page has a size chart. Being petite or tall you can find the right leg length. Full length trousers are available from 29 inches to 34 inches inseam. <3

They recommended to order these pants a size smaller than your normal size for best. Of course, I was a bit nervous of going down a size. Nevertheless, I did do it, and I wouldn’t look back. The fit couldn’t be better! See yourself.


Ethyl Clothing fit around the bum
Back view to show the great fit, yoke and pocket details. Button-down and pants c/o Ethyl Clothing


When I opened the package I was pretty impressed by the great quality of the fabrics. The mid-night blue is so deep, love that color. The 57% cotton, 39% polyester, 3% rayon and 1% Spandex fabric is super-soft. Not so stiff like denim! The spandex makes them so comfy.

This brand’s opening an online store called Ethyl Clothing, solved my problem of finding trousers in my size that truly fit. The button-down can be my solution to wear a blouse more often. The crinkle look of the blouse is chic and doesn’t wrinkle when you lean against your chair back.

Who has ironing as hobby?



zoom-in on the fabrics
Zoom-in on the print and fabric. The plaid inspired pattern is a nice twist on the classic. The crinkle style of the fabric makes ironing obsolete. The wash is very decent, which makes the garment look posh.



How I styled the new wardrobe items

Styling monochromatic looks is effortlessly chic and figure flattering. I wore the trousers and shirt for Casual Friday with open-toe pumps in a matching color. The neckerchief adds a pop of color. At work, I kept the shirt untucked and used a matching belt to accentuate my waist. Note that the shirt is slightly fitted meaning you wouldn’t need a belt at all. However, when you are a long-time reader you know that I have a knack for belts. 😉 You can find a guide how to accessorize with belts at the link.


baby-boomer showing the Ethyl Clothing fit of a bootcut jeans and plaid top
Back view of boot-cut jeans and plaid top c/o Ethyl Clothing with own Liz Claiborne pumps, and beaded necklace


My hubby and I went out for dinner on the deck that evening. Since it was a little windy I first did a half-tuck to reduce the “gaps” where wind could enter. After a while, the Sun hid behind some cumulus clouds and the wind speed picked up. Thus, I tucked the button-down entirely in. The fabric is so light that a full tuck is possible without adding visual weight to your hips. It pretty impressing as the tail in the back is long enough to hide your boom; the tails in the front are a bit shorter than those in the back. Nevertheless, they permit you to knot them for style. This option is nice when you are dressing for an open-air concert on a hot summer day.

These classic pieces are easy to style up and down. Next time, I will pair the top with my polka dot navy skirt for a trendy print mix. Thus, stay tuned!


Price-Performance Ratio

These jeans are the best fitting ones I ever had despite I have some custom-made pairs! It obviously makes a difference to be specialized in pants and tops for baby-boomer women.

The Ethyl Stella – Luke printed shirt costs $70.00. Its classic design and neutral colors mean that it will be a work-horse in your wardrobe over several years in (at least) three seasons (spring, summer, fall). Let’s assume one wears it only every second week, the cost-per-wear is below $1 after less than 2 years. However, given the great quality of the item and timeless style, its tenure in your closet will probably longer than 2 years. In other words, it is definitively worth its price.

Note: In my experience, the quality, fit and craftsmanship of their clothes has been consistent over the years. You may also like to read my review of Ethyl Clothing spring top and bottom.


babyboomer woman in Ethyl jeans with perfect fit
Front view of outfit with shirt fully tucked into the jeans c/o Ethyl Clothing with own Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Liz Claiborne pumps, beaded necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes Medor watch, and neckerchief


The Ethyl Jacqueline Flair Jean – Abigail also costs $70.00. It can be worn all seasons. Typically, one wears the blue ones at least once a week, if not more often. Needless to say that their price-per-wear will be fast below a dollar. And

Stylist tip: A great fitting pair of jeans is priceless.


Who would love to order this brand’s clothes

Both products are designed with the body of women in midlife and up in mind. Every real woman, who has trouble with the fit designed for Millennials, will love them! I wouldn’t regret having bought them. I can highly recommend them and the shirt to my best friends. I strongly believe that you will absolutely love Ethyl Clothing too.


Ethyl Clothing Fit in a Nutshell

These jeans and shirt are quality fabric, show great craftsmanship, and have a perfect fit for real women. They offer free shipping on orders over $99 and have a prepaid postage return label in every package. Browse their collection now.


Photos: G. Kramm

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