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This post features a floral blazer with linen pants layered work outfit inspiration for women over 50. It shows how to achieve thermal comfort in the AC in the cubicle at work as well as when outside for lunch or the commute from and to work in sultry, muggy hot summer weather. 



Summer Heat and Work Outfits – Striking the Balance for Thermal Comfort

Are you working 9 to 5 this summer? Is the heat unbearable when you go to and come from work? Not to mention the heat during lunch break, when your fav salad or bun booth is of course on the sunny side of the street. If so, dressing comfortably for both the temperatures of the air-conditioned cubicle and the crowded bus, tram, or subway, are an annoying morning challenge. So how to look professional at work during the dog days or in the heat of June, July and August down in the South?


Tip: To achieve thermal comfort in these conditions layering is key.


How to Fight Summer In- and Outside Temperature Differences with Layers

The solution to temperature differences beyond your control – only at home and in your car you have some control – is to layer. Yes, you read that right! The featured work outfit inspiration shows an example how to layer clothes in summer to achieve thermal comfort and still look stylish and professional.


back view summer office look with linen trousers and cotton 3/4 sleeve tailored jacket
Office outfit inspiration for a sultry summer day: Notations 3/ sleeve tailored jacket with straight cut linen trousers.


A Light Blazer Is Great for a Professional Look in Summer

A light pair of linen pants and a top always look good and professional when you add a blazer. This means a linen pants – blazer combo makes for a great business casual style work outfit. You can even go with a short or 3/4 sleeves blazer.


Tip: Even a floral print works at work in summer when the colors are muted.




linen pants with floral blazer layered with a top for thermal comfort in AC at work in summer
Notations blazer (dyed), Loft top, Oliveo linen pants, Longchamp bag, DIY statement necklace, Anne Klein nude pumps, Hermes collier de chien cuff, just un clou bangle, and quartz buckle belt.


Why Not Going for a Matching Linen Blazer?

There are several reasons. On public transportation you want to hang the blazer over your shoulder work bag or even put it nicely folded into your work tote. A linen blazer would have more wrinkles than a 120 year old when you take it out to wear it at work. Therefore, a linen blazer bears a high risk to look frumpy and/or careless.


Why to Avoid Matchy-Match over 50?

Other reason for a pop of color and/or unmatched suit styles are that over 50, matchy-match looks so 1970s or 1960s, i.e. Old Lady. You are too young and hip for that old-fashioned look. Today, suits are for the twenty somethings to look professional and still for corporate style.


Shoes Make or Break an Outfit as well as Thermal Comfort

The choice of the shoes with linen pants is crucial. When styling a Casual Friday or business casual look for the warm season go with nude pumps, pumps in the color of the linen or pumps matching to other colors of the outfit. When you style a weekend look sandals or sneakers are a great option. When the fabric is in a neutral color go for a pop of color to make a statement.


cutout pumps with striped linen pants to stay cool in muggy weather
When the dress code asks for pumps pumps with stylish, trendy cutouts provide some relief from sweating when outside. Inside they avoid getting cold feet which is often the case with sandals in air-conditioned offices. To elongate your legs shoes in a similar color as your trousers are best.


More on Layering for Thermal Comfort and Style

Another summer challenge to dress for are cold wet weather outfits. No matter what is the reason why you layer know what to avoid when layering.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. I agree, I immediately think it looks quite posh, even when wrinkled. There’s a celebrity gardener called Monty Don and he often wears oversized linen suits with a Panama hat and looks brilliant.

  2. The good thing about linen is that everyone knows that it wrinkles easily. Therefore, it is sort part of the look. When everything else is styled very fancy and sleek the linen’s wrinkles make even the statement of a classic or posh casual look with a twist. Keep on wearing your linen as your personal signature style.

  3. I live linen pants so much but they also (as well as the jacket) look like an ancient person on me after one bus ride lol