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Leiza sandals c/o Musse&Cloud styled with own Karina dress, Gucci belt, and statement necklace for work

Strappy and clog wood sole sandals are having a revive. Read my Musse & Cloud wood sandals review, and see how to style the wood sole footwear this time around.


  1. Early Love for Sandals with Wood Sole and Heels
  2. Wood Sandal Details
  3. Strappy and Clog Musse & Cloud Wood Sole Sandals
  4. Musse & Cloud Shoes Sizing and Fit
  5. Can Women over 40 Wear Wood Sandals?
  6. Style Inspiration for the Leiza Wood Sandals
  7. Outfit Idea for the Malena Wood Sandals
  8. Price-performance Ratio
  9. Where to buy Musse & Cloud sandals
  10. Musse and Cloud Wood Sandals Review in a Nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. These Musse & Cloud sandals are samples from Coolway. The post is not endorsed by them. It represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post also has affiliate links at no extra cost for you.

Early Love for Sandals with Wood Sole and Heels

When I saw these Musse & Cloud wood sole sandals, I immediately fell in love with them. My sister and I loved this kind of wood sole sandals when we were kids. We adored this type of sandals on the It girls of our village. Of course, we didn’t get a pair. I still hear our mom saying “You are not old enough! Moreover, they are heavy.” Especially, the last point made me mad because we had to wear wood clogs at home as house shoes and they weren’t heavy. So why should wooden sandals not be light too?

Wood Sandal Details

Both pairs of wood soled Musse & Cloud sandals are very light. On the top of the beautiful reddish looking like real wood sole, they have an about 0.16 inch (4 mm) memory foam insole (see photos below). Thus, they are very comfortable despite of their height. This foam is like vacation for our 40+ feet. I love that <3 . 😉

The Musse & Cloud Malena and Leiza sandals have a plateau sole of about 1.5 inch (3.8 cm). The heel is 3.75 inch (9.5 cm). This means the difference between the plateau and heel and, hence, the actual lift of the foot is 2.25 inch (5.7 cm), i.e. the typical height of a dress shoe. In contrast to dress shoes or dress sandals, these Musse & Cloud sandals permit us petites to gain some height without the pain of a 3.75 inch heel. I wore these sandals for 14 hours straight and they felt so comfy. <3


details of Musse&Cloud Leiza sandals review
Zoom-in on Leiza sandals c/o coolway. They are available in entire brown, or the shown color mix. It is so interesting and different.


Musse & Cloud review of Malena strappy sandals details
Zoom-in on the Malena strappy Musse & Cloud c/o Coolway. The Malena comes in black (as shown in the photos), tan and blush.


Strappy and Clog Musse & Cloud Wood Sole Sandals

When they arrived, the Malena were immediately my husband’s favorite of the two pairs. He loved the sexy straps of the sandals, and that I am nearly as tall in these sandals as he is. <3

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influencer wearing chic Malena strappy sandal review

Midlife blogger reviewing Malena strappy Musse & Cloud sandals in an outfit
Strappy Malena Musse & Cloud sandals c/o Coolway styled with own Oliveo denim skirt, Oliveo linen blazer, Anne Klein scarf worn as belt, and Jaeger tote


Musse & Cloud Shoes Sizing and Fit

The Musse & Cloud sandals come in full European sizes. Both pairs are a size 38 and fit perfectly. When you are between sizes go for the higher size of them. I wear a size US 7.5 and I went half a size up to a US size 8. Then transfer your US size to the European size by cutting off the 3.

I like how Marilyn Monroe wore her wooden sandals, i.e. the toes just end at the tip of the sandal. If you prefer that there is still some space between the end of the toe space and your toe, you may have to go up a size.

business casual work outfit with Leiza sandals
Leiza Musse&Cloud sandals c/o Coolway styled with own Star denim jacket, and Karina dress


Can 40+ Women Wear Wood Sandals?

Of course, we can. They are great for fashion over 40. We just have to pay attention to not style it like the It girl styled those kind of sandals when this style was hip the first time around. Stay with 21st century items, and stir away from anything 70s and you will be fine.

Style Inspiration for the Leiza Wood Sandals

In this outfit example, I wanted to go for a posh Casual Friday look. The paisley pattern of the dress picks up the light brown of the Leiza sandals. To tie the outfit together I went for a belt that picks up the dark brown of the sandals. The belt is at the natural waist and not on the hips like in the 70s. This means I went with today’s high waist trend. The belt also has an elegant classic vibe, i.e. it is timeless. It picks up the color of the brass hardware of the Leiza Musse & Cloud sandals.


Pro tip: An accessory’s color should always be repeated three times in an outfit.

Thus, I added the smoky quartz contemporary necklace and wooden watch.

You see, there is no reason to pass this awesome style this time around. Now we are old enough or should I better say – young enough – for them. If you loved this trend last time around, go for them this time (too). Fashion can be stylish at any age. And these Musse & Cloud wood sandals are exactly that – fashionably stylish and in addition so comfy.



coolway Musse&Cloud Leiza sandals

over 50 years old fashion blogger in Casual Friday outfit with clog sandals
Musse & Cloud Leiza sandals c/o Coolway styled with own Star denim jacket, Karina Dresses paisley print dress styled with Gucci belt, smoky quartz statement necklace, Gucci belt, Chanel quilted bag, and JORD wooden watch



Outfit Idea for the Malena wood sandals

In the next outfit example, I went for a California Casual style look. I paired these strappy wood sandals with a straight above-the-knee dark denim skirt, black silk top, and linen jacket. To go with the easy-breezy SoCal vibe I added a tote that picks up the color of the the jacket and the black of the shoes with its decoration. I accessorized with the whimsical frog necklace.


Casual Friday outfit with posh casual wood sandals

#Musse&Cloud mature woman in California casual work outfit
Outfit details: Musse & Cloud Malena sandals c/o coolway, own Oliveo denim skirt and blazer, Anne Klein scarf floral scarf worn as belt, whimsical frog necklace, silver bangle, and Jaeger tote


I also added two bangles, my usual signature Hermes collier de chien bangle with its studs and a DIY bangle that was my signature item in the 90s. At the end of the 90s, I lost the stone. I hadn’t the cuff repaired until recently. Instead of a belt, I used a scarf that again picks up the black of the strappy sandals.

Price-performance ratio

These Leiza Musse & Cloud sandals from Coolway are $66.97. The strappy wood sandals are $99.95. Both pairs are well made and the fake wood looks lovely.

As my long-readers know, I always evaluate all my wardrobe items with respect to their cost-per-wear. I expect to wear both pairs at least for two summers.  As shown above, sandals are very versatile to style. They work well in a casual work environment like mine. If you wear them 2, may be 3 times per week over the summer, it will add up to 28-42 times per summer. Thus, the price-per-wear after one summer is about $2, after two summers about $1 or less.

This cost-per-wear is less than a latte already after one summer. And the latte just adds calories while the additional height makes you look slimmer. So what? For my money: Skip the latte, get the shoes. 😉

Where to Buy Musse & Cloud Sandals

You can get them at various retailers like

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Musse and Cloud Wood Sandals Review in a Nutshell

As the examples show, these sexy strappy and clog wood sole sandals can be easily styled in ageless ways. One of the best things about them is that they don’t reveal their secret of being so comfy to anyone, but the wearer. In a nutshell:

Musse and Cloud wood sandals are comfy, but don't scream that out to the world by their look. #MusseandCloud #shoelove Click To Tweet

I <3 them.

P.S. You may be interested in reading my review of Musse & Cloud booties.

Photos: G. Kramm

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