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Max Mara coat, Valentino boots, Edith Leiber belt, Arts Dolezza jacket, dress c/o Femme Luxe, purse VO

In spring, retailers start to putting summer items on sale to test the waters for the next order. It’s a great opportunity to add great pieces to your wardrobe at a reduced price. Learn how to become a trendsetter.


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Why Do Retailers Offer Trends of the Upcoming Season in the Sales?

In contrast to end-of-the-season sales, pre-sales serve retailers to identify which of the upcoming season’s trends sell, and which don’t. The results of this pre-sales market analysis reduces their risk of placing a big order that remains on the racks. If they would have to sell these “rejected trends” in the  later end-of-the-season sales later, their profit is close to zero at best.


trendsetter of bold color outfits
Outfit details: Max Mara zebra print coat, turquoise Valentino boots, Edith Leiber belt, Arts Dolezza printed jacket, VO red bag, and chocolate knit dress c/o Femme Luxe



Reasons why You Should Shop Pre-Sales for Trends?

  • Usually, the items of pre-season sales sell at a lower price than their regular price will be at the beginning of the season. As a result, you can save.
  • Furthermore, purchasing an item in these pre-sales is like a vote or even an endorsement of the trend. You are ahead of the curve, and one of the first to wear it. Consequently, you become a trendsetter.


What’s the Risk of Shopping the Pre-Sales for Trends?

The biggest risk of pre-sales shopping are the same as those of shopping the sales. You have to identify the cheap merchandise that was produced for the sales and isn’t worth the money.


Which Skills Do You Need to Become a Trendsetter?

A trendsetter must be able to identify the trends that are worth the money. These skills are:

  • Being able to judge the quality of fabrics. Calculate the cost-per-wear of the piece over the upcoming season. Could the trendy item go below a dollar at its regular price? If so, it is likely that others buy it too.
  • Secure judgement of the suitability of the attire for the weather of your location or in case of vacation wear for the typical weather of that region it is made for. Think breathability, thermal comfort, sensation of the fabric to first touch, Sun safety, etc.
  • Suitability of the design of the garment for the purpose of wear. For instance, professional wear with ballon sleeves is a safety hazard, and hence, a ridiculous trend for women in midlife.
  • Ability to makeover your wardrobe for trends, style, and fit.
  • A confident personal style, i.e., know which styles flatter your body type, and underline who you have become. Check these free tool to detect your primary style and to identify your body shape.
  • The ability to recognize the ugly trends you should never buy.


Which of the Current Trends Work with Which Personal Style?


Stripes work with almost all personal styles. However, how to style them, and their widths differs. Gamine style, for instance, uses about 1/2 an inch (1.25 cm) wide horizontal stripes, while  Rock’n Rock has about 2 inches (5 cm) wide horizontal stripes.  Vertical stripes are best for plus size style.



various minimalist watch designs
Examples of minimalist design as available at Nordgreen. Photos from their site


Minimalism-style watches work with most styles except Bohemian Style and Romantic Style.



See this post which ruffle style is best for which personal style and body shape. The video below shows my favorite ruffle dresses from Ever Pretty.



Pleats are a perennial trend, i.e., low risk for setting the trend. This time they are around in leather. More on the pleated leather skirt trend.


Bold Colors

The first two photos in this post show how I wear this trend. For more see this guide on wearing bold colors.



Fringes are also low risk because they are a perennial trend. While best for Rock’n Roll, and Bohemian Style (read stock up if that’s you). However, a fringe clutch works great with beachwear and resort style.


Summing Up How to Become a Trendsetter

Every woman of any age can become a local trendsetter. All she needs is to develop a confident primary personal style, know her secondary style, and which cuts balance her body type. Furthermore, she has to learn what is worth its money. This skill includes how to identify the quality of both fabrics and craftsmanship, and the suitability of the garment for its purpose and the typical weather in the local region. Last but not least, she never falls for a brand name or the percentage off.


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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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