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Oliveo skirt, Hipstik tights, Fendi booties, Nordgreen watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Brooks Brothers turtleneck, bag c/o Jafferies, and sunglasses c/o Messy Weekend

Pleats are a big trend (again). You can’t go wrong with the classics, namely, tartan sewn-down pleats or solid color accordion pleats. But what about leather pleats? See my best pleated leather skirt outfit ideas.


  1. Are Pleated Leather Skirts in Style?
  2. How Do You Wear a Pleated Leather Skirt?
  3. What Accessories Work with a Pleated Leather Skirt?
  4. Pleated Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas
  5. Take Home Message on What Goes with a Pleated Leather Skirt


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Are Pleated Leather Skirts in Style?

When I saw a pleated leather skirt the first time, I knew I had to had one. It is such a contrast. Pleats, the incarnation of proper school girl feminine preppy outfits, and leather, the equivalent to tough girl, street style look. It’s a great trend with various options of pleats, lengths, and colors.



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How Do You Wear a Pleated Leather Skirt?

Style the skirt like you would wear a fabric pleated skirt, but avoid deep cleavage. The goal is to dim the sexiness of the leather down for a feminine look in which the material is the statement.

Alternatively, go for a Rock’n Roll inspired street style chic in which you replaced the leather pants with the skirt.


Oliveo leather skirt with pleats, opaque Hipstik tights, Fendi booties, Nordgreen watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Brooks Brothers cashmere turtleneck, purse c/o Jafferies, and mirrored sunglasses c/o Messy Weekend



What Accessories Work with a Pleated Leather Skirt?

The first look is styled along the eternal classic of a black and white look. It’s foolproof, when you keep your cleavage covered. The mockneck of the sweater is great with a brooch. In addition, the look is accessorized with a studded collier de chien cuffs. To keep the look edgy, despite of the classic color combination, add statement booties that draw attention to the ankles. See more looks with these camouflage booties.


Hermes collier de chien leather bracelet and cuff, onyx flower ring
Zoom-in on details of accessories


over 50 years old woman in pleated leather skirt white top, pantyhose
Oliveo pleated leather skirt, Brooks Brothers mockneck winter-white sweater, Nine West camouflage booties, Hermes collier de chien bangles, leggs pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bracelet, onyx flower ring, and my late grandma’s brooch (a gift from my late Dad), and Paloma Picasso sunglasses


In the second example, the coin-necklace is the statement, and takes the attention away from the skirt. The turtleneck provides a modest vibe, and counteracts the sexiness of the leather. As a result, the look may even be office appropriate when your work dress code allows wearing leather. The gray tights and suede boots make for a cool street chic look. At the office, switch into pumps. Learn why to switch your shoes at the office in winter, in this ultimate guide on how to avoid cold feet.


over 50 years old street style blogger in leather skirt with pleats and sweater
Brooks Brothers turtleneck cashmere sweater, Oliveo pleated leather skirt, GNW tights, Vince Camuto suede boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, and DIY coin necklace designer by my later Dad and myself



Pleated Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Inspiration with cardigan and beret

influencer in pleated leather skirt, leather beret and zebra top, fall sandals
Oliveo pleated leather skirt, Ugg faux fur fall sandals, Rebecca Collins necklace, unbranded leather beret, Covered Perfectly zebra top, and nude opaque tights c/o Hipstik


Example with pearls and striped sweater

pleated leather skirt and pearl outfit
Front view pleated leather skirt outfit idea with striped top


lifestyle blogger showing what to wear with a pleated leather skirt


Don’t let your outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book now.


Take Home Message on What Goes with a Pleated Leather Skirts

Pleated leather skirts are a statement. However, you can style them the same way as a pleated skirt. Keep the tops on the modest side to counteract the sexiness of leather. The big benefit of a leather skirt? It doesn’t bear the risk too look Old Lady like many pleated skirts do.


When you are in the market for adding the leather trend to your wardrobe, you may want to learn what to look for when shopping leather clothes.


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