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Another season of gifting is approaching fast. We have made our shopping list for whom we have to find a gift. Behind many names, we still lack the ideas. Sure, we can always fall back to an evergreen gift. But the Santa enthusiasts among us first want to look around whether there they can’t find something more personal to add to and check off their shopping list. Read this post for inspiration and information what is out there and trending. Maybe some of the gift ideas fit for someone on your list.


  1. Giving Gifts Has a Long Tradition
  2. Best Personal Gift Ideas for the Foodies
  3. What about Cool Accessories for the Fashionista on Your List?
  4. Cool Ideas for Kids


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Giving Gifts Has a Long Tradition

Twinkle-lights, rock-hard fruitcakes, Dresdner Stollen, ugly sweaters, holiday trees, gift stockings, an old man with a white beard and white trim embellished coat, boots, and pom-pom hat. Not the forget the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. There is more to celebrating the holidays. Giving gifts is part of the tradition going back to the three Kings following the comet to Bethlem.


Best Personal Gift Ideas for the Foodies

Those of your friends and family who love to home cook and hold dinner parties might appreciate fancy cutting boards, new cookbooks, coasters, romantic table cloth, and alike. What about a plain cook book in which you write the family recipes as a gift?


What about Cool Accessories for the Fashion Friend on Your List?

A minimalist watch works with every personal style. What about a unique wood watch? A vegan bag is great for the vegan fashionista.

Nordgreen navy dial minimalist watch as an example of a best personal gift idea
A minimalist watch from Nordgreen with navy or white dial and nylon wrist band in various color, vegan or real leather bands is a great accessory for any fashionista/er


mother-of-pearl dial with gold and silver links band
From Nordgreen‘s new collection. A gold with silver links band watch with mother-of-pearl dial


barista coffee watch
Jord Barista coffee watch $194. A Must-have for every coffee lover and barista. The coffee beans infused in the watch are so cool! The wrist band is cork infused superhide. This watch is on my wish list to Santa.


cork infused superhide vegan handbag
Jord vegan crossbody top handle bag in superhide. Also available in white or blue $139. I own a crossbody and a backpack from them since more than a year and 1.5 years, respectively. They both show no scratches or wear so far despite I use them a lot.
wooden sunglasses
Jord wooden sunglasses $138. Also available in other colors and styles.
Jord wooden watch as an example of best personal gift ideas
Jord sandalwood watch with lavender dial $199. My sandalwood watch is now more than five years old and still looks like new. It feels great on the skin.


What I like about the Jord wood watches, wooden sunglasses, coffee watch, and superhide bags is that no one piece is exactly like another. These gifts are as unique as the giver, and the one who gets it. Can it be more personal?


Cool Ideas for Kids

Giving a puzzle has the advantage that the teenagers might start working on it. You have peace. The same applies for everything Lego for the younger kids. Which kid doesn’t like Harry Potter? More practical pieces are personalized towels. The toddlers will love dinosaur or other animal inspired towels with hoodie.


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