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Artisan crafted accessories for mature women

Uno Alla Volta artisan made earrings are a great gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You think about how many siblings you have. When everyone of you brings flowers, she will run out of vases and space to put them. Or she ends up with another load of ugly plastic vases that just end in the trash one day. Not to mention that the flowers may only last for a week or so and are overpriced because of the occasion. Thus, you want a better gift, one that lasts and keeps its value, a gift she’ll really love. What about a pair of one-of-a-kind artisan made earrings?

stylish Uno Alla Volta earrings
Certificate of authenticity, gift box and iridescent loop earrings c/o Uno Alla Volta

Hand-made gifts are the best

You recall your childhood and how easy it was back then. There was always a school project that aimed at creating a unique self-made Mother’s Day gift. You remember how excited she was about those hand-made items. If only, you had the time and skills to make an artful gift for her!

Hand-made gifts are very personal. Perfect for birthdays of family members and friends. Click To Tweet
earrings make a great gifts
Flowers put into cups and champagne coolers in the background with Uno Alla Volta gift wrapped Mother’s Day gift and certificate of authenticity in the foreground

When your thoughts are around a hand-made item, have a look at Uno Alla Volta’s artist crafted hand-made items. These pieces are as unique as your mother. See, for instance, these beautiful earrings I got as a sample from them. Like all items from Uno Alla Volta, these earring are artisan-made and come with a certificate of authenticity. No two pairs will look exactly alike.

#UnoAllaVolta iridescent ear jewelry
Iridescent gold wired ear jewelry with French hooks c/o Uno Alla Volta

Iridescent earrings, posh like mother-of-pearl

These earrings are sculptured by an artist in Galilee by twisting gold-plated wire into a series of loops. The equally spaced loops were then dipped into colorful resins to achieve this iridescent reminiscent of mother-of-pearl. The result looks very playful, but also very elegant. This fan style comes also in solid colors and there are other styles as well in this gold-wire looping technique.

#accessories #UnoAllaVolta posh earrings for mature women
Zoom-in on the Uno Alla Volta artisan made earrings to show the gold plated wire looping and the colors

The earrings are very light. Thus, they will not enlarge the piercing wholes.

Styling inspirations for Uno Alla Volta earrings

These earrings are as colorful as flowers. Because of the multiple colors, they go with a lot of things. One can wear them with a floral dress as I did for the photo. But they also look great with blue jeans, a white T-shirt or a classic white button-down shirt. They are perfect for a vacation or weekend look. You can even buy a matching bracelet and necklace.

Price-performance ratio

A pair of these artisan made beauties costs $78. This price is in the ballpark of an expensive large bouquet of flowers, but the earrings will bring her joy every time she wears them. Buy a give a gift she’ll love that lasts.

Have you already done your Mother’s Day shopping? Are you a mother yourself? Would your prefer tons of flowers or something that lasts as a Mother’s Day gift? Why waiting and hoping to get artisan made jewelry? Gift a pair to yourself. You deserve it to look your best too.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Photos of the earrings: N. Mölders

Disclosure: The earrings are a sample by Uno Alla Volta. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my 100% honest opinion.

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