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Zoom-in on side view of the pea coat c/o London to show details of the cut

This London Tradition pea coat review covers my thoughts on the garment with respect to quality, design, prizing. Read to find out whether this jacket would be right for you.

  1. London Tradition is It in style
  2. The Collection From London Tradition Offers High Quality, Classic Outerwear
  3. Description of the London Tradition Pea Coat
  4. What I Love About This Pea Coat
  5. Customized Sizing to Your Measures
  6. Styling the London Tradition Pea Coat
  7. Price-Performance Ratio

Disclosure: Ad. The pea coat is a sample from London Tradition. The post is not endorsed by London Tradition. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


London Tradition Is It In Style

What does come to your mind when you hear London traditions? For my money, it is teatime with cookies, great shopping and well made fashion-forward clothes based on traditional well-thought out cuts, classic with a twist and/or edge.

Thus, I was thrilled when London Tradition contacted me to review one of their outerwear items of my choice. London Tradition has specialized in traditional British outerwear, think iconic duffel coats, pea coats, trench coats, raincoats, and quilted styles. Combine these British iconic pieces with a deep commitment to craftsmanship and quality, and the choice of beyond neutral colors, and you understand why I am excited. For the review I picked the bordeaux pea coat shown in the outfit photos.


woman looking posh casual in the London Tradition pea coat with jeans
Back view of peat coat c/o London Tradition with own London BF jeans and Steve Madden loafers


The Collection From London Tradition Offers High Quality, Classic Outerwear

This London Tradition pea coat keeps up its British fashion heritage with exceptional quality craftsmanship. It is a great symbiosis of the tradition of British tailoring, cutting edge techniques, for instance, engraving the brand’s name on the side of the buttons, and a contemporary, fashion-forward focus with respect to color choices. There is nothing boring about an orange or fuchsia duffle coat or a bordeaux pea coat (photos)! I had a hard time choosing between them.

The London Tradition pea coat that I picked to review also comes in orange twill, black pow, gray, mushroom and vicuna brown. This means you can also find the classic neutrals that one typically associates with the British duffel, trench, and pea coats, you name it. What I like about their online store is that when you click the color of the item, the piece switches to a photo showing the item in that color. Therefore, there is no guessing how the jacket looks in a different color. 🙂


influencer showing the pattern inside for the London Tradition pea coat review
Details of pattern inside the pea coat c/o London Tradition, and own necklaces and GNW Luxe sweater



Description of the London Tradition Pea Coat

Have a look at the inside! Isn’t this plaid pattern on the inside awesome? Look at the seams! This pea coat is perfect for the end of the winter. It provide good insulation with the high quality 70% wool fabric. The 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, and 5% acrylic serve to avoid loosing the shape. Great concept. The weight of the fabric is 900 g/m (9.7 oz/ft). Thus, the jacket feels light on your shoulders. Jeans have about 9 oz/ft.


blogger showing the pea coat buttoned-up
Burgundy pea coat c/o London Tradition over own London BF jeans with Steve Madden loafers



What I Love About This Pea Coat

I love the short and sleek, fitted cut of this sailing version of the pea coat. It gives a feminine shape. The cuff tabs nicely reference to its navy/marine heritage. The pockets are made with actually putting your hands in in mind (see first photo).


Customized Sizing to Your Measures

The sizing is in UK and EU sizes. However, don’t let that scare you away. They have a help and support desk who can help you to transfer the sizing to US sizes or what ever size you need. They also do customized sizes! I really like that for them size is just a number, and fit matters.


40+ woman wearing a classic British jacket with leather pants
Pea coat c/o London tradition styled with own leather pants, Jeanne Pierre striped sweater, scarf, H belt, beret and Burberry bag


Styling the London Tradition Pea Coat

The London Tradition Lisa Welt pea coat is posh, casual, and edgy all at the same time. It can be styled many different ways as I demonstrate here. In the first outfit of this post, the pea coat was styled casual with boyfriend jeans for having tea (or coffee) on the weekend.

The second styling suggestions pairs this traditional jacket with leather pants for an urban Rock’n Roll inspired look.


London Tradition classic British style jacket with tweed skirt
Classic British style jacket c/o London Tradition with own Pavlovo Russian scarf, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, GNW tight, Vince Camuto boots worn as booties and Philip Lim 3.1 tote


The photo above features the London Tradition jacket with a straight tweed skirt and Russian scarf. The perfect outerwear, when you have to meet customers outside or have to go to lunch with clients.

The look in the photo below features this classic jacket with a full leather skirt and a green beret plus lace-up booties for an edgy, fun end of winter look.


stylist in reviewed coat with playful leather skirt
Jacket c/o London Tradition styled with own Oliveo full leather skirt, GNW tight, HH lace-up booties, Sak bag, green beret and LeatherCoatsEtc gloves



Price-Performance Ratio

The classic cut and high quality craftsmanship make this London Tradition wool jacket an evergreen in your closet for years to come. I expect that I wear it throughout the end of the winter and the chilly days of spring – there are still 6-8 weeks to go for the former when you live north of 50 N latitude. I anticipate to wear it again as early as the first chilly, foggy days of September. Here in Alaska, November gets the first cold spills with -20F (-29.7oC). Thus, I will wear it for about 6 weeks or so each fall, and about 10 weeks each spring, i.e. 112 times per year.

The jacket costs $375. Thus, the cost-per-wear for one year would be $3.35. However, when you live in a slightly warmer climate than Alaska you will get more wear out of the pea coat per year, and you will be at about less than $1 per wear in less than two cold seasons. For my money this London Tradition pea coat is a winner. Thumbs up! To be honest, I am seriously thinking about ordering their duffle coat in fuchsia. <3


Coming back to my opening question:

London Tradition is in line with London’s traditions.


Read more on the origin and history of the pea coat.

Photos: G. Kramm

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