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Science says that coloring can help to relax your mind and reduce stress. I developed a fashion coloring pages e-book specially for adults who love everything fashion and style. This post describes the product and has the link where to buy it.

  1. My second fashion book
  2. What’s it all about
  3. Coloring has destressing power
  4. Coloring Is an often Overlooked Stress Releaser
  5. What’s in the Fashion Coloring Pages e-book
  6. How to use it
  7. Where to get the Fashion Coloring Pages e-book

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My second fashion book

Today is First Friday at the International Arctic Research Center and Geophysical Institute starting at 1500 Alaska Time. So when you are in town I would love for you to come. I will take this great event as an opportunity to officially launch my new fashion book at the venue. Thus, when you are reading this post early today morning it would be something like T-11 hours and hold if it were a rocket launch. 😉 But my readers can get the book already prior to the official launch at 33% off.

Actually, it’s an e-book. Those of you who have a free subscription for my free bi-weekly High Latitude Style Newsletter have had already an opportunity to take a glimpse at the inside.


#over50fashion Nicole of High Latitude Style in purple and orange office look giving a glimpse thru the door
Front view of office look with Max Mara Weekend orange skirt, purple GNW tight and sweater, Anne Klein floral print scarf picking up the colors of the Harley Davidson booties, skirt and sweater. Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch (all own)

What’s it all about

This new e-book is an adult coloring book featuring outfits my readers loved. Researcher has revealed that coloring has calming benefits. Instinctively, we all knew that. Weren’t we all given a coloring book when we visited granny and the adults wanted their peace to chat? If you have kids, didn’t you use this calming benefit of coloring too to keep your kids occupied whilesitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or at the airport?


example from Nicole Mölders' adult fashion coloring pages e-book
Example of a fashion outfit you can color after printing it from the e-book. Pages can be printed as often as you like.


Why did we forget about the power of coloring books that we used (and enjoyed) in our childhood and as young parents?

Coloring Is an often Overlooked Stress Releaser

It’s all about stress, routine, and the changes related to midlife. In our professional life and/or career, we exchanged the crayons for pens, pencils and highligthers. Work, career, and midlife have brought many responsibilities. Add getting menopause, becoming an empty nester, downsizing the house, finally getting promoted or re-entering the work force, care for elderly parents and other changes related to midlife plus your body starting to complain when exercising, you name it. In other words, midlife is at times very stressful. We feel burned-out. However, the pile of things to be done makes us work even harder and longer to get the job done. We make mistakes, and have to re-do everything.

It’s a vicious circle of stress causing more stress and problems. Being tired and exhausted leads to mistakes and even more stress. While not all these “hurdles” applied to me (thanks goodness) I – like many other women of my age – need to recharge my batteries.


coloring over 50 yrs old woman in crayons inspired work outfit
Back view of work outfit with Max Mara straight skirt, trendy GNW tight and sweater, Harley Davidson footwear (all own)

Coloring has destressing power

I am a big fan of coloring because of its relaxing and beneficial de-stressing power. Coloring generates wellness, quietness. It is also known to stimulate brain areas related to motoric skills, the senses and creativity. Since I consider myself as an average Jane Doe, I am sure many of you have experienced such stressful midlife situations as well. To solve our problem I created a coloring e-book with color pages of fashion. We all love fashion.

style book author Nicole putting up holiday decoration
Max Mara skirt, purple sweater and GNW tights, Harley Davidson ankle heels


What’s in the Fashion Coloring Pages e-book

The book starts out with a brief discussion coloring supplies. Next followes an introduction to color palettes with some inspirations on how to choose them to create certain feelings, vibes or effects. The next section introduces you to various coloring techniques and explains the best practices to create frame-worth pages. After this introductory adult coloring chapter, coloring pages follow that require different degrees of skills. Some have shadows already build in others don’t, more or less small features. The most difficult ones are the barely-there contours that just give the proportions right and permit you to unfold your own creativity.


example of color pencil filled fashion coloring page
Example of a color pencil outfit


How to use it

You can print the outfit coloring pages as often as you like. This means you can look how the same outfit looks in a different color combinations or even frame your work as an Andy Warhole like wall decoration.

#accessories a scarf, half-tuck and bangle up the style
Zoom-in on the half tuck and Anne Klein floral print scarf. The colors of the scarf inspired the combination


Where to get the Fashion Coloring Pages e-book

You can buy my Fashion Coloring Pages e-book for a short time at an introductory 33% off for just $1.99 at the link in my side bar. The price will go up in June. Thus, rush to get your solution to relaxation.

P.S. You can buy my style recipe book How to Dress for Success in Midlife at this link.

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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