Lifestyle includes stories about living at the Last Frontier – aka Focus Alaska. It also covers Alaska insider travel tips, fashion events, best fashion trends for women in midlife, shopping tips, street style, geophysical events and environmental conditions like wildfires, and permafrost, weather, air pollution, and curiosa.

Family, Pets, Home, and Friends

What to Wear and Not to Wear When Live Streaming

How to Inspire Children to Enter STEM Industries

Are Calico Prints Named after Calico Cats?

Adopting Shelter Cats for a Lifetime

Gift Ideas for Stepdads, Grandpas, Father-in-Law, and Your Dad

What’s Next When She Said Yes

The Best Christmas Gift I Got as a Teenager

Buffalo Games Patriotic Puzzle for July 4

Give Your Dad a Buffalo Games Puzzle

Why Washable Incontinence Underwear Is a Better Choice for Older People

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SouthShore Fine Linens’ Grand-Symphony Duvet Cover Set

27 Ideas What You Can Do When You Are Bored

Prudhoe Bay to Buenos Aires with a Jeep and Cat

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas to Look Your Best No Matter of the Plan

What Is It with Me and the Weird Socks Thing?

My Godmother Inspired My Love for Great Tartan

A Peaceful Place at the Arctic Ocean

Moving to Alaska: Scary and Happy Feelings

Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball: What I wore

Launch of High Latitude Style – Alaksa Love

Keeping It Cool – Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

Incorporate Alaskan Aesthetics: Unique Home Décor and Lifestyle Ideas

7 Simple Additions to Your Living Room That Make it Look Attractive for Guests


Focus Alaska


Why Skinnies Are an Alaska Classic

What Do People Wear in Fairbanks Year-Round

Alaska Tradition Christmas Open House

Fairbanks’ New Year’s Fireworks at 8pm AKT (00 EST)

How Alaskans Fight Winter Depressions at 30 Below

Alaskans Have a Weird Relationship with PJs

First Winter Outdoor Party: A Bonfire in the Scary Cold

See What Alaska Life Looks Like in August

Coping with Injury during Lockdown the Alaskan Way

Staying Sane at Home in Interior Alaska

Daylight Saving Time Feels Weird When You Have 84 White Nights

How Alaskans Tell Their Guests Time’s Up

70+ Woman Defeated Car Dealer at Tanana Valley Fair

See the Celebrities of Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars

Alaskans Who Like It, Buy It in All Colors (Style Clone Alert)

What Alaskans Grow in their Yards

See How Traffic Jam Killed my Look of the Day

Great food fails to exclude an awesome look

Reasons to Live in Alaska for a Non-outdoor Gal

See Why 40 Below Was Great for a Bikini Look

See the Challenges of Outfit Photos in the Arctic


Constructions and Infrastructure

Coming to Alaska – What Is a Plugin for a Car

AK Company Offers Stylish Fishing Apparel for Women

Alaska’s front door to the world: Seattle-Tacoma

Recycling the Alaska Way

Bush Grocery Shopping Is a Whole New Experience

Great Facts about Alaska You Need to Know

Why Hydro-Power in Alaska Fails to Keep Electricity Cheap

In the Largest US State, Big Is Hip

See Why Electricity Is So Expensive in Alaska

Why Does Permafrost Destroy Valuable Plugins

Permafrost can cause problems for drink water

See the Winter-Summer Paradox of Seasonal Roads

Weird Ads May Be Not Weird at All


Dealing with (Natural) Hazards

Why Alaskans Get Rain Days, Not Snow Days

An unwritten Alaska law – general support

See There Is No Such Thing like the Climate of Alaska

When a scary 7.1 earthquake kills your sleep

Witnessing the 2002 Alaska 7.9 Earthquake

Why You Fear Wind More than 40 below in the Interior

Why You Can’t Escape Poor Air Quality in Remote Alaska

Fairbanks Melting Season Brings Out the Worst of Winter

Alaska Green-Up Is Like Pushing a Button

Anchorage earthquake – shaken, not stirred

An evening of a summer work day at the Last Frontier

Do You Hate Dressing during a Snowstorm Outage?

When You Get Sick in Alaska You Have at Least Two Problems


Wildlife and the Great Outdoors

In Alaska, You Get Excited by Wildlife in the Driveway

Beautiful Owls Make an Unusual Photobomb

Never get between a moose cow and her baby

Alaska Outdoor Wedding Shoes Upset Tourists

How Dark Days, White Nights Confuse You Big Time



Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Closet – Dream or Nightmare?

R. Riveter Bag Review – a Bag on a Mission

Gifting 100 Years Ago and Today: Simple Guide for Evergreen Gifts

How to Survive COVID-19 Financial Burdens

Why You Can Walk in Heels in the Store, but Nowhere Else

Why is Muskox Wool Fashion So Expensive

Avoid Cold Gaps in Clothing in Winter

What to Expect and Wear at the Potato Festival

What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert to Look Stylish

Festival Map and Festival Outfit Ideas for 50+ at Your Finger Tips

More than 1000 Graduates (Decode Regalia)

What to Expect at Diwali in Fairbanks Alaska

What Is Fairbanks Formal?

Keeping It Cool – Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

4 Key Reasons Why Your Fashion Style Changes As You Age



All U Need To Know About the Alta Moda and Casa Miami Takeover

Wearable Art by Mike Grace

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Is More Than Fashion

Remembering 911 and Early Fall Work Outfit Ideas

What Is Behind the Trend of Black Wedding Dresses?

Show Your Support of the Environment not only on Earth Day

Why Customization Is a Trend in Engagement and Wedding Rings

Why I Regret Purchasing a Dirndl to Wear in America

What Dumpster Divers Focus on at a Transfer Station

101 Reasons Why You Should Wear Heels over 40

Look, You Can Wear High Heels in Winter

International Friendship Day Celebrates Diversity

Fun Reasons for Why Do Women Love Shoes?

Are Linkup Parties Facing the Fate of all Parties?

Does This Car Make Me Look Fat?

Empower women to build strength thru housing

What to Do when Your BFF has the Same Clothes

Sustainable Halloween Outfit Ideas from Your Closet to DIY

4 Experts’ Secrets to Look Fabulous with Gray Hair

Science and Fashion, Does that Go Together?

Alaska Jewelry – (Wo)Men’s Cool Way to Success

See These Beautiful Paper and Metal Gowns

Great Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Changing Lanes at 50 – How to Start Over, Reclaim Life and Peace

5 Scalp Treatments You Can Do from Home

See Results of Vegamour Lash and Brow Serums on Nearly 60 Years Old

Treat Yourself: Fashion, Pamper And Selfcare Essentials To Boost Your Calm

4 Tips that Can Make Going to the Gym Easier

When Grinch Tries to Kill the Christmas Spirit Fight Back

How to Avoid Gaining Weight during the Holidays

Get the Motivation to Dress Your Best Every Day

Happiness Is an Option (Book Review)

You Can Relax with this Scenic Winter Ride in Alaska

9 bloggers Spill their Secrets How to Get Bikini Ready

You Can Feel Great Despite of Menopause

You Are in Control of Your Life, Not Menopause

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Why Freebies Are Scary When You Prepare for Colonoscopy

Going down memory lane, but not too far

What Is Good Enough for You?

Paul Wharton: Pulling It All Together – Review

Win a COLOR and STYLE Makeover

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Snowberry Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP

You don’t need to worry about little waist fluctuations

5 Beauty Bloggers Share Secrets of Makeup Over 40

Skincare Routine for the Alaskan Climate: Tips for Women Over 45

Beauty Rituals from Around the World: Unveiling Global Secrets to Radiant Skin



Dandelions Look Pretty and Taste Even Better

Alaska weeds you can eat

Running Errands for a Rhineland Potato Salad Recipe


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