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Me on a Sunday afternoon at home, brushing our cat. I am wearing a Cool Nigh PJ c/o Soma Intimates. Book c/o Intecoo

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Intecoo. They did not endorse the post. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my 100% honest opinion.


Home Is the Key

Today, I invite you into my home. There is nothing so relaxing than a Sunday afternoon spent with your family. You can run around in PJs all day, cuddle on the coach reading a book after a great lunch, and pet your pet. Dressing and decorating in your personal style makes you and your place happy and comfortable feeling at home. But what about those who don’t have a place to stay?

Every April, Habitat for Humanity has a national cause campaign called Home is the Key. It serves to  create affordable housing.

Did you know that stability and the security of home-ownership of the parents increase the chances of a kid to graduate not only from high school, but also from college? Why should you care? Today’s kids can be the scientists, doctors,  oncologists, pilots, nurses, engineers, teachers, veterinarian, web experts, etc. of the future.  We will need them one day, as much as they may need us today.


woman in PJs at home with cat and book
Me at home on the coach in a Cool Night pajama top and pants c/o Soma Intimates with  The Awaked Woman, book by Dr. Tererai Trent c/o Intecoo, and our cat Celestina T. Qu



Home is the Key calls to help thru financial support and volunteering to help families achieve the strength, stability, to build better lives for themselves and their children, which consequently leads to a healthier society.


midlife woman in PJs brushing a cat while sitting on a coach
Me at home, brushing our cat. I am wearing a Cool Night Pajama top and bottom c/o Soma Intimates. Book c/o Intecoo


Chico’s Is Helping to Make a Difference

As a woman interested in fashion, you certainly know Chico’s. They are well-known for their great clothing that are designed for women our age.


Soma cool night sleepwear
Cool Night sleepwear c/o Soma Intimates, shearling slides



When you are a fan of their lines you probably like to hear that Chico’s supports Habitat’s Home is the Key campaign since 2001. Thru financial contributions, they built 41 homes in Florida where the company is located. This year, they sponsor Habitat’s Women Build program.


What Is the Women Build program?

The program will empower 40 000 women nationwide to learn construction and leadership skills, while helping other women with decent, affordable housing. Women supporting women! How great is that?

But think about it once more for a moment. It also means women learning the job they want to support themselves; these women will learn a job that women traditionally always were discouraged to learn, even when they wanted to. This campaign helps women to fulfill their dream of getting into the business/career they want! It also fulfills low-income women to fulfill their dream of having their own home!


woman in a shopping mall in work outfit
Me at the Teddy Bear Plaza Mall in a slub tee c/o Chico’s, stretch ankle pants c/o White House Black Market, own statement necklace, second hand black pumps, consigned Dooney Brouke bag, and best girl friends bracelet c/o Chico’s



Why Am I so Excited about the Women Build Program?

My dream was to be a meteorologist. Meteorology is traditionally a male field. When I was a young women many people around me and even family members discouraged me from studying meteorology! When I went to college, there were no female role models. All professors and all, but one, teaching assistants were male. I was excluded from doing the actual field experiment work except for doing the logistics.  Back in the 80s, women weren’t allowed to go to Antarctica! All these discrimination made it harder to pursue my dream. I love that these women can learn constructions in a cohort of women. More on what it meant to study meteorology in the 80s as a woman.



woman shopping in a mall after work
High waist stretch ankle pants c/o White House Black Market, teal  tee c/o Chico’s, best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s own second hand pumps, consigned Dooney and Brouke bag, own Hermes collier de chien bangle, and statement necklace


Women Support Women

I did not hesitate a moment when I was asked to help to get the word out about the Home is the Key campaign. I strongly believe that education helps to better the lives of all members of a society, not only those who get the education. In my opinion, women should become constructors when they want to. Furthermore, kids need stability of a secure home to develop to confident adults. I well remember how my parents struggled to build a home. Having lived in a state where 50% of the income goes towards rent I know myself that affordable housing is key to thrive as a person, and family. I believe that women should support women. Having lived in different countries of the world, I know that there is no place like home. And I am so happy to be able to call College, Alaska my home.


How You Can Help Too

Now thru May 31st, you can make a difference and empower other women by making a donation to Habitat for Humanity at your local Chico’s, White House Black Market, and/or Soma Boutique nationwide when you are at the mall. You can donate online at Habitat for Humanity.


midlife woman walking in career clothes thru a mall
Side view of career look with tee c/o Chico’s, comfy stretch ankle pants c/o White House Black Market, consigned Dooney and Brouke tote, second hand pumps, and best girlfriends bracelet c/o Chico’s


“But I need new clothes for my new job!” Don’t worry. You can buy the clothes you need for your career and help nevertheless. Chico’s, White House Black Market, and Soma Boutique donate a portion of their sales at each location to Habitat. Every sale of the basic essential tees (see photo above) will support the campaign. At White House Black Market every sale of their comfort stretch ankle pants contributes to the campaign. At Soma Intimates, each separate Cool Night Pajama (see first photos and featured photo of this post) sold will support Habitat for Humanity’s Home is the Key campaign.


Further Options to Help While Getting What You Need

No Chico’s, White House Black Market, and Soma Boutique in your mall, vicinity or state? What about At Home Stores? They sell special patio umbrellas and coasters to give back to Habitat.


Hint: Coasters make a nice Mother’s Day gift. O’Cedar donates $1 for every ProMist Max Spray Mop sold. Didn’t your mom want one?


Kum & Go Convenience Stores donate 10 cents to Habitat for Humanity per specially marked water bottle sold. Customers also have the opportunity to donate at checkout. Wasn’t your New Year’s Resolution to drink more water? Double dip by doing something for your health and a good cause. You have to drink water anyhow, why not the one that helps a good cause?

Nissan will donate $1 every time #HomeIsTheKey is shared on social media.

Schneider Electric has an 18 year collaboration for fundraising with Habitat and raises funds thru social media campaign. Keep an eye out so you can help there too!

Thank you very much for supporting me supporting women.


Photos: G. Kramm

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