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Vince leather joggers styled for the office with a blazer and pumps
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Last week I talked about the Inaugural Ball, and promised to give an explanation for the motto. Here it is.

The election was quite interesting and to a certain degree – a typical Alaska thing. Many people were unhappy with the former Governor and wanted change. The Republican candidate and the Democrat candidate running against the Republican governor seemed to have little chance to get the office. Since they are good friends, Walker gave up his party and Mallott gave up his candidacy for the office, to run as a team for the Governor and Lt. Governor. Well, together they became a winning team.

The morale of this? Sometimes you get farther by giving up something. Or you win when you work together instead of against each other.

Why is this so Alaskan?

Statistically, every Alaskan gets into the ditch at least once a year. The next car stops – no matter how big its size is compared to the size of the car in the ditch. When the car in the ditch is larger than the car that stopped, the driver helps in preparing to pull the car out, i.e. digging a path. The next driver who has a car big enough to pull the car out of the ditch, stops to do so. This way nobody freezes to death, looses much time, and money. It is just an unwritten law: Support each other! Tweet this. Thus, everybody has a shovel, a box of sand, blankets, and a tow in their car.

Speaking of support: Today my friend Sylvia at 40+ Style starts her 21 Steps to a More Stylish You course. You can still sign up.

 Casual office look with leather joggers and blazer
Vince leather joggers with blazer and wool cashmere sweater and pumps for a casual, but polished office look
accessories and jewelry
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