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The holiday season is just around the corner. It will be different for many of us than in years past because of the pandemic. But nevertheless, we want to show our love to our family members who can’t join for the celebration. A great way is to give personalized jewelry like an oNecklace charm bangle gift. In this review post, I provide ideas for making this gift even more special.

  1. What made me want to try this bangle?
  2. Your fantasy is the limit
  3. Charms are easy to add
  4. What I like about oNecklace personalized jewelry?
  5. Price-performance ratio
  6. A perfect gift for the female family member and you bff
  7. Summary of the oNecklace Charm Bangle Gift

Disclosure: Ad. The bangle is a sample of my choice from oNecklace. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

What made me want to try this bangle?

I was looking for gift ideas for my gift guide when I saw this charm bangle with engraved circle, rectangle and birthstone at oNecklace. It caught my eyes because it’s a modern version of the charm bracelet. You know those bracelets you can add charms that remind you of places you have been, accomplishments like graduation or dear loved ones. I liked the idea that it could be a gift that is the start to a great charm collection. Even if there – by accident – someone starts out with a bangle with identical initial charms – although very unlikely – it becomes a very unique piece over time. It will become a signature piece of the wearer.

There is something cool, exciting, inspiring and interesting about a unique signature piece.

oNecklace disk, bar and birthstone charm bangle on the wrist
Zoom-in on the bangle on the wrist to illustrate the size of the charms



Your Fantasy Is the Limit

The bangle has a disk, bar and stone charm as a starter. You can chose from the 12 birthstones. Yours, that of the person receiving the gift, the person’s favorite color, the color of the person’s favorite team, … . I picked the blue sapphire because it’s the brand color of my blog. Now what to engrave on the disk and bar. Typical ideas are birthdays, wedding date, graduation date, names or Mom, Grandma, niece, love, forever.

But you can go far beyond the usual.

I asked for blogger and scientist. It describes who I am. Other ideas are a city you visited together, the city the receiver of the gift was born in, latitude on one of the charms and longitude on the other of the persons birth or fav place, where you live, … .


zoom on oNecklace bangle bar and disk engravement blogger and scientist
Zoom-in on the charms to show the nice engravement on the disk and bar as well as the beautiful color and reflectivity of the sapphire birthstone


Charms Are Easy to Add

Recall the hassle of adding charms to your charm bracelet when you were a kid and got a new one while on vacation? You had to wait until coming back home so Dad had the tools to add it. This bangle is easy to open – but the closure is tight enough not to open all by itself. So the future owner – your daugther(s), daughter(s)-in-law, niece(s), granddaughter(s), you name it, can easily add new charms right away after purchuasing them.

How great is that?

illustration on how to add new charms
Upper part: Putting a hanger into the closing loop. Then flip it around and push it underneath the closure. Lower part: All done.



What I Like about oNecklace Personalized Jewelry?

I have several pieces from this brand, for instance, letter dangling ear studs. All of them are personalized. All of my engraved pieces from them have the same great quality engravements and are nicely crafted from Sterling silver. Ordering the engravement is easy as there is an easy to use menue that asks for all information required. It’s made with the particular piece in mind. The menue gives the maximum number of letters that can go on the particular item. This information effectively ensures that the proportions of the font to the personalized piece are right. Thus, you wouldn’t end up with a font that can only be read under an electron microscope. ; )

Getting the proportions right is a pre-requiste for great style. #timelessstyle Click To Tweet

Did I mention that the item come in a beautiful gift box with an elegant gift-bag (see first photo in this post)? Love that! Who needs the wrapping hassle anyway?


Price-Performance Ratio

All their pieces are affordable and the engraving is at no extra cost. Not like in engravement booths where you pay by letter. The bangle with bar, disk and birthstone including engraving, for instance, costs just $46.95. So why just ordering them for your daughter(s), grand daugther(s), niece(s) and bff? It would look great on you too.

Well, jewelry is for a lifetime.

This means the cost-per-wear of this signature piece will be in the fraction of cents after a while. A great deal! A great gift!


stylist with oNecklace charm bangle gift, plaid scarf and plaid pleated skirt, cashmere sweater

over 50 years old influencer in blue winter outfit with red-white-blue plaid and oNecklace jewelry

style influence with Sterling silver jewelry in sweater, plaid scarf and skirt, tall boots blue winter look
Outfit details: Unbranded scarf, Pendelton pleated wool plaid midi skirt, GNW cashmere merino wool sweater (dyed blue), Hermes collier de chien cuff, Gucci belt, L.K. Bennett suede boot, Akoya perl necklaces and diamond studs (all own), disk, bar, birthstone bangle c/o oNecklace



A Perfect Gift for the Female Family Member and Your bff

Which woman would not love to have a very unique personal piece of jewelry? Therefore, this bangle (and the other personalized piece) from oNecklace are a great holiday gift idea for daughter(s), daugther(s)-in-law, grand daughter(s), nieces, female cousins, your best female friend, and … . In short, for all women on your gift list.

Instead of a bar and disk, you can also order the bangle with initials of your choice, heart and birthstone for $44.95 or with two children and birthstones for $44.95, among other neat combinations oNecklace’s online store.

Based on my great experiences with my orders and pieces from them, I can highly recommend their products as gifts for you and your loved ones.


Summary of the oNecklace Charm Bangle Gift

oNecklace personalized Sterling silver jewelry is engraved at no extra cost, timeless and makes a great, thoughtful holiday gift at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Browse their collection now for the best gifts ever.

I just got a great, affordable, personal and unique gift idea that works for all the women on my holiday gift list. #genius #oNecklace Click To Tweet


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