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When you wonder how it looks like in Interior Alaska in winter, watch this scenic drive from Fairbanks to College.

  1. Fairbanks West to East
  2. Fairbanks to College
  3. A scenic winter drive

Fairbanks West to East

In the mid of winter, many Fairbanksans living in East Fairbanks don’t like to drive to West Fairbanks and vice versa. This drive is only ten minutes when the roads are free, i.e. outside of rush hour. Rush hour in Fairbanks is defined as “there are more than two cars in front of you at the traffic light.”

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Fairbanks to College

College is a community close to Fairbanks. Around the time of founding of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, College was a 6 mile ride with the train. Today the train doesn’t stop any more in College except on lower campus for the coal trains carrying Usibelli coal from Healy for the UAF powerplant.

Thus, to get from Fairbanks to College or Alaska’s first university you either have to take the bus, ride your bike, walk or drive or have a lift.

A scenic winter drive

In January, the skies are pink in Alaska when the Sun is up. The pink light turns the entire landscape into a kitschy pastel scenery. Now imagine a 30 below zero (-34.4oC) morning just after sunrise, a winding river, hills in the background, hoar-covered trees and dark black spruce plus icy roads and a full Moon in the sky. Sounds romantic? Sounds scary?


Alaskan fashion blogger opening the door of a Jeep
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Don’t worry. Hop in this warm Jeep and enjoy the ride. I’ll drive. While I warm up the car, you can like or follow me on YouTube.



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Video and editing: N. Mölders

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    It’s not a bad trip at all, Nicole!! Those trees and that pink sky is a real delight!! Thank you for sharing!!
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