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  1. Gray or not gray is not the question
  2. Hair color is a style and/or beauty choice, not default
  3. Maintenance is key for all hair colors
    • When you like gray hair, and it works for your style, go for it
  4. Expert tips to look your age or younger with gray hair

Gray or not gray is not the question

It’s coming up perennially in the heat of summer aka hard time for news. The debate about when a woman should go gray and/or if a mature woman should go gray goes on and on in this youth obsessed world. You read controversy recommendations depending on what kind of journals you read as if the answer is an absolute and not about how we feel that we look our best.

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Hair color is a style and/or beauty choice, not default

I wrote a post about this gray hair discussion a while ago when the debate again was hot like fire. Back then I saw a high school gal donning beautiful long gray hair. I am a strong believer that gray hair – like any hair color, for instance, red hair, is not a default, but a personal style choice.

gray hair experts' secrets for great gray hair

Maintenance is key for all hair colors

At a certain age, dyed hair is obviously dyed. Who cares, as long as it is kept up well? My over 85 year old girlfriend dyes her hair hazelnut brown. This color is her statement and works as she makes sure you never see the roots.

When you like gray hair, and it works for your style, go for it

Every woman has experimented some time after middle school with her hair color, i.e. changed the natural color to have fun, because she did not like her color, because she wanted to change her type, or for whatever reasons. Some women even dyed their hair since 7th grade. Thus, why should a woman stop dyeing when the hair goes gray?

Besides dyeing the hair back to the natural color, she can make gray hair a statement. Of course, making gray hair a signature style requires some “know how” to not look ten years older than you are.

Expert tips to look your age or younger with gray hair

I asked four fashion and beauty bloggers who look young and hip and incredibly stylish with gray hair

What is your most important advice/secret how to look awesome, young and hip with gray hair in midlife and beyond?

I was lucky that they were willing to share their secrets on having beautiful gray hair with my readers. Thank you gals!

style blogger with beautiful gray hair
Kristin Bucholz, blogger at Highland Fashionista, lets them grow naturally. Photo courtesy to her


Really, looking good with grey hair is no different than looking good with any other color of hair – it is all down to your personal style and the confidence and commitment that you put into your look. Personally, I have found that as may hair gets more and more silver, I have to make sure that I have my brows neat and defined, and that my skin looks clear and has a bit of a glow. Not always easy when I have been up all night on a flight or working the night shift at the hospital, but that’s what BB cream is for.

Grey hair is a different animal on everyone, but it generally tends to be drier and coarser than your pre-grey hair. It needs a TON of moisture, and reflects the light a lot better if you keep it one length, or perhaps if it is layered, the layers are kept on the longer side. Personally, I have always been a wash and go girl – I still am, so I struggle with making sure that I have actually styled my hair before leaving the house. Seriously, for a fashion blogger I am the WORST when it comes to styling my hair. I hardly ever use a blow-dryer and my heat styling tools are basically dust catchers. When you see me on the blog, more often than not, what you cannot see is that I have probably just brushed-out two workouts worth of dirt in my hair and put some anti frizz on it just to get it looking okay for the photo. I have quite wavy big hair naturally, and if I don’t do at least something, I’ll look a bit… unhinged…a bit crazy cat lady-esque. One of my go-to tricks is to wash it and then put a leave in conditioner in it. Then I’ll tie it in a loose knot at the top of my head with one of those really unfashionable but soft scrunchies and let it dry like that. That way, when I take it down, it may be still slightly damp so I can work with it, and my wild, wavy hair is somewhat tempered, but still has a bit of body to it – a bit of a natural bend without looking too “done”.

Really, it’s all about finding what works and sticking with it. For me, what works is being pretty gosh darn lazy about it.

beauty blogger looking young and modern with gray hair
Glenda Harrison, author, blogger at So What to Twenty, donning great gray natural hair in a very modern pixie. Photos courtesy to her


I always joke with people when they make mention of gray hair. I like to say my hair is silver. There is a song by poet and songwriter, India Arie, that states, “I am not my hair, I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within.” Her words are so spot on as to how I feel. Yes, my hair is a part of me, but it isn’t what makes me. Several years ago I went on an amazing soul searching journey and transformation. It was during this time I decided I wanted to be real. Real to me meant representing myself in my purist form. In my opinion, my hair matches who I am perfectly. I am 50, vivacious, free-spirited, artsy, and loving life. My hair is in its most natural form…the way I’m living my life. The color of my hair isn’t what gives me youthful vitality…it’s my heart, mind and soul.

silver lady midlife style blogger looking posh with silver hair
Jacqueline, blogger at Petite Silver Vixen has silver hair growing naturally curly that looks beautiful like angel hair. Photo courtesy to her


I stopped coloring my hair over 2 years ago; I got fed up of the expense of having it done every few months. I wasn’t worried how I looked growing it out as back then the grey was sprinkled about my hair rather like a salt and pepper effect. However, since grey hair can look a little drier than non grey, I make sure I do a weekly moisturizing treatment with an organic ‘vitamin hair masque’ that contains jojoba and avocado oils. As my hair gets grayer, my weekly treatment helps to keep it looking healthy and soft. It also reduces frizz.

As well as nourishing my hair from the outside, it’s also important to nourish it from the inside. I try to have a healthy diet that includes hair friendly vitamins, minerals and oils such as Vitamin B12, omega 3 and folic acid. As you age your hair can become brittle, so you want to keep it as strong and healthy as possible.

midlife fitness and health blogger with chic gray streaks
Shellie Bowdoin, blogger at The Fabulous Journey, adds white streaks strategically. Photo courtesy to her


I have always had pitch black hair. I knew I wanted to move away from all-black as I aged to soften my features; however, I didn’t want to go lighter, red or blond. So instead, I decided to play up a section of my hair that grows naturally lighter at the temple, then I continue to color the rest of my hair black. The white streaks add softness, but still lend an edgy vibe. This style will allow me to easily add more white streaks as my gray hair grows more prominent in years to come.

I find that my gray hair is a different texture and needs more TLC. I use Bio Silk serum on just the white pieces to smooth them and I have started using a flat iron on just that section to tame any wild hairs.

When you like these beauty and style experts’ secrets, spread them among your girlfriends. What is more fun than that?

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