The festival season is up and running. Many of us 40+ or 50+ loved going to outdoor concerts when we were in our twenties. Many of us stopped going when kids or career shifted priorities on available time. There are just 24 hours in a day. Unfortunately, one cannot add the night to have more time. 😉

best music festival for over 50

When you are ready to go to festivals again

When you lust to take up your former tradition to go to festivals, not knowing where, what, when is no excuse at all, when you live in Great Britain.

map of #festivalsforover50

Sun Life, who sponsored this post, created an awesome festival map (see first screenshot in this post). It provides information on where, when, which kind of festival takes place. In addition, it provides information on the costs, food, drinks, and cultural events all over the UK.

They have compiled this map with keeping in mind what a 50+ audience enjoys. Thus, you don’t end up being misplaced between 20 somethings in short shorts with cropped tanks and sandals or loud music and pop songs you’ve never heard of. Instead, the map will guide you to festivals that flash back to music you enjoy. All information about each of these festivals is just a simply click on a pin (see for example the second screenshot in this post).

It’s a festival, not Halloween

Here are some suggestions what to wear at 50+ festivals. One thing remained a constant since we were in our twenties. Festivals are still to a certain degree an everything goes fashion wise. When you used to take a fashion risk, go for it, but err along your style to avoid going over board. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the individual pieces all scream 21st century and not 70s or 60s. It is a festival, not a disguise party after all. 😉

Dress with the local weather forecast in mind

Check the weather forecast to know whether to dress for rain or sun. Rain with temperatures below 70F (20oC) calls for wellies or rain booties. Above this threshold, you are better off with flip flops. Sun shine calls for canvas sneakers, flat strappy sandals, ballet flats, flat gladiators, or flat booties. No matter what foot-gear, make sure your footgear goes well with the vibe of your outfit.

Protection is a must

Pick a hat in the vibe of your outfit to up your look style-wise and to keep the sun out of your face (wrinkle and age-spot alert!). Sun cream is a must also on gray days or in the shade. There is still enough diffuse radiation to get a sunburn. Tweet about this.

#fashionover50 festival outfit with leather shorts for midlife women
Oliveo leather shorts and Vintage Silk Hawaiian shirt (all own) make for an ageless festival outfit

Don’t forget to have an extra layer for chilly evenings handy. A button-down shirt or denim jacket can be tied around the waist or neck during the day.

Reduce the risks

Recall loose knits or crochet items can get stuck in the chains of the person dancing/standing next to you. So go for tight knits or other fabrics.

Have your i-phone handy as the 50+ festival map links to google map (see first two screenshots in this post). Thus, you can easily find your directions.

Cross-body mini-bag or a belt bag are save options with respect to theft, low risk of getting bruises, and harming other people. They just don’t jump up and down like large bags do. Remember, as we age our skin gets thinner and more receptive for bruises.

Great outfits for 50+ festival attendees

Even when a romper, sandals, statement necklace and a hat, or cutoffs with tank/T-shirt, fanny pack, sweatband and gladiator sandals were your go-to in your Twenties, kiss them good-bye. You evolved as a person over the years and achieved goals and gathered a lot of life experiences. Show off that you became so much richer in knowledge than back then by going for something more sophisticated. What about a Bohemian- or punk-inspired style?

#fashionover40 chic Bohemian festival outfit trends for women in midlife
Indian silk long tunic with hand painted gold embellishment, Indian belt, Loft boot cut dark wash jeans, ducks (all own) and haftee c/o Halftee make for a sophisticated festival outfit

Harems pants with a cotton top, pendant necklace and metallic thong sandals look cool at any age. What about leather pants with a concert T-shirt, and denim jacket or vest plus flat booties or sneakers? Or make this a jeans and a leather jacket.

Chica dress, Dolce and Gabanna Madonna sunglasses (all own)

Dark floral and colorful ethnic print dresses work well with strappy sandals and wellies alike. Plaid or lightweight denim shirts are perfect with jeans and all the aforementioned foot gear.

I wish there were a festival map for people over 50 like this for Alaska. 😉

Where do you get your information on festivals worth going to? When you live in the UK, did you know about this awesome 50+ festival map? If so, have you already used it? What kind of festivals do you go to and what do you wear?

When you like the idea of this 50+ festival map spread the word by tweeting them to have a look at this 50+ festival map.

#fashionover40 #festivalfashion posh casual outfit for a festival
The Limited polo shirt with London boyfriend jeans, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Constance bag, Keds, and sunglasses c/o ShopGlasses make for a comfy festival look

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Photos: G. Kramm

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sun Life. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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