How I style Persian pickles to look modern

Any traditional national pattern may be tricky to incorporate into a work outfit. One of the nicest pattern of Indian/Persian origin in my opinion is paisley. Paisley is often also called “Persian Pickles.” Its a droplet-shaped vegetable motif is very interesting as it seems to repeat the pattern in itself over and over again like the Mandelbrot set.

fashionover40  red, white and blue work outfit
Red-white and blue work outfit. GNW cardigan with Persian pickles print, Oliveo denim skirt, Constance bag, BP sandals and August silk top (all own)

The Mandelbrot set images rely on sampling complex numbers. The complex quadratic polynomial z(n+1)=z(n)*z(n)+c is iterated. Here c is a complex number of the Mandelbrot set if, when starting with z(0)=0 and repeating the iteration n+1 times the absolute value of z(n) stays bounded even if n gets large. For instance, for c=2 you get 0, 2, 6, 38, 1446, 2090918, etc. which runs to infinity, i.e. is not bounded and does not deliver a Mandelbrot image. If you take c=-1 you get 0, -1,  0, -1, etc., i.e. a Mandelbrot image. These Mandelbrot images display elaborated boundaries that show progressively smaller and smaller repeating detail as one zooms in. The “style” of the repeated detail depends on where you look like with paisley to a certain degree.

fashion over 40 Casual work outfit
Red silk top with paisley GNW cardigan, BP espadrilles, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Dolce and Gabbana Madonna sunglasses and Constance bag (all own)

The British really showed how to integrate them into the western culture with their paisley ties or vests. I integrate a paisley cardigan into a semi-casual work outfit by adding a black straight skirt and a silk short sleeve knit silk top. Recall it is sort of chilly on gray days in Fairbanks summer. Temperatures then remain in the lower 60s (15.5-17oC).

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Photos by G. Kramm

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