Trying to stay warm, but look “summery”

Today just an outfit post, may be a bit unusual because the weather has gotten bad. After a long time of warm to hot weather, the temperatures dropped to 53F (~12oC) today and the humidity increased. There was some urgently needed rain yesterday. However, whenever it is humid and not particularly warm, it feels sort of creepy. Moreover, there is some wind which chills even more.

It feels already like Fairbanks typically feels in August. In August, we typically have a lot of rain and often temperature of this order of magnitude. I am not ready yet to give up on summer. Thus, I am wearing a cardigan as sweater (it is dressier than a long sleeve T-shirt) and a red suede skirt to look a bit “summery”. I still refuse to wear tights or pantyhose, but I have to make sure not to stay outside too long to not get goose bumps.

I still have many ideas for summer outfits. Thus, I hope the summer will last just a little bit longer to try these ideas out this year and not to have to postpone them to the next.

#fashionover40 woman in patriotic look
GNW paisley cardigan worn as top with G-III suede skirt, Apostrophy Mary Janes, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and Chanel belt (all own)

Is it already getting colder where you live? What do you do to look “summery” when it is not so summery outside? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photo by G. Kramm (2013)

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