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Sanchez tall boots, LeatherCoatEtc beret, Goat coat, vegan bag c/o JORD

In this post, I reveal my trick to only buy what I really want during cyberweek.

  1. Black Friday musings
  2. Road conditions and COVID-19 are a good excuse to not hit the mall
  3. Walk the cyber mall without your “check out finger”
  4. Only buy when the item still is on your mind on Cyber Monday
  5. What’s in my chart/basket right now?

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Black Friday musings

May be it is the Alaska weather or I am more a Cyber Week gal, but I never set the alarm clock to wait hours in line for the start of Black Friday. Maybe it’s also about avoiding the stress of being in a big crowd. Yes, I am on a fashion budget like most women are. However, I have a trick to stay within my budget on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Road conditions and COVID-19 are a good excuse to not hit the mall

Of course, it is convenient that Black Friday is a university holiday. So I could go. But in about 1.5 foot of snow and with non-plowed roads, the words Sale 50% off are blown in the wind despite there is none. Well, I don’t know about you, but shopping with a mask is just half the fun.

Walk the cyber mall without your “check out finger”

Instead I make a virtual walk thru the cyber mall wearing gray camouflage men’s PJ pants, a long sleeve black T-shirt and an Alaska style Buffalo plaid jacket while sipping a French roast coffee brewed by my hubby. <3 Not only is the coffee better, as long as I don’t hit checkout I can fill my basket til I drop. Another advantage, I stay warm, and don’t have to schlep the bags. Doing so is what I call having fun with fashion over 50 without regret. 😉

post log showing a woman cybershopping at her laptop

Only buy when the item still is on your mind on Cyber Monday

What happens with these great finds? I keep them in the basket or chart. Whatever they name it. If I still can’t stop thinking about an item, on Cyber Monday they will find a place in my closet to make a nice work outfit like in the photos of today’s post or just for having fun with fashion. 😉 I love virtually browsing the stores. When you are a regular reader, you know that I often do insomiac online shopping without checking out right away. In other words,

I virtually stuff my bag on Black Friday, but without checking before Cyber Monday.

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over 50 years old woman in blue knit dress sitting on a stool at a lunch place

details of the belt

lifestyle blogger at a mall lunch place
Outfit details: Fürstenberg midi knit dress, Sanchez tall riding boots, DIY statement belt

What’s in my chart/basket right now?

A great wardrobe is about editing and curating. Take a look at what’s in my bags , baskets, and/or charts.

asos striped black knit dress
ASOs black striped knit dress $56

Check my gift guide for promo codes and the post at this link for on how you can save when shopping.

Did you hit the mall early on Black Friday? What do you look for? Or are you more a Cyber Monday shopper? What are your criteria to buy a piece and not “over-shop”? I am curious.

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