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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Like each year, the question is what to wear for Valentine’s Day. It seemed so easy to dress for the day of love back then in our 20s. A mini skirt, big cleavage, and we were done. We were young, our skin glowed. Bacck then we could have worn a potato sack, we would have felt sexy and hot. Over 50, we are still young, sexy and hot. However, we don’t need a mini skirt and big cleavage to show it off. We have learned that a little teaser is so much more than putting everything on display just up front. Read how to look sexy for a Valentine’s date the sophisticated way.

  1. Enhance Your Shape When needed
  2. Show Skin Strategically
  3. Be Aware: Red Adds Weight
  4. How to Look Slim
  5. Shoes Make or Break Your Look
  6. Dress with the Weather, Place, and Commute in Mind
  7. Top of the World Style Linkup Party No. 343


Showcase Your Best Feature on Valentine’s Day

To look sexy for a Valentine’s date aim at an effortless look that makes you feel comfortable, secure, attractive, beautiful, sexy, and gives you confidence. On important step to look attractive and sexy for a Valentine’s date over 50 is to know your best features and flattering shades or red. Make one of your best features the statement of your outfit.

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Enhance Your Shape When Needed

A tailored dress can enhance shape or give the illusion of shape. Strapless dresses are great for an hourglass-shape when you go to the opera. A swing or empire dress hides a non-existing waist and looks awesome on women with an apple-shape. A-line dresses and fit-and-flare dresses can add the illusion of hips on inverted triangle body shapes. Straight-up-and-down bodies can gain shape with a tailored sheath. V-necks and vertical lines like princess seams give the illusion of height and have a slimming effect.

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Show Skin Strategically

To look sexy for a Valentine’s date go for a little teaser with skin. This feature can be your collar bone, your underarms, neck, whatever seems best. Use your jewelry to highlight your best features.

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floral belt buckle
Zoom-in on outfit details


over 50 years old woman in Valentine's Day outfit in red and burgundy
Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, T-shirt, wool beret, Dior neckerchief, garnet statement necklace and earrings, smoky quartz statement belt, Manolo Blahnik booties, lace socks, and Aeropostale colored skinnies. This colored jeans look features the collar bone and the legs. Such an outfit looks more sophisticated and sexy than a mini stagetthi strap cocktail dress, because the latter would be interpreted as being desperate when worn by anyone over 30. Why? When being young you are forgiven not know better (yet).


Be Aware: Red Adds Weight!

When in doubt, wear red. — Bill Blass #fashionquote #Vday Click To Tweet

Really? Red is one of the colors that can give the illusion of carrying more weight than you really do. Go for a muted red or dark red when you feel you cannot afford to look heavier than you are. And of course, go for a flattering shade of red from your palette when you wear red. You can even wear red when you are a redhead.

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fashion blogger in monochromatic red Valentine's Day outfit
Back view of monochromatic all red outfit for valentine’s Day


#advancedstyle mature woman in monochromatic red Valentine's Day outfit suitable for dinner at a casual restaurant
G-III suede skirt, GNW tight, Manolo Blahnik booties, Kieselstein Cord belt, statement buckle, GNW cardigan worn as top, Moda International (dyed) cardigan, Jord bamboo watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and hand-painted artisan made scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta. This look again features the collar bone, and the legs. The belt provides shape and defines the waist.


Did you know that monochromatic looks give the illusion of being taller than you actually are? Use this to your advantage. You can find other fashion-forward looks that communicate a red monochromatic vibe suitable for a casual Valentine’s dinner at the link.


How to Look Slim

Traditionally, or let’s rephrase this, since the last century, women wear red on Valentine’s Day. Of course,

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But that’s not your only option. Use the slimming effect of black with a floral dress with a black background and a print with shades of red and red accessories.


fashion blogger with jewelry
Zoom-in on outfit details


style book author in fall outfit in red, pink, white, gray and black
Outfit details: Moda International silk cashmere cardigan dyed red, puma statement belt, my triangle studs, necklace gift from my mom, GNW tights, Manolo Blahnik booties, and sheath c/o Fashom. This look features the collar bone and the waist. The black and vertical lines created by the layering give the illusion of height and looking slim.


Another trick is to wear a dress with vertical seams or to create vertical lines by layering. The vertical lines let the eye more up and down. They give the illusion of height. A high heel also let’s you look slimmer than you are.


Shoes Make or Break a Look

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. — Christian Louboutin #fashionquote Click To Tweet

Wear heels that you can walk in with grace and comfortably to look fit and hip. A chic wedge heel or sturdy heel – thanks goodness they are a big trend right now – is much easier to walk in than a stiletto. A wedge or sturdy heel looks self-confident, but still sexy when it has a deep vamp.

A heel you can walk on is more sexy than a sky-high stiletto on which you wobble. #shoelove Click To Tweet


When you like these dressing tips, you may also want to  buy my style recipe book to have recipes for what to wear when for all kind of dressing situations in modern midlife.



Dress with the Weather, Place, and Commute in Mind

On a Valentine’s date over 50, you want to look attractive and sexy without going over board. You always will look your best when you don’t sweat or feel cold. Therefore, when you pick your outfit, keep in mind the dress code of the place you will go to. Have a cover-up when wearing a cocktail dress. Goose bumps are never in style and look even stupid on every woman over 20.

When bare legs with leg make-up are too cold, wear nude fishnets – so sexy. Black sheer tights with a red dress look stunning too. If you go for pantyhose, chose nude.

When you will use public transportation, dress for the outside temperatures and weather. The above outfits all work when you depend on a bus or subway as well as when after dinner, you head back to your cold car in frigid weather. When wearing a cocktail dress, have a cardigan to wear under your coat or take a cab. You can find tips what to wear on Valentine’s day for various locations at the link.


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