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How to style a white shirt dress to not look like a nurse

#AlexanderWangLWD #KateMossForLongchampBag #KieselsteinCordBelt #strappySandals
#AlexanderWangLWD #KateMossForLongchampBag #KieselsteinCordBelt #strappySandals
A little white dress with brown belt, strappy heeled sandals and bag for a hot summer day
#AlexanderWangLWD #KateMossForLongchampBag #KieselsteinCordBelt #strappySandals
Lace details on the back of the LWD

Finally the weather has gotten better and it feels like summer here in Alaska. It was time to get my new little white dress out that I had bought for this summer. What I like about this LWD is that it has some interesting details, like the illusion of layering and the lace detail in the back and the white leather collar. White shirt dresses are a little tricky to style as one can easily slip into nurse territory. Note that in many European countries female nurses and doctors wear white shirt dresses and Birkenstocks.

Here I paired my LWD with a brown Kieselstein Cord belt that I belted under the second layer, brown strappy heels and a brown statement bag for a polished summer look. To stay warm once the temperature drops in the evening I took my utility jacket with me. The LWB gets some edge once the utility jacket and the camouflage leather cap are added as shown in the picture below.

Tomorrow is #8 of Keep One 4 the Next OOTD. Make your guess and check tomorrow whether you were right.

#AlexanderWangLWD #KateMossForLongchampBag #KieselsteinCordBelt #strappySandals #utilityJacket
LWD with utility jacket and leather camouflage print hat for an edgy look

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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