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Adidas straight pants, Jones New York button down shirt, Ann Taylor blazer, and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

Adidas pants are having a moment

Normcore is still a thing, even though you see it rarely as a hashtag lately. I bought these straight Adidas pants about two years ago. I never wore them to the gym. To be honest, I never intended to ever wear them to the gym, and I never did. When I bought them, I had in mind to wear them with a blazer as pants. The stripes have sort of a tuxedo or General pants vibe, but look less formal. Paired with a blazer, top and high heels they make a nice office look for a creative work environment. This kind of pairing also makes a daring Casual Friday look that goes beyond the usual jeans and T-shirt.

How to wear the Adidas pants trend

Wear the Adidas pants trend on First Friday or at a fashion event to make an entrance. In the past, I wore these pants with my hounds tooth blazer. The look is also great a great fashion statement for First Friday or when you attend a fashion event. I devoted sections of outfit ideas for these venues in my style book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. You can buy my book at this link.

midlife woman in fake black and white suit

Knotted shirt with accessories

over 50 years old woman in Adidas pants and blazer

midlife woman in polka dot shirt and striped pants
Adidas straight pants, Jones New York button down shirt, Ann Taylor blazer, Harley Davidson booties (all own), and Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source

Why this outfit works

I applied these following styling tricks:

  • The pants and blazer create an unmatched suit.
  • I knotted the tails of the black and white polka dot shirt to create a waist and to elongate the legs. The knot also gives a twist to the fake pantsuit silhouette.
  • An outfit is all about proportions. With respect to layering I went for a long over short approach.
  • I kept the outfit in the white and black trend – a color combination that is an evergreen classic.
  • The mix of stripes and polka dots adds interest and ties the black and white pieces together.
  • The stripes and polka dots have distinctly different sizes. More tips on mixing pattern.
  • A pearl necklace is a classic.
  • The high heels, blazer and shirt make it clear that this outfit is not for the gym.
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Think beyond sneakers, leggings and sweat pants

Sneakers are worn in casual outfits since a long time. I remember that I wasn’t allowed to wear my sneakers to school. It bothered me a lot because all my classmate wore the sneakers to school.

Pro tip: Beside sweat pants, leggings and sneakers, a sport jacket worn with a skirt, shirt and pumps can also make a cool fashion and/or style statement.

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Do you know that you can find a comprehensive guide on styling athleisure here on the blog?

Do you wear your sport attire beyond the purpose it was designed for? If so, which items? How do you style it? Let me know I am curious. If you have any questions on styling them let me know as well. Thanks for stopping by and linking up! Come back soon.

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