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Rebecca Collins belt, DIY brooch, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Taylor's Gold'n Stone ice cube quartz earrings, upcycled tall boots (all own), tulle skirt c/o Lookbook Store and knit dress c/o Femme Luxe

This general guide provides tips on how to look ageless in knits. Read what works and what does to look your best everyday when wearing knitted attire.



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Knits Are Basics in the Cold Season

Knits are great to add color to our wardrobe. They are also comfortable and most of them do not require ironing. When wearing knits think beyond chunky heavy sweaters and jackets. There are no reasons for wearing baggy and chunky knits when temperatures drop into the single or negative digits.

There are so much more options. Norwegian Lice sweaters or jackets are real classics and look great with both jeans or wool trousers. Wearing an original with the right fit of this iconic pieces is a great start for an ageless look. Learn more about what to look for in an Fair Isle sweater to be able to distinguish a trendy version from an ageless original piece and about what the key characteristics of the original Irish cable-knit sweaters are at the links (Posts open in new tabs).

Know the high quality originals.

Season-less, light knits in silk, cashmere or Merino wool are great investments and layering pieces. Layering is always in style. Actually, layering is timeless, chic and stylish. Thin jersey allows for great cuts and tailoring. It’s also travel friendly as it won’t wrinkle.

Pro advice for buying knits: For ageless style invest in classic pieces in the highest quality you can afford.


over 50 years old fashion blogger having an ageless look in knits

woman in short sleeve cardigan with skirt

fashion for mature women putting a faux twinset together
Outfit details: “Faux twinset” made of Moda International cashmere sweater with August Silk short sleeve cardigan worn with Anne Klein slingback pumps, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Jaeger tote, statement necklace and studs (all own) plus striped pencil skirt c/o eShakti


What Knits Look Stylish at Any Age?

  1. Twinsets – faux or real
  2. Knit skirt with cardigan as an unmatched suit
  3. Silk or cashmere sweater with an evening dress
  4. A cardigan instead of a blazer
  5. Cardigan over a shift or sheath dress
  6. Jersey layering top or cashmere/silk sweater under a sheath or jumper
  7. Tailored wool or cashmere sweater knit coats or jackets
  8. Cotton jersey tailored dresses
  9. Sleek sweater dresses. See this post for how to wear a sweater dress.
  10. Turtleneck Fair Isle sweater in natural colors with a pencil skirt, wool dress pants (for work in winter) or dark jeans on the weekend
  11. Fishermen cable-knit sweater with pencil skirt or wool pants (for work in winter) with jeans (for the weekend)
  12. Jersey (wrap) dresses, coats, skirts, pants or blazers
  13. Tights
  14. Leggings for the gym
  15. Cozy sweaters of high quality material when it is frigid cold. More on which cozy sweaters are best for your climate region.

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Ageless Knits Outfit Ideas for over 40

Here are some styling options of what works well for the office, vacation and weekend. Get inspired.

woman in knit jacket over jersey wrap dress
Jones New York striped cardigan (own) worn over Samantha Brown wrap dress with a print of a classic embroidery pattern c/o HSN, own Dr. Scholl wedges and Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel asseccoried with wood watch c/o Jord


style blogger in snake print skirt with brownknit sweater
J. Crew skirt, GNW tight, Söfft boots, GNW Luxe (dyed) sweater, smoky quartz statement necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch, and pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot


style blogger in teal sweater dress, leopard print tights
Judith Leiber gemstone pendant belt, DIP sweater dress, GNW leopard print tights, Fendi booties


stylist in knit dress and booties
Barbour cable-knit dress with brown GNW tights, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, smoky quartz statement necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Coach logo fabric leather booties


style book author donning ageless style in a fit-and-flare cotton knit dress
eShakti fit-and-flare color blocked cotton jersey dress with Anne Klein pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle and brooch


blogger Nicole in blue, taupe, white, green fall outfit with shades
Celeste c/o Eagle Eyes with skirt c/o LilySilk, studs c/o Wendy Mignot, own Sak bag, unbranded pantyhose, Gloria VanDerBilt open-toe pumps, Burberry London trench coat, Brooks Brothers top, lapis and malachite beads necklace


style over 50 woman in jersey dress with cami
Karina Dresses empire-waist dress, BP ankle strap espadrilles, statement necklace and bracelet, Ray Ban mirrored aviator sunglasses, Jockey camisole, and Coach bag


BF jeans, short sleeve blazer, jewelry, bag and short sleeve knit sweater
Brooks Brothers silk cashmere short sleeve knit sweater styled with Loft BJ jeans, white short sleeve blazer, Madonna True or Dare pumps, a Tissot watch, golden bangle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Esprit bag and white jade and onyx necklace c/o Almo Jewellery


mature influencer in white leather pants with red turtle neck top
Anne Klein cable-knit turtleneck sweater with Newport News leather pants, pearls, Kieselstein Cord belt, H-buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Apostrophe pumps


mature fashion blogger in maxi skirt with slit, purple pumps and sweater
Unbranded purple cashmere sweater, DIY belt, Prada pumps, unbranded pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bangle, headband, amethyst earrings and studded skirt c/o Misook


What Doesn’t Work

  1. Cheap jersey
  2. Any dress shorter than two hands above the knee (aka micro minis)
  3. Baggy knit dresses – frumpy
  4. Ruffles, embroidery and embellishment (sequins, pearls, etc.) all on one piece
  5. Shapeless knit skirt plus baggy knit sweater/jacket combinations –

    Knitted skirt and top with ruffles
    Cute on a doll, but frumpy on a real woman. “Nyssa kaye wiggs” by soudane is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


  6. 50s’ cropped cardigans with beading along the neck and at the end of the sleeves – old-fashioned
  7. Fair Isle vests – past your prime. You don’t want to re-live the 70s.
  8. Holiday sweaters. There is a reason they are called Ugly Holiday sweaters, right?
  9. Crochet bikini
    crochet bikini
    Knitted “crochet bikini” “Shades of blue” by picable is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  10. Woodstock-type crochet coats, jackets, vests or sweaters. It looks like you want to re-live your youth again. We are happy with who we are!
    Woodstock crochet jacket. “Woodstock Duster pattern photo” by mtnmermaid is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  11. Tight and super mini knit dresses (sausage alert) with over-the-knee boots (too young)
  12. Knit ponchos


Stylist’s Remarks on How to Look Ageless in Knits

Cashmere, Merino wool and silk jerseys in the neutral colors of you palette in simple, classic cuts are worth the investment. Buy them in the highest quality you can afford. Cotton pieces are great for vacation and weekend style. Knitted scarves and hats look great as winter accessories. They are the warmest in Musk ox underwool, qiviut.

Photos: G. Kramm

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