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Finding the right outfits to wear when you are big and tall can pose a unique challenge. You want to make sure that you pick out an outfit that looks good on you and will make a statement. But something that looks good on another person who is short may not look as great on you.

The good news is that there are simple steps that you can take as a big and tall person that will help you look amazing for each occasion. Take a look at our guide to dressing for big and tall people and see the simple ways that you can make yourself look amazing.

  1. Know Your Size
  2. Keep the Style Simple
  3. Utilize the Accessories
  4. Go for Comfort
  5. Choose the Dark Colors
  6. Consider the Fitted Pieces
  7. Wear Monochromatic Outfits
  8. Choosing the Right Hat
  9. Choosing the Right Clothes for You


Know Your Size

Before you get far in any of this, you need to stop and figure out which size clothes will fit you the best. You need to go with the size that is right for you based on your measurements, not on how you hope that something will look on you.

If you are choosing items because you think they should look a certain way on you, rather than on how they fit, you will waste money or have to return items that do not fit and are not comfortable with you. For things that need to look a specific way, like a suit, you may need to work with a tailor to get it done just right.


Keep the Style Simple

Bigger men will often have features that are more pronounced, so some of the more detailed clothing will look out of place. Wearing stripes or plaids may make your size look bigger than it is and many times these are overwhelming no matter the size. It is better to keep away from the bold designs and stick with simple clothing, like a subtle print or solid colors for the best look.


Utilize the Accessories

neckties for dressing for big and tall people
A selection of neckties that are suitable in dressing for big and tall people. Image by FULVIO_TOGNON from Pixabay


Just because you are big and tall does not mean you can’t rock those accessories. Let’s start with the ties. A solid color is often best because it will not take attention away from what you are wearing. Choose a color that will match a main color in the outfit. This helps it to look stylish without being in the way of the rest of the outfit.


Go for Comfort

Many times, we will get caught up in the way that the clothes are going to look. While this can be important, if you will find that only concentrating on that, and not on any of the comfort of the outfit, will make you feel miserable any time you try to put it on. And clothes are supposed to make you feel good, not make you feel bad.

It doesn’t matter what the clothes do for your appearance. The most important thing is to choose ones that are comfortable. You want to be bale to easily move around in the clothes while looking stylish and polished the whole time.


Choose the Dark Colors

In most cases, the best colors to wear for big and tall people will be the darker colors. Black and navy blue are good choices here because they will help to minimize some of the features of the body. For many, this is going to make you look cleaner-cut, rather than bigger.

You can branch out a bit more to help get this same kind of result. For example, a charcoal gray or chocolate brown dress or suit can look nice while slimming the figure down a little bit.


Consider the Fitted Pieces

guy illustrating dressing for tall and big people in tailored suit white shirt and black tie
Guy looking slimmer than he is in a well-fitting tailored suit jacket, small tie and white shirt. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay



Clothing that fits well is always going to look better compared to something that ends up hanging loose. This is true no matter what size you are. When the clothing is able to frame the body well, you will avoid the appearance of swimming in your clothes. This can make you seem bigger than you are, even if you are not big and tall.

While it may seem to be opposite advice than what you should take, consider going with some pieces that are more fitted than your usual style. This can make you feel better and will often be a good way to feel better too.


Wear Monochromatic Outfits

A monochromatic color is going to be the best for those who are big and tall. This is because it helps to provide a streamlined look on the body. If you decide to mix more than one pattern together, make sure that they stick with a similar style and color. Lots of variety may seem good, but it is going to look too busy on the larger frame.


Pull out the color palette that you used back in school and get to work with monochromatic for the best look. This will help you from looking too busy in the wardrobe. Along the same lines, make sure that you avoid any shiny fabrics because this is often not a flattering look for larger and taller people.


Choosing the Right Hat

Depending on the occasion, you may need to purchase the right hat for your head as well. Be careful about the types that you choose though. There are a number of options out there, but many of the traditional sizes are not going to fit well for big and tall people.

Luckily, there are hats that come in extended sizes, making them more comfortable for you to wear, no matter what size you are. Before purchasing though, take the time to look at the hat sizes and see if they come in extended for you to wear.


Choosing the Right Clothes for You

There are so many great types and styles of clothes for people to choose from. And many designers are looking to make changes to the fashion industry as well. This means that if you are big and tall, there are still many great outfits out there for you to choose from as well. Take a look at some of our helpful tips above to see how you can dress to look your best.

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  1. In the US, there are niche brands like TST (tall Slim Tees), American Tall as well as Macy’s where you can get clothing for tall slim guys. In the UK, Brooklyn Big and Tall claims to have a collection for tall, slim men. has pants for tall slim guys. Sometimes, you can also find clothes at Old Navy. To not look like a light pole, layering is a great option as well as wearing heavier fabric (if you can find them). Hope this information helps.

  2. Ann

    What if you’re tall and skinny? My husband is 6ft 3″ but very slim; all the “tall” shops (and your article) seem to be aimed at men who are both tall and fat! My husband really struggles to find nice clothes that are long but not wide!