maturestyle woman in work outfit with tweed skirt, sweater and scarf
Banana Republic tweed skirt, Jeanne Pierre sweater, Anne Klein silk scarf, Calvin Klein blog heel pumps, and wood sport watch c/o Jord


Neckerchiefs and scarves for style are a big thing in the cold season. In this post and some upcoming Ageless Style posts, I want to share some of my secrets how to tie a scarf beyond the usual knot. Today I start out with braiding a scarf to a necklace.

styleover40 braided scarf with brooch
Braided scarf with brooch

I saw this style for the first time when I worked in Leipzig, Germany. My colleague Karin had tied her oblong scarf this way and she taught me how she did it. Thanks again, Karin. <3

#accessories floral print silk scarf
Scarf laid down in U-shape


Lay an oblong long scarf down to a U-shape. Then place one of the ends rectangular over the other end. The ends should be the same length. Note that it is important to do so at such a distance that the created loop is wide enough to put your head thru later once the braid is done.

#accessories purple and green scarf
Ends placed rectangular at same length

Now pull the loop and the two ends down to have three wisps of the scarf for a braid.

styleover50 printed oblong silk scarf
Scarf laid into three wisps for braiding

Braid the scarf until the two ends are used up. Make a small knot. Turn the braided scarf around and secure the knot and braid with a brooch.

#fashionover40 howto braid a scarf into a necklace
Steps for braiding a scarf to a necklace


Pull the scarf over your head so the brooch is showing. That’s it. 🙂

#IndiaHicks Siren scarf worn as a braided necklace
Siren scarf c/o India Hicks with own eShakti dress, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and L.K. Bennett wedge pumps. The scarf is full of possibilities. Here I wore it as a necklace by folding the scarf into a loop and braiding part of the loop and the two ends


Do you love scarves? How do you style them? What are your style and fashion challenges? Let me know so I can help you.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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