Do you want to look stunning in fall’s leather pants trend?
London Jean leather pants, Hermes H buckle, Jones New York polka dot button down shirt, multi strings pearl necklace, Vittoria blazer and vintage Esprit (all own)shoulder bag

This post provides tips and tricks how to style leather pants for various occassions to look your best and to avoid to look like a biker chick. Not that looking like one is wrong. When you live the life and ride a bike go for the look.

  1. How to style leather pants for various occassions
  2. Leather pants Dos
  3. Leather trousers Don’ts
  4. Metal or colored leather trousers for Casual Friday
  5. Weekend looks

How to style leather pants for various occassions

Today I present how to make this fall’s leather pants work appropriate, for Casual Friday, the weekend and going out. This fall’s trend is about leather pants as an alternative to dress pants or jeans in a business casual way. When cut like dress pants, leather trousers are more elegant than light washed jeans.

Combined with a fully buttoned black polka dot blouse, pearls and a classic red blazer, leather pants work for the office when there is a casual work environment dress-code wise or when there is a Causal Friday culture. To give the classic work outfit a little bit of edge, I added my studded heels. In meetings, unless you are the moderator or speaker, your shoes are under the table, right? 😉

fashion blogger styling fall's trend of leather trousers in red, white black business casual way
Vittoria red blazer, Hermes H-buckle, Jones New York polka dot blouse, vintage Esprit shoulder bag, pearl necklaces and Moda International leather trousers (all own)

Another great way to look professional wearing your beloved hides is to pair your black leather pants with a white blazer.

Leather pants Dos

  • Style them with a blazer
  • Wear a button-down shirt
  • Add pearls
  • Wear heels
  • Wear a pants leather suit

Leather trousers Don’ts

  • Adding a jeans jacket or a biker jacket
  • T-shirt
  • Casual sandals or sneakers
  • No belt when there are belt loops
  • Wearing the hide when the dress code explicitly excludes them
  • Styling them in a provocative (sexy way)

Stylist’s tip

Leather trousers in tan, pastel, brown, gray or navy are easier to style in a professional way than the classic black ones.

Melania Trump, for instance, looked stunning in her tan leather pants. White leather pants, for instance, look professional with a tartan blazer and a green sweater in fall.

Metal or colored leather trousers for Casual Friday

Wearing jeans for Casual Friday becomes kind of boring. Try something new: Silver leather pants for Casual Friday. See silver as a neutral color. However, when silver comes to leather is gets pretty attention catching. Thus, to keep the outfit low key and office appropriate in a casual, creative work environment, add gray open toe booties, gray socks, a gray T-shirt, a gray striped cashmere sweater, and a gray bag. Gold colored charm necklaces round up the outfit. Yes, mixed metals is a Do.

fashion blogger in silver pants with striped sweater

style blogger in silver leather skinnies with gray sweater
Side view of look with silver leather pants, striped sweater, layering top, belt, open-toe sandals, and Modalo Pippa bag (all own)

I got this slouchy leather pants at the anniversary sale of Nordstrom. They called the color “perile”. Here I paired my new Tracy Reese pants with  a polka dot Jones New York blouse and a burgundy short sleeve cashmere sweater. I tacked the sweater in to show some shape. The plateau broad strap heels add some feminine vibe to the menswear inspired casual Friday outfit. I added a structured bag to show that I am not yet off into the weekend. The rolled up sleeves of the blouse do not only add style, but they also mean work in the German culture. There is a saying “roll up your sleeves” which mean that you are to work hard.

style book author in casual look with leather pants

Alaskan blogger in peril leather pants and burgundy top

Weekend looks

Last but not least, an inspiration how to don the trend on the weekend. Not every office dress code allows leather trousers.

over 50 years old woman bending down to pick up snow

street style outfit on a snowy day

Alaskan fashion blogger having fun in a silver leather pants streetstyle

#styleover40 woman in streetstyle
Unbranded silver leather pants, GNW Luxe gray layered top, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Brooks Brothers sweater, gray belt and Michael Kors wedge sneakers accessorized with gold colored simple necklaces

Leather pants for going out

As aforementioned, the goal is to look stylish, not sexy in your hide legwear. Thus, when styling the hide for date night go for a street style look like in the outfit inspiration below.

stylist in black sweater and silver leather pants

Best of streetstyle winning outfit
Silver leather pants with black cashmere Anne Klein sweater, DGM sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, snake print open toe booties (all own)

For the commute I kept with the gray-black of the booties with my gray-black light shearling coat worn open, a scarf and pom pom hat that serve for style, not insulation. The casual vibe of the outer outfit tunes the wild pants down, especially with the structured bag.

style blogger in winter coat and silver legwear
Shearling winter coat worn over silver leather pants accessorized with cashmere Chevron scarf, pom pom hat, structured bag and open toe snake skin print booties

Do you have a Casual Friday culture at work? If so, what is the typical look? Does your work dress code permit wearing leather pants or leather in general? Do you wear leather pants? Have you jumped the band wagon on this trend already? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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