Alaska outdoor weddings upset tourists because of the ugly shoes

over 40 fashion woman in an office outfit with mixed prints and pattern
Oliveo pleated leather skirt with Jones New York polka dot blouse, several strings of pearls, thin Chanel belt, and studded heels for a classic with a twist office look

There is this photo studio in downtown Fairbanks that specializes in event photos. Everything that happens in town from the Yukon Quest start to the Indian Olympics, Winter Games, Tanana Chief Conference, Equinox marathon to weddings and other family events. In the display of this wide range of photography, there is also a photo from a typical Alaska outdoor wedding.

Whenever tourists from outside Alaska look at the display and notice this wedding photo, they shake their heads. Some even look disgusted, others start making remarks like “incredible”, “how can he make such a photo”, “what are they thinking”, “I would never do that”, or even “that’s unacceptable.”

The photo shows the bride and groom walking hand in hand in a beautiful full length lace white lace wedding dress and a tux, respectively. The freshly married groom carries the flowers, and his wife holds her Xtra-tuf boots in her hands. To reach the outdoor wedding place with great view the bride had no other choice than wearing these rubber boots.

I don’t own Xtra-tufs as I am not an outdoor person. My only pair of rubber boots has heels and the only purpose to stay stylish during the week of breakup when the entire town seems to be just one big, huge puddle.


Here I wore my pleated leather skirt with my polka dot blouse for an all black and white office look. I added a thin Chanel belt to define the waist. For the commute to work I wore my tailored black-purple-white tweed blazer and a long silk scarf tied as a bow for a pop of color. I added my neutral beige Jaeger bag so the scarf is gets all the attention.

fashion over 40 woman in black and white work outfit
Oliveo pleated leather skirt with Anne Klein tailored tweed blazer, Anne Klein oblong silk scarf tied in a bow, Jones New York polka dot blouse, studded heels and Jaeger tote (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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