Hanes tights designed to adapt to body comfort

Last week, I got these Hanes shaping and smoothing tights as a sample for review in the mail. The package stated “designed to adapt to your body temperature for all day comfort.” I have to admit I was skeptic. Tights serve to insulate our skin against the elements. Thus, the statement would mean that the tights would only marginally conduct body heat to the environment, i.e. only enough to avoid overheating.

Hanes Hosiery Review of shaping and smoothing tights
Shaping and smoothing opaque black tights c/o Hanes Hosiery
Hanes Hosiery view of shaping and smoothing tights
Zoom-in on the shaping and smoothing tights c/o Hanes Hosiery

Last week was perfect to test them. We had the first cold snap of the winter with temperatures down to -15F (-26oC). Under these conditions, I usually wear two pairs of tights, but I wore just this pair of Hanes tights. What was the difference? I did not feel a difference in thermal comfort, i.e. their insulation worked as well as my usual wearing two pairs of tights. But the big advantage was less bulk. 🙂

#midlifechic #fashionover50 woman in work outfit with tights
Work outfit with silk sweater under wool sheath dress styled with brooches on the waist, hounds tooth blazer, black pumps (all own) and tights c/o Hanes Hosiery

Why is this great? Because any squeezing of the toes in boots due to doubling of tights means your toes get cold faster than without. I really love the fact that these tights permit omitting to double up on tights. <3 🙂

#fashionover40 mature woman in winter work outfit and opaque black tight
Side view of posh winter work outfit with layering top, sheath dress, blazer, pumps (all own) and opaque black tights c/o Hanes Hosiery

Hanes tights shape and smooth

Another feature is the high waist shaping and smoothing panty (photo below). It gives full control from the bra down. The gel band helps to hold the tights up without VPL. <3

#fashionover50 Hanes Hosiery detail view of shaping and smoothing the belly and legs
Zoom-in on the shaping and smoothing of legs and belly by the tights c/o Hanes Hosiery

Hanes tights have a great price-performance ratio

The price of these beautiful tights is $18. I expect them to last for at least a winter season, if not longer. Given that they are black, they can be styled with nearly every skirt or dress, i.e. they are a wardrobe workhorse. Thus, the price-performance ratio is excellent. I will definitively buy a new pair once these have to be retired. And yes, I would recommend them to my BFF.

#styleover50 woman in stylish outerwear with Hanes shaping and smoothing tights
Shearling coat with Pavlova Russian scarf, LeatherCoatEtc cashmere lined leather gloves, hat and boots (all own) worn with tights c/o Hanes Hosiery

In summary: The opaque black Hanes tights shape and smooth your belly and legs while keeping you comfy in winter when walking a couple of blocks. They are wardrobe workhorse of great quality. For only $18 the cost per wear goes fast below $1 my criterion for an excellent price-performance-ratio. You can buy these Hanes shaping and smoothing tights online.

Does your office dress code allow you to wear opaque tights at work? Do you wear tights in winter? Down to which temperature do you wear tights?

Photos: G. Kramm

Disclosure: The tights are a sample from Hanes Hosiery. The post is not endorsed by Hanes Hosiery. I wrote it entirely on my own and the post represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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