Increase your travel safety with a SHOLDIT scarf – review

Belt travel bags immediately identify you as a tourist even when your clothes don’t.  Since some gangs target tourists, wearing a belt travel bag increases the risk to have to make an involuntary visit to the embassy.

You can easily increase your travel safety by means of a so-called clutch wrap purse . These SHOLDIT clutch wrap purses look like a normal infinity scarf, but have an inside pocket with zipper that is large enough to hold your passport, checks, and hotel door key card (see photo below). Furthermore, they put up your outfit a nudge which reads less tourist.

#SHOLDIT #ClutchWrapPurse midlife woman in posh casual look with clutch wrap purse infinity scarf
Casual weekend look with long-sleeve brown T-shirt, short sleeve burgundy red Lands End cashmere sweater, London Jeans cargo camouflage pants, statement belt, Clarks booties (all own), and Clutch Wrap purse infinity scarf wearing a dress c/o SHOLDIT
#SHOLDITreview details of the clutch purse that doubles as infinity scarf
Zoom-in on basic flamingo Clutch Wrap purse
#SHOLDIT #SHOLDITinfinityScarf details of the infinity scarf that doubles as a travel purse
Zoom in on the Clutch Wrap purse zipper closure. It is invisible when the scarf is wrapped according to the instructions. Scarf c/o SHOLDIT

When it gets too warm for a scarf you quickly can convert it to a clutch by pushing the scarf inside the pocket (see photo below). Just be careful that when you convert it back into a scarf, you first make sure that you take out your valuables, and then put them back in 😉 . The scarf is also wide enough that you can wear it as a shoulder wrap. Doing so may come in handy in the evenings or when visiting air conditioned museums.

#SHOLDITinfinityScarf infinity scarf converted to a purse
Photo of the Clutch Wrap purse c/o SHOLDIT when converted to a chic clutch

SHOLDIT has a great selection of these scarves. That means even when you have to travel for business, you can find the right scarf in the right shades or pattern to look professional. I really like their leopard print scarf too. They cost between $29.99 to $69.99 depending on the material and style.

#SHOLDIT #ClutchWrapPurse mature woman in travel outfit wearing an infinity scarf that doubles as purse
Leather sweater with London Jeans cargo camouflage pants, Clarks brown booties, SAK casual bag, LeatherCoatsEtc. leather camouflage hat, and pink flamingo Clutch Wrap purse c/o SHOLDIT worn as infinity scarf

In summary, the scarf enhances fashion with function at an affordable price and is a great gift idea for all people who travel a lot. It is a stylish alternative to the travel belt bags that always make women look like being pregnant. It is also a practical solution for moms who need to have both hands free when supervising kids on the playground. Protect yourself and get a SHOLDIT scarf/purse for your next travel.

Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

Disclosure: The infinity scarf/wrap purse is a sample of SHOLDIT. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the review entirely on my own opinion and irepresents my own, 100% honest opinion.

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