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Holiday retro inspired fit-and-flare plaid print dress c/o Voodoo Vixen, own GNW Luxe sweater, GNW tights, Clark booties for festive office holiday party in a casual work environement

The easiest way to dress for the holidays is a buying a dress made for them. Read my Voodoo Vixen holiday dress review to learn more about their dress.

  1. This Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress Is Perfect for Dancing
  2. Comfortable Retro-style Holiday Dresses Are Timeless
  3. What I like about the Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress
  4. Signs of Good Craftsmanship
  5. Price-performance Ratio
  6. Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress Review Conclusion

Disclosure: Ad. The dress is a sample of my choice from Voodoo Vixen. The post is not endorsed by them. It represents my own 100% honest opinion.


This Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress Is Perfect for Dancing

As you know, I am a passionate dancer and always on the search for a perfect dress for our next performance. Thus, I got really excited when I was asked by Robin to review one of the modern retro-inspired holiday dresses from Voodoo Vixen. This brand specializes in British/American retro inspired clothes. Retro-inspired – read the 50s! The time of the revival of femininity after the depression and war years. Think of lots of curve hugging pencil dresses like Marilyn Monroe and flirty fit-and-flare dresses like Grace Kelly. The time of swing dancing! This brand is a favorite among the swing dance community for their fit-and-flare dresses. These dresses twirl so nicely (see photo below).


midlife fashion blogger in Voodoo Vixen plaid Christmas dress
Back view of the holiday retro inspired fit-and-flare plaid print dress c/o Voodoo Vixen with brown cashmere sweater, brown tights and brown booties



Comfortable Retro-style Holiday Dresses Are Timless

But even when you are not a dancer, their holiday dress collection may have some great Christmas dresses that you will be interested in. It’s not the retro-style that looks like Scotty beamed you back in time. Instead, they brought these retro cuts into the 21st century by giving the dresses a comfortable stretch and easy to clean fabrics. Thus, you can be dressed up at the holidays even when you are the hostess. You still have the free movement of sportswear, but a cut that represents an era of style icons. Thus, no need to kiss off wearing a dress with whimsical, and ravishing prints. Their dresses make easy ageless Christmas outfits to look stunning.


midlife style blogger looking posh in a plaid fit-and-flare holiday dress
Front view of the retro inspired plaid print fit-and-flare dress c/o Voodoo Vixen paired with a cashmere sweater, tights and booties for a warm going out look. My hands are in the pockets of the dress’ skirt



When browsing thru Voodoo Vixen‘s collection of holiday dresses, I had the upcoming holiday dance events in mind. I picked a dress that has a holiday associated print, but is not too holiday that I could not wear it later for a swing dance performance. I chose this plaid print fit-and-flare dress as it fitted these criteria.

mature woman in fit-n-flare-dress
Demonstrating the nice swing of the skirt of the retro inspired plaid print fit-and-flare holiday dress c/o Voodoo Vixen. The dress is styled with a cashmere sweater, tights, booties and closed with pins


What I like about the Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress

I love the modern color twist on the plaid. The dark background is a chocolate brown instead of the usual navy or black. The cut of the dress is retro with a modern twist. The top closes with tails that I tied into bows for the photo below. This detail is very playful, quite right for the holidays or the holiday party at the office with a layering top underneath. The fabric belt keeps the dress from becoming too girly (for details see last photo of this post).

For the photo above, I styled the Voodoo Vixen dress for an office holiday party. I settled for just pinning the tails to style the dress a little bit edgy. IWhen I were still in my twenties, I would wear this dress with fabric sneakers in summer like Taylor Swift, and tie the closure as bows. My plan is to wear this dress at our next swing dance performance, and may be just knot the tails so they fly around instead of the bows in the photo below.


midlife style blogger in plaid holiday dress
Plaid print holiday dress with bow closure and fabric belt c/o Voodoo Vixen



Signs of Good Craftsmanship

As you know I always look whether pattern match up well. The photo below shows the inside of the dress and some of the skirts seems. The skirt of the dress has a seam in the back that ends at the zipper. To look sophisticated in plaid, it is important that the pattern matches perfectly. The photo also shows that the seams of the dress and the hidden pockets of the skirt are well done.

Good craftsmanship!

As can be seen in the second photo of this post, the pockets are set in the dart of the skirt. They are deep enough to hide my entire hand. Thus, perfect to hold a key or some change. To sew pockets is an extra work step. Pockets are always a sign of high detail on craftsmanship and striving for quality and comfort.


view on the inside of the dress
View of the inside of the dress to show that the print pattern matches up well at the seam



Price-performance Ratio

The fabric feels very soft, is easy to iron if needed and has enough stretch for even extreme movements. The print is very saturated. With a price less than $100 the price-to-performance ratio is very good.

All Voodoo Vixen holiday items are under $100 and available in S-XL. The dress I wear is a size S and fits perfectly. They currently have a campaign for 10% off for their plus size range.


middle-aged woman in fit-and-flare-dress
Zoom-in on the bow closure and fabric belt of the retro-inspired fit-and-flare plaid print dress c/o Voodoo Vixen



Voodoo Vixen Holiday Dress Review Conclusion

Voodoo Vixen has inexpensive, excellently crafted retro style holiday dresses. A major advantage of their dresses is that you can wear them also outside the holiday season.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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