45 easy Christmas outfits to look stunning
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Ageless Style outfit ideas for Christmas

In my style book, How to Dress for Success in Midlife, I point out that
What to wear always depends on the circumstances. #dress4Success Click To Tweet
To come up with a successful outfit you have to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What are your plans?
    • Are you the guest or hostess?
    • Will you be indoors or outdoors?
    • What is the weather likely to be?
  • Where are you going?
    • Does the place have a dress code?
    • Was there a dresscode in the invitation?
  • With whom are you going?
  • Who also will attend the party?

Depending on the answers to the above questions you will plan your outfit. This means there is not just one possible outfit for the holidays, but you can create a perfect one for the holiday situation you want to dress for.

Here I will give you an idea of what to think about by four examples of dressing for Christmas.

Family Christmas breakfast and church visit outfit

For instance, if you are invited to a family reunion on Christmas at a family members’ house for breakfast and the plan is to go to church afterwards, you will dress classic with only one trendy item at most. You stay away from kitschy Christmas sweaters or trendy items as a lot of photos will end up in the family album. You don’t want to look like a fashion victim when the album comes up at a family reunion in a decade from now. What today was the It outfit, may be considered as one of the most stupid fashion trends ever.

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The outfit also will have to be easy to clean when kids are around. They may have chocolate, grease, ketchup or whatever on their hands and face and hug you. This means go for a fabric that allows to wash out a spot with water and soap or some cleansing stick. The fabric should be fast drying. Dark is better than light as spots are less visible if they occur and can’t be fixed on the go.

Pro tip: Make sure you won’t out-dress the hostess. It is a question of good manners and courtesy.

Going to church afterwards asks for high cleavage for modesty, but also for insulation as it is often cold in churches. Furthermore, don’t forget to style your outerwear. Photos may be taken outside. The stairs of a church are a perfect stage for family photos. When you aren’t a fashion blogger, you probably will not pose for the photo in your “indoor look” at 20 below (-28.9oC). The following gallery has some outfit inspirations for the discussed dressing situation.

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Christmas Brunch

When you go for a brunch on Christmas day, go with the dress code of the restuarant for their Sunday brunches. However, pick items in season-inspired colors like red, green, black and white. When wearing red, white and black in one outfit, make sure you don’t look like Ms. Santa Claus. 😉 Read fashion victim alert!

The following gallery has some outfit inspirations for this dressing situation.

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Casual Christmas get-together with family and/or friends to watch Christmas movies

Such an invitation is casual and asks for casual clothes with a bit of Christmas spirit. It also suggests that overeating may be involved. Thus, anything tight or body concisous is not a good idea. You will feel uncomfortable in the former and look pregnant on the photos in the latter case. Instead, go for leggings with a long loose sweater or or top and a scarf or statement necklace. A Fair Isle like sweater with snow flakes knit pattern can add holiday spirit as can the choice of the colors of your outfit. A nice plaid shirt or scarf in red, green and white are timeless casual options. Add cute flat shoes or booties. Jeans with a relaxed fit are an option too, but make sure they stay out of mommy jeans territory.

Again because many photos will be taken and they may be looked at in later decades, stay in the posh, classic or glam casual territory and avoid trendy items. Since at get-togethers food spills are likely, make sure that you create your outfit from easy to clean items.

The following gallery has some outfit inspirations for a casual Christmas get-together.

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Christmas dance outfit ideas

Again, best is to call for the dress-code when you never had been at the place. Otherwise the usual dress-code styled up a notch is a good bet. When these options are not possible, pick a cocktail dress in red, emerald or black that has a wide skirt when the dance is at a bar in a hotel. Go for a fit-and-flare dress when the venue is at a more casual place like a sports bar, country bar or roadhouse.

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Christmas Party

What to wear to a Christmas party depends on who the expected guests are. You will have to stay within the work dress code at a  holiday party at work. Sounds easy, right? But it gets pretty complicated when the party is in the ballroom at a hotel. You can find more on how to dress for a corporate holiday party, a family reunion, a Christmas family party and other holidays in my style book How to Dress for Success in Midlife. If it’s a party with friends, neighbors or family, your outfit depends on what kind of party it is (movie, dinner, dancing). The best Christmas outfit is always the one that looks stylish and is appropriate for the occassion.

What will you do on the holidays? Have you already planned your outfit? What will you wear? What are your favorite holiday outfits? Give yourself the gift that keeps giving.  Buy yourself a copy of my style recipe book How to Dress for Success in Midlife.

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