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Mirrored sunglasses c/o MessyWeekend with own GNW Luxe sweater, unbranded shearling mittens, pom pom hat and scarf, be by blanc noir down vest with hood

Scandinavian Minimalism Style is a big trend because pieces in this design go with any style. This statement is particularly true when it comes to accessories. This MessyWeekend sunglasses review is about pair in this design. Read what I think about this pair.

  1. Scandinavian Minimalism and a New Lifestyle
  2. MessyWeekend: When Function Meets Style
  3. Who Would Love Their Products?
  4. Where to Buy MessyWeekend Sunglasses and Googles
  5. MessyWeekend Sunglasses Review In a nutshell

Disclosure: Ad. The sunglasses are a sample from MessyWeekend. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Scandinavian Minimalism and a New Lifestyle

When MessyWeekend‘s media person asked me whether I would like to review one of their sunglasses, their store site, sunnies and google collections, business and lifestyle philosophy caught my eyes immediately. They are an international team of young people of the so-called hungry generation, who love everything outdoors and are conscious about the environment as well. It’s not just lip service, but parts of their profit goes to cleaning up the oceans from plastic debris. They have a 1 = 2 initiative: For every pair of sunnies/googles sold, they donate to clean 2 kg of plastic waste out of our oceans! Who doesn’t love that?

Their business mission is to sell only pieces that they would like to wear themselves (I am 100% in on this principle; I only review merchandise that I love to wear and would buy for me.). Their collection is designed in Denmark where this new company is located. Their sunnies and googles are in sync with this group’s lifestyle. Sophisticated Scandinavian minimalism. Read functional, Must-have (for protection of your eyes and sight), no fuzz, best quality for the price tag. A perfect balance between work (function) and play (style). This young, authentic and diverse group of (wo)men understands very well that today’s customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are well informed.

Alaskan woman throwing a big load of snow in a blue, black and gray outfit with the Makalu polarized MessyWeekend sunglasses reviewed in the post

Alaskan woman shoveling snow in scarf, sweater, shearling booties and mittens, pompom hat down vest and sunglasses

lifestyle blogger removing snow from the driveway in sunglasses, vest, jeans, boots, scarf, vest, sweater, cableknit hat
Mirrored sunglasses c/o MessyWeekend with own Oliveo bootcut jeans, Salamander shearling booties, GNW Luxe sweater, unbranded shearling mittens, pom-pom hat and scarf, be by blanc noir down vest with hood

MessyWeekend: When Function Meets Style

I picked the Makalu polarized glasses in blue. Two reasons, blue is the Pantome color of the year and an eternal classic. The clear frame is the most minimalism you can get except going without a frame.

When the package arrived, the eyewear matched well what I expected it to be. The pair features the brand’s strong opinion about culture and eyewear (which I share with them). The pair shows sophisticated minimalism backed by commitment to design and quality. Thus, this pair easily flows with an outfit without taking over the show. It’s like it is a Must to be there. Don’t you think so?

The first time, I wore the pair, was on my way to work. Think icy curvy roads that reflect the beams of the early morning low Sun that takes seemingly forever to rises above the horizon at this time a year. The polarized glasses really improved the sight in this romantic, but harsh sub-arctic winter setting at -30F (-34.4o in the twilight of Interior Alaska.

The photos below were taken when I showed the new pair to my best friend on the way to lunch. Interestingly, in the room, the glasses looked dark. The moment, I turned them to my blue dress they looked blue again. Fascinating! Moreover, I love how easily you can style mirrored sunglasses trend.

over 50 years old woman showing off her new MessyWeekend sunglasses for review by friends at a lunch place

fashion blogger in monochromatic blue look with sunglasses and floral scarf

stylist wearing a blue dress, boots, belt, statement necklace and floral scarf holding MessyWeekend sunglasses
Sunnies c/o MessyWeekend with own unbranded silk scarf, Diane von Fürstenberg knitdress, Gucci scarf, statement necklace, topas earrings, L.K. Bennett tall boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch and Prada bag

Who Would Love Their Products?

These sunglasses are not only a perfect fit for the Hungry Generation! On the contrary, they are a perfect fit for all generations who are committed to buy functional pieces of high quality with sustainable design. What I want to say with the term sustainable is that the design will stand the pace of time. It will look as modern and hip in a decade or two as it does today.

This Scandinavian minimalism design is sort of a classic without the dusty/old-fashioned association that we often associate with the term classic. Sure, classic encompasses the idea of conservation. And yes, MessyWeekend also stands for conservation of the oceans and they actively care about it.

Given that we babyboomers have a history to wear something until it falls apart (without chances of repair), these high-quality sunglasses with minimalism design standing the pace of time are like being made with us in mind! The pair feature is this post is definitively worth the $65 it costs. I would definitively buy these sunglasses for this price myself and I can highly recommend them to you, my friends.

Nicole of High Latitude style wearing a minimalist outfit with MessyWeekend Makalu polarized sunglasses
Makalu polarized mirrored sunglasses c/o Messy Weekend with own be by blanc noir down vest with hoodie, GNW Luxe sweater, unbranded scarf and cable knit pom-pom hat

Where to buy MessyWeekend sunglasses and googles

They give a two-years guarantee on their products. At MessyWeekend, you won’t have to pay extra to get your order fast. Once your payment has been verified, they will ship your order within 1 business day. They shot for delivery within 3-7 business days! And despite living on the top of the World and being used to shipment taking forever, their package to me made it in less than that time! What I ready like is that they have Free Shipping on orders $50+, and free return on orders $75+. Best for my international readers, they ship worldwide.

You can buy these sunglasses only at online.

MessyWeekend Sunglasses Review In a nutshell

These Makalu polarized sunglasses are very affordable ($65) even on a budget and of excellent quality paired with a Scandinavian minimalism design. No matter of your personal style, they will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe for both work and weekend/retirement, and you help supporting cleanup of the oceans. Browse their collection now and help cleaning up the oceans.

Help MessyWeekend cleaning up the oceans from plastic debris. Buy a pair of their sunnies or googles and they donate to remove 2kg! #MessyWeekend #cleanoceans Click To Tweet

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. Die Sonnenbrille mit dem Spiegelglas ist super 🙂

    Liebe Grüße Sabine

  2. Mr.Rios

    Nicole, you look fantastic in those shades! The shades do look nice, and your review of their use in such harsh light environments did help generate an idea of their performance levels. At 65 quid, they sound very reasonable. Love the ‘baby-boomer’ explanation; I, too, buy items that will need to be worn until they fall apart! Thanks for your insightful view; your testimony and testing grounds SHOULD be used as part of their ad campaign! And, like always, your incredible smile completes any outfit, even shades! Cheers!