33 things you can do in Alaska

Unusual things to do only in Alaska

I get a lot of questions from my readers on living in Alaska or what places to visit when on vacation/sightseeing in Alaska. Here is a list of great things you can see/do in Alaska that you have never thought you could and when you can do it.

  1. Watch the aurora (Mid August to late April, best time is March) while driving around with the aurora mobile during a clear night
  2. Sit in hot springs at 40 below (-40oC)
  3. Spend the night in an ice hotel
  4. Watch a rocket launch into the aurora in the middle of winter at the World’s only university owned rocket range. See here for the windows of the next launches
  5. Visit two space ports in one state
#traveltips #fashionover50 Alaskan style blogger presenting a posh chic winter work outfit
GNW Luxe sweater with Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, GNW tights, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Vince Camuto suede boots (all own)
  1. Take the Arctic plunge by jumping in the ice cold water of the Arctic Ocean at Barrow
  2. See an university owned ice-breaker in Seward
  3. Shock freeze hot coffee by throwing it into the air at temperatures below -40F (-40o)
  4. Survive 40 below at the ice chamber in Fairbanks in summer
  5. Drive unpaved roads
  6. See a highway that has a railroad crossing
  7. Visit the City of North Pole near Fairanks and tweet you friends that you just reached North Pole
  8. See the Santa Claus house in North Pole
  9. See and touch a real rocket on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus
  10. Use an ice bridge (at your own risk between December and March when the river is frozen)
  11. Pick blueberries in the wild. Be careful and remember that running around in the wild means that you may end up as part of the food chain
  12. Dress totally weird and nobody would take notice
  13. Bring your lamps to the pawnbroker in mid May and pick them up in mid August without missing them
  14. Participate in a Break-up Lottery
  15. Be the officiator when a couple marries
  16. See famous people on stage at an affordable price
  17. Live in a cottage without running water, but have WiFi.
  18. Visit the Opera Fairbanks
  19. Watch the Iron Dog which is billed as the World’s longest and toughest snow machine race (2000 miles, 3218.688 km thru the wilderness in February)
  20. Visit a distilling company in Fairbanks
  21. Visit the Fountainhead Antique Car and fashion museum where you can see the first car built in Alaska
  22. See a wood-fired car driving in the Golden Day Parade
  23. Get someone imprisoned who is in your travel party
  24. Watch baseball at midnight without flood light
  25. See the Winter Carnival Queen sitting on her ice throne (March)
  26. Attend an Independence Day without fireworks in America
  27. Slide down an ice slide at the World Ice Art Championship (March)
  28. See giant ice sculpture with whimsical features (March)
#travel ice sculpture in Alaska
Ice sculpture of Alaska’s Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallot with aurora in the background and spruce trees. The colors are created by lights of the respective color

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