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"Mt. McKinley "Denali" elevation 20,320 feet" by Timothy Wildey is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

This Alaska travel is not in the typical travel guide. Geological faults as a sighting to visit. Read how to recognize a fault when you see one.


  1. Signs of a Geological Fault
  2. The Denali Fault
  3. New Red and Brown OOTD


Signs of a Geological Fault

Faults are visible by ripped tree roots, and a break in the soil characteristics like, for instance, an abrupt change from sand to gravel. These features are the signs of a former rupture on the fault. The 7.9 Alaska earthquake of 2002 occurred along the Denali fault near Cantwell, which is close to the Denali National Park. This earthquake relieved the pressure of several hundred years that build up due to the sliding plates.

“Fault Core” by pennstatenews is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


The Denali Fault

The Denali fault slips about more than 1/4 inch (1 cm) each year near Cantwell. During the 2002 earthquake, it offset streams by more than 25 ft (7.6 m). You can easily see an example near the clear-running Schist Creek in form of a deep gully running east to west. In a road house on the Denali Highway – an unpaved road outside of Denali Park – you can see how the earthquake had offset the big logs carrying the roof. The earthquake also caused that some mountainsides of Alaska Range glaciers slit onto the ice. However, to see the latter you will have to fly in a small aircraft.

To determine the movement along a fault geologists have various options. One of the cheapest is to place red flags along the borders of the each side of the fault. Revisiting the site and measuring the displacement allows to calculate the speed of movement as speed is distance divided by time.

Fun Facts

Before I forget, did you know that Denali was called Mt. McKinley for quite some time?

Yes, you can see Denali from Fairbanks on a bright clear sunny day, Denali will glow beautifully in the evening Sun when the Sun illuminates it from behind.


New Red and Brown OOTD

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Alaskan fashion blogger in winter outfit
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