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Alaskan humor about what tourists wear in Alaska and links to lookbooks putting you to resources what you can wear to not scream “I am an Alaska tourist.”

  1. Alaskans Recognize Tourists from Their Clothing
  2. What Tourists Wear in Alaska
  3. Resources to What to Wear in Alaska in Various Months
  4. Today’s look


Alaskans Recognize Tourists from Their Clothing

This week we had a couple of nice warm days. Temperatures were in the mid 80s. I was standing in line at the groceries store. In front of me were a couple of tourists. They had the typical tourist clothes, i.e. Birkenstocks, plaid shirts with the long sleeves rolled up, Gortex jackets knotted around their hips, bucket hats, biker sunglasses, and Gortex long hiking pants also rolled up. I overheard that they had rented a four wheel-drive camper in Fairbanks to go up the dirt road to Dead Horse to see the oil fields and Arctic Ocean, a peaceful place. The cashier had just finished packing the merchandise and checking out the Fairbanksan customer in front of them. Then she raised her head, looked at them saying “I hope it is hot enough for you today.”

This greeting is making fun of their clothing because it is the opposite to the typical greeting at temperatures below -30F (-34.4oC). “I hope it is cold enough for you today.”

What Tourists Wear in Alaska

Typically, Alaskan tourists wear long sleeves and long pants when every Alaskan wears short sleeves and shorts with flip flops.

There is a reason why Alaska tourists are called long sleeves!

In Fairbanks, you get noted when you are not wearing the typical Alaska clothes and/or they do not know you.

midlife blogger in posh chic leather and suede outfit
G-III red suede skirt with Vince black leather shell, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and Studio strappy multi color sandals (all own)

Resources to What to Wear in Alaska in Various Months

The following links lead you to lookbooks what to wear in Alaska for different occasions, weather conditions and month.

January lookbook

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November lookbook

December lookbook

Today’s look

Now to my OOTD. I am wearing my red suede skirt with a leather shell. Yes, you can wear leather in spring and summer as you can see in the photos of today’s look of the day.

I was so looking forward that it would be warm enough to bare the entire arms. Finally, in August, which is usually our rainiest month it happened. I paired this classic look (except for the fact that it is all leather 😉 ) with my multi color sandals to give the outfit an even more street style touch. I like to go a little “wilder” when the outfit is not for going to work. You can see an inspiration of how I styled this skirt as a monochromatic all red outfit in fall.

posh chic sandals
Zoom in on the Studio multi color strappy sandals

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Photos: G. Kramm

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