Here you find everything on cold weather outfits from staying warm in dry cold winter weather or on wet, windy days to layering in a stylish way. Of course, tips for keeping your feet warm.

  1. Stay Warm and Stylish in Cold Weather with Layering
  2. Learn How to Dress for the Weather

Stay Warm and Stylish in Cold Weather with Layering

The layering guide includes not only the aspect of creating insulation, but also the aspect of styling. Like all guides on this blog, it also points you to posts that discuss a special aspect in more detail. For instance, topics like how to look slim when layering, and how to balance your layers to look effortlessly stylish. Layering with specific pieces like a waterfall cardigan, for instance, are covered as well.  Of course, you can read how to avoid the most common mistakes when layering.


Learn How to Dress for the Weather

Read explanations why winter clothing from one region may be unsuitable in another region. Learn to how to identify the best down coat for your climate Zone, what to wear for windy rainy weather or the frigid cold of the Polar Vortex.

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