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Back view of outfit with Calvin Klein jacket, Halogen skirt, tights, Nicole fall sandals and Modalo Pippa bag (all own)

Duffle coat cut with the female body in mind

I always adored my husbands duffel coat. What I did not like about duffel coats was their straight up-and-down cut that does not do anything good for my frame. I got really excited when I saw this duffel coat inspired jacket at a consignment store in town. What a suprise! It was not only brand new and half the original price, but it also is slightly nipped in at the waist. It also had the things to look for when buying a duffel coat . Moreover, it fits like a glove. Thus, I could not resist. Calvin Klein is also one of the designer/brands to look for in thrift shops and consignment stores.

midlife fashion blogger in duffle coat, tweed skirt, fall sandals and turquoise tight
Calvin Klein duffel coat inspired jacket with Halogen tweed skirt, Modalo Pippa bag, GNW tights, teal silk scarf, and Nicole fall sandals (all own)

A tweed skirt is an unexpected cut and color looks modern

I found this skirt on sale when I was in Boulder. I was looking for a new plaid skirt as my favorite plaid skirt fell apart after about 12 winters of regular wear. Do you wear high quality clothes that long?

But when I saw this beauty I had to have it as it was made with my colors teal, black, gray. Furthermore, it well fit around my bum and is high waisted. I am a sucker for high-waist skirts and pants. Another thing I liked about this skirt are the vertical seams. They elongate my lower torso and make my legs look longer than they are.

Tweed is tricky to wear in midlife. One must be careful not to look conservative and Old Lady. However, there are some tricks tips how to style tweed in a modern way.

woman over 50 in work outfit

style over 40 woman in office outfit
Side view of fall office look with GNW luxe sweater, Halogen tweed skirt, GNW tights, black pearl necklace, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle and Nicole suede fall sandals (all own)

Bias-cut plaid is so chic

Well, I am still on the hunt for the perfect replacement of my plaid skirt. I want a bias cut as it flows so nicely. It should be just over the knees and relatively straight, i.e. not A-line or flared. Brown with pink would be cool. Furthermore, it should fulfill all my requirements on buying a great plaid skirt. Have you seen something like that lately?

Anyhow, when it comes to wearing tartan to this office it’s important to go for a sophisticated plaid outfit. Unless you have a job planting trees, driving a truck or making lumber, a flannel plaid shirt is not work appropriate. 😉

mature fashion woman in tweed skirt and sweater
Outfit details: GNW luxe sweater, Halogen tweed skirt, GNW tights, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Hermes collier de chain bangle, and Nicole fall suede sandals (all own)


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