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Marc Aural shearling motorcycle jacket, Pendleton pleated wool skirt, GNW legwear, Daily Shoes booties, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, smokyquartz pendant, 3.1 Philip Lim bag (all own), cloche c/o Tenth Street Hats, and top c/o Coolibar

People adjust to the weather of the region they live in. Thus, they dress for their thermal comfort. See what stylish bloggers of various climate regions define as chic cozy looks.


  1. What exactly is the meaning of cozy?
  2. Now what is cozy?
    • What are chic cozy looks in western Europe?
    • What do Southern Belles call a cozy outfit?
    • Where are winters the most chilliest
    • What is cozy in Colorado and Illinois?
    • Now Let’s See What I Find Cozy
  3. Winter Outfit for Chinook Weather
  4. How You Can Adjust a Look to Moody Temperatures
  5. What is comfortable to wear at which temperatures in Alaska?
  6. Stylish Monday linkup party
  7. References

What Exactly Is the Meaning of Cozy?

When you speak several languages, you know that there are words that don’t have just one meaning in a different language. Or words that don’t even exist. Or a word relates to the different cultural content in which the native speakers use the word. Learn more about cultural diversity in dressing in the post at the link.

Cozy is one of them. The word cozy translates to the German word gemütlich. However, when I hear the former, I think of being inside on a cold Alaskan winter day cuddling on the coach with my cat, a thick blanket, a book and a mug of hot chocolate, or of a romantic dinner with my husband in downtown Fairbanks sitting on a table at the window and watching the snow falling illuminated by the twinkle lights while eating minestrone, salad, pizza or spaghettis and drinking a glass of Valpolicella. As an Alaskan also the image of a miner in his dry cabin sitting at his wood stove in winter during the Gold Rush times pops up.

On the contrary, I associate gemütlich with a half-drunken crowd overeating on pork or sausages with dumplings and Sauerkraut, singing and jelling along with the music in a beer garden, in a tent on Oktoberfest or in a local brewery’s beer house. The song Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit comes into mind. When you watched the TV-series Winds of Wars, you may remember the scene when the Americans fleeing from Poland were served beer and food by the Germans on their way to Stockholm. After several 1 liter mugs of beer, they started to link arms and swayed from side to side (Doing so is called “schunkeln”.); most of the crowd sang along this song to the music that was played by a live band.


Now what Is Cozy?

It’s not an absolute. It depends on the conditions. Let’s start with the German understanding of the word. In case of Bavaria, the outfits worn in the gemütlich environment would be a Dirndl and Lederhosen with a large size gingham patterned button-down shirt (blue-white or red-white) and a janker jacket. A Dirndl must be snug and tight, Lederhosen are thought to be good when they can stand on their own. These properties aren’t cozy at all, neither comfortable nor homely, pleasant, homey, leisurely, you name it.

woman in Dirndl and man in Lederhosen with a leather Janker
My husband and I in a long Dirndl and lederhosen, respectively


In case of the other German Federal States, the outfits would be casual, i.e. at least comfortable and may be leisurely. Think along the line jeans and Tee with sneakers or Birkenstocks to dressed-down business casual. See the photo below for dressed-down business casual style in an East-German restaurant that is considered “gemütlich”.


cozy atmosphere in a German restaurant
“Auerbachs Keller” by michimaya is licensed under CC BY 2.0. This restaurant in Leipzig, Germany is considered “gemütlich”. It is famous because already Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had spent time there when he was a student at Universität Leipzig. Note that this university is one of my Alma Maters.


Don’t let the right outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy my book now.



What Are Chic Cozy Looks in Western Europe?

Western Europe has a maritime temperate climate like that in the Pacific Northwest (see the post at the link for more information on this climate region). I lived in this climate for 38 years. The cold season is just miserable.

In The Netherlands, Ireland and Great Britain, temperatures rarely drop below 0F (-18C). Their weather that makes you feel the most uncomfortable, has temperatures around the freezing point with humidity close to 100% and strong winds. Such weather frequently occurs in winter in mid-latitudes coastal regions on the west side of the continents. These weather conditions cause slight to moderate cold stress when staying outside for a while even when dressed appropriately like the next three bloggers.

Nancy Baten of Nancy’s Fashion Style bundled up in a chic midi coat with a faux fur collar and leather pants. Leather is perfect to keep the wind out. The purple color really brightens up such such winter days. It’s a great way how to up the mood on rainy days everywhere. She wears an up-do for style, but it also helps to protect hair damage caused by friction in windy conditions.


Nancy Baten in a purple midi coat with black collar, gloves, leather trousers and edgy booties
Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style stays warm in a purple statement coat with black faux fur collar, leather pants and edgy booties and gloves. Photo courtesy to her


Emma of Style Splash lives in the UK. She faces the weathers in an interesting three neutral colors outfit with a stripped Teddy jacket. It picks up the colors of the jeans, turtleneck sweater, tall boots, balloon hat and crossbody bag. She creates interest by working with structure – smooth leather vs. rough Teddy faux fur. The air stored between the fiber of the Teddy fabric provides insulation. A balloon hat stays on the head in windy weather. To learn more about creating all neutral outfits visit the guide at the link.


Emma of Style Splash in an example of chic cozy looks with Teddy jacket, balloon hat, jeans, boots
Emma of Style Splash in a striped Teddy jacket, balloon hat, sunnies, jeans and tall boots. Photo courtesy to her


Hilda Smith of Over the Hilda features her classic cut navy multon winter coat. This material is well suited for wet climates (learn more in the post at the link).  I love how she shows off the winter weather in this photo. See how she fights with the wind blowing her hair into her face.


Hilda of Over the Hilda featuring a coat, turtleneck sweater, button-down skirt, boots as an example for chic cozy looks in Great Britain
Hilda of Over the Hilda fighting the winds in a coat over a turtleneck sweater and button-down skirt with boots and bag. Photo courtesy to her


In mid-latitude marine temperate climate, a scarf or turtleneck are Must-haves to keep your neck warm. Since the wind would play with a scarf that is styled hanging over the coat, your best options and chicest to protect your neck from the cold are an infinity scarf like Nancy’s, wearing your scarf in a European Loop under or over your coat (see this post for examples), or wearing a turtleneck sweater like Emma and Hilda do.

What do Southern Belles call a cozy outfit?

Andrea Schwartz of Pearls and Pantsuits is a real Southern Belle living in the American Southeast.

This region has subtropical humid climate (see post at the link for more about the weather conditions). While there temperatures rarely go below the freezing point, I would wear an outfit like hers up here in Alaska at temperatures between 5 and 23F (-10 to -5oC). People adjust to the climate region they live in.

Andrea of Pearls and Pantsuits in jeans, otk boots, turtleneck, hounds tooth coat
Andrea Schwartz of Pearls and Pantsuits in jeans, otk boots, turtleneck and hounds tooth A-line coat with gloves


Robin LaMonte of Hello I’m Fiftyish is also from the US South. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In the Interior, stylish Alaskan women would wear her look with pumps at temperatures between 23 and 40F (-5 to 5oC) as long as there is no snow on the ground. When there is a snow cover, a stylish Alaskan woman would wear her look with pantyhose and booties. Yes, in Alaska you would wear the sunglasses because of the light reflections of the low Sun on the snow. While most Alaskan women wouldn’t wear a hat at these temperature condition, I would wear the hat to look stylish.


Robin LaMonte of Hello I'm 60ish in red-black-white winter look of hat, leather skirt, sweater, otk-boots, blanket scarf
Robin LaMonte of Hello I’m 60ish wearing a fur hat, red leather skirt, black sweater, statement belt, gloves, sunglasses over-the-knee boots and a blanket scarf in Georgia winter. Photo courtesy to her


Nina Andersen of Sharing a Journey also lives in the humid subtropical climate zone. When you follow her on social media, you know she still calls Florida her home, but intends to move into the mountains.

Yes, you can wear white in winter. Here at the Last Frontier, I would wear an outfit like hers on rainy days in summer when temperatures are in the 50s (10 to 15oC).


Nina Bandoni of Sharing a Journey illustrates chic cozy looks in Florida in white pants, leather jacket and open toe-booties
Nina Andersen of Sharing a Journey feels comfortable in Florida’s winter in a printed blouse, biker leather jacket, open toe booties and white pants. Photo courtesy to her


Like these outfit ideas? If so, please feel free to pin them to your own Pinterest board.

Where are winters the most chilliest

In college, I once was at the farewell party of my bff. She had bought an old house in the Provence, just 25 miles (40 km) drive from the Mediterranean Sea. One of the guests’ significant-other asked her to where she would move. Her answer was “I move to where the winters are the most chilliest in Europe.” Everyone was in shock. Then she said “Didn’t you know that old houses in the Mediterranean region have no furnace? Thus, you freeze your bum off in an old house like mine in the middle of the rainy winter.”

Suzanne Ball the stylist at Ask Suzanne Bell lives in a Mediterranean climate in Northern California. She quite bundles up to stay comfortable. Their short winter comes along with slight cold stress for all who live there. However, when an Alaskan woman like me visits there for a week in December, feels like she gets a little mini summer. Everyone runs around in puffer coats, while the Alaskan wears a light blazer – open of course.


Suzanne Bell in posh casual Teddy coat, dress pants, T-shirt, silver pumps
Suzanne Bell of Ask Suzanne Bell in a Teddy coat, dress pants, silver pumps, white T-shirt with a crossbody clutch

What is cozy in Colorado and Illinois?

Cindy Scurry of the Middle Sister Style Blog lives in Denver.

She wears a trendy Teddy bear coat to stay warm when it’s cold outside. She styled it with a classic long leopard print scarf. Underneath she wears a winter white sweater with a pendant necklace.


Cindy Scurry in a trendy teddy coat with leopard print scarf and winter white sweater
Cindy Scurry of the Middle Sister Style Blog in a tan trendy Teddy coat with a classic leopard print scarf and winter white sweater. Photo curtesy to her.


Julie Augustyn of Fashion, Trends and Friends calls Illinois her home state. She layers for comfort to create enough insulation in the weather conditions of this humid continental climate (see post for details on the weather and more looks).

Julie Augustyn of Fashion, Trends and Friends in yellow Fair Isle sweater, jeans, booties, pendant necklace J

Julie in Fair Isle sweater and jeans layered under a trendy Teddy coat
Julie Augustyn of Fashion, Trends and Friends in a yellow Fair Isle sweater, gray jeans and booties accessorized with a pendant necklace and bold matching earrings, and winter white short Teddy coat. Photo courtesy to her



Now Let’s See What I Find Cozy

When cuddling at home with the cat on the coach or in bed while reading a book and drinking hot chocolate, it surely is a PJ. I love the ones that are cut like a men’s PJ were cut in the mid of the last century. Preferably with a print like stingray, leopard, hounds tooth, polka dots, or abstract florals. Since a furnace even when burning fuel 24/7 fails to heat the room of a 5 star rated house to 68F (20oC) at below 40 (-40oC), one made of flannel is fine.


Alaskan blogger in PJs brushing a cat while sitting on a coach
Me at home, brushing our cat Celestina. I am wearing a Cool Night Pajama top and bottom c/o Soma Intimates. Book c/o Intecoo


fashion blogger in PJs sitting in bed cotton sateen cover and pillows
Me sitting in bed, reading a book and petting Celestina. Duvet cover set c/o SouthShore Fine Linens, Anne Klein PJs (own)


In the case of a cozy dinner with my sweetheart, I wouldn’t speak of a cozy outfit at all. I would wear a dress or a skirt-top outfit. The outerwear would be appropriate for the outside temperatures.

The above examples showed that what a person considers to be cozy strongly depends on the ambient humidity, temperature and wind conditions of the environment they live in. Nina and I demonstrated already last February how different a spring work outfit is in the South vs. North.

In Fairbanks, the cold season lasts seven months (October to late April). During that time, the wind is usually calm, and temperatures range from around the freezing point to way below -40 F/C.  In the Interior, people fear wind more than 40 below.

Winter Outfit for Chinook Weather

Sometimes temperatures play roller coaster in Interior Alaska. They can go from -19F (-28.3o) to 19F (-7.2oC) within 24 hours and then down to -7F (-13.9oC) within half a day. Such temperature differences often occur in connection with Chinook in Fairbanks in winter.

Of course, such temperature shifts make it hard to dress for. Your best option is layering to stay warm so you can take layer after layer off when it warms up. However, when the forecast calls for cold air advection, i.e. cooling during the day, carry an extra cardigan or sweater in your bag. A blanket scarf to wrap around the coat on the way back home is a stylish alternative.


How You Can Adjust a Look to Moody Temperatures

In the cozy chic look below, I opted for wearing long-Johns under the leather trousers and a long sleeve T-shirt under the sweater. The pants have a lining. Thus, there are air layers between the long Johns and my legs, the long-Johns and the lining, and the lining and the leather. A thin air layer is a great insulator. That’s why winter style layering is a great way to stay warm in longer than with an outfit without layers. And do I have to say it ups the style factor when done right. 😉

The Russian fringe scarf is great for style and adds a pop of colors to the otherwise all neutrals look. Sure, it also provides extra insulation, but the outfit looks still neat when I have to take the scarf off.
Layering is just applied physics.


over 50 years old fashion blogger in winter outfit with motorcycle shearling jacket

stylist in winter casual look with pants, cableknit sweater and Russian scarf

mature woman in leather pants, Irish sweater and wool fringe scarf

midlife blogger in weekend outfit with leather pants, scarf and knit sweater
Outfit details: Orvis wool Irish cable-knit sweater, Pavlova Russian scarf, Newport News leather pants, Coach Chelsea boots, and Kieselstein Cord belt



What Is Comfortable to Wear at Which Temperatures in Alaska?

At 40 below, a bikini look is a Must-wear at least once for many Fairbanks women, which is not cozy at all, but donning it once makes everything else feel cozy in comparison.

Typically, snowfall occurs between -4F and 36F (-20 to 2.2o in Fairbanks. Thus, my navy blue down coat, gray shearling or light denim coat would be it with a beret or wool felt hat and a scarf. Here the coats are listed in the order from the coldest to the highest temperature. None of these looks would feel cozy at all even for long-term Alaskans who are adapted to the cold environment. A long walk to the car, which hopefully would start despite the car not being plugged in, would lead to some degree of cold stress. Sure, you could bundle up more, but what will you wear when the temperatures drop even lower than -4F? It is important to identify the best down coat for the temperature range. Below, see my outerwear in form of a thermometer.


40 to 50F (5 to 10oC)

Fashion blogger in self-made tiered skirt styled with top, leather jacket and studded pumps
Newport News biker jacket, Hermes collier de chien bangle, multi gemstone bangle, DIY tiered skirt, Valentino studs pumps, baroque multi color pearls c/o Pearl Claps and boatneck top c/o Covered Perfectly


20 to 40F (-6 to 5oC)

Alaskan woman in red cape, tights and boots with black gloves, beret
Armani cape, Celine tote, GNW tight, Manolo Blahnik booties, Moda International cardigan dyed red, LeatherCoatEtc leather beret and gloves



10 to 20F (-12.2 to -6oC)

over 50 years old blogger in denim coat layered over knit wear to stay warm in cold weather
Max Mara denim coat, Harley Davidson booties, unbranded structured bag, Vince knit skirt, Anne Klein crewneck cashmere sweater, Rebecca Collins belt, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, and tights c/o Hipstik Legwear



-4 to 10F (-20 to -12.2oC)

style book author in posh winter outerwear
Walrus wool felt cloche c/o Fashionable Hats, fitted down coat c/o Happy Goat Lucky, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, unbranded structured work tote, DIY dress, quartz earrings, and L.K. Bennett tall suede boots



-15 to -4F (-26.1 to -20oC)

style blogger in burgundy, black pink winter outfit with head gear
Walrus wool felt cloche c/o Fashionable Hats with own Cole Haan shearling coat, GNW tights, GNW cardigan, statement belt, unbranded structured bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves and Daily Shoes booties



-20 to -15F (-28.9 to 26.1oC)

Style blogger in floral print down coat with shearling hat
Snow Touch floral down coat, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, Salamander shearling booties, shearling hat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves (all own) and tights c/o Hipstik



below -20F (-28.9oC)

Style book author in long winter coat, boots, dress with gloves, wooden bag and hat
Calvin Klein sheath dress, smoky quartz necklace, Judith Leiber belt, GNW tight, Vince Camuto suede boots with chain detail, striped coat, pearl studs, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Timmy Woods wood bag, and Scala Fabia wool felt hat c/o Tenth Street Hats



below -20F (-28.9oC) indoor outfit

fashion over 50 woman in winter outfit at -41C
Halogen skirt, GNW Luxe sweater, GNW leopard print cardigan, GNW tight, Kieselstein Cord belt, H buckle, Jord bamboo watch (all own) and boot topper c/o Top of the Boot



You can find indoor cold (and warm) season outfits in my lookbook what to wear in Alaska series.

What is your understanding of a cozy OOTD?


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Kottek, M.,  Grieser, N., Beck, C., Rudolf, B., and Rubel, F., 2006. World Map of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification updated. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Vol. 15, No. 3, 259-263.

Mölders, Nicole, 2019. Outdoor Universal Thermal Comfort Index Climatology for Alaska, Atmosphere and Climate Sciences, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2019.94036


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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